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  2. Life lessons in games

    I don’t know if it counts as a life lesson, but things like the Sims 4 (I’ve also played 2 and 3 growing up) have taught me some modicum of patience. And they also really help me with being more in touch with my creative side, as well as being more willing to try different things in life
  3. What's your current/favorite game?

    I haven’t really played much of anything except for Sims 4 in the past year or so. Life is getting more stable though, and I might start playing some more things once we get a new place and have our shit a bit more figured out. Right now we’re just mostly focused on saving money and paying off some bills
  4. Character names/handles

    I’m not very creative with my handles. Usually some variant of coluseven. Even my name on the forum is a variant of it haha
  5. Role check

    I don’t play any MMOs, so I guess this doesn’t really apply to me. But for my other stuff, I’d say I’m pretty casual about games. When it comes to racing type games though (Mario Kart in particular), I have a lot of fun being super competitive and trash talking. All in good fun though, I even let people know ahead of time that I’m not actually being serious and fully encourage them to do it back to me
  6. Life lessons in games

    Of course games teach lessons, and one I really admire is one taught by the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. It has taught me optimism, caution, leadership and how to inspire others, and most importantly, the value of a legitimate friendship.
  7. (And vice-versa!) I'll wager a lot of us have been gamers for a fair number of years, yes? Have there been any life lessons learned from playing the games you play? Or, even inversely, have you been able to apply certain lessons to the games you play? There's widely agreed sentiment claiming that sports stand to teach players many things such as teamwork, discipline, and even teach you some proper fitness. They are far from wrong, but I think video games can teach you some things, too! I can say with utmost certainty that League of Legends has taught me patience, and helped me understand what an impact attitude can have in a team setting. The same can probably be said for any MOBA game. You can be the most skilled player in your region, and still lose games if you forsake the rest of your team. You can't just go off on your own and win single-handedly; your team must be able to keep up together or you will lose when it comes to the late game team fights. That is why the strongest/most skilled on the team needs to be able to help the other four out rather than simply focusing on themselves. They need to be aware of the big picture, because ultimately, objectives are what will win the game, not the K/D/A. I've seen even the most hopeless of games turn around not because the players "got gud," but because they didn't give up. Likewise, the game has taught me patience. Sometimes, I see my team make mistakes. Realllllly stupid, shouldn't-have-even-happened mistakes, and MOBA games are known for being very punishing. Unfortunately, the result is often that person getting berated and flamed by their teammates. And we aren't talking constructive criticism, these are outright insults offering no solutions. Having been on the receiving end, I have chosen to never to talk down to someone for a mistake no matter how upset it makes me feel. I understand the game has a steep learning curve. I've learned how to build a bridge, get over the problem, adapt, and find a new solution if the mistake has affected the previous one. That is the only way to win- surely that is the common goal between the five of us. Kicking somebody when they are already down is only hurting yourself in the long run. As somebody in a leadership position IRL, practicing these skills in-game have helped me tremendously at my job. When my superiors talk to me about making a mistake, I try not to take it personally, and take the time to calm down and reflect on where I went wrong and how to proceed in the right direction. The common goal between us is to get the job done, and to do right by our patients and mission. It helped me realise that even if I am more experienced than my coworkers, I still need to make sure that they understand the importance of their jobs and ensure that they succeed in them. If any one of them are doing poorly, it reflects badly on the lot of us. That all said, this has basically become my daily mantra:
  8. What's your current/favorite game?

    I've already said it in another thread, but I'll say it again. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky
  9. What's your current/favorite game?

    my favorite has to go to good old Team Fortress 2, the gameplay is always fun despite sticky spam and getting five spies on a twelve man team. though what it gets me with are its very memorable characters, playable or not. it supports a ton of playstyles to, from sweaty tryhard scout mains on badwater to friendly sandvich dispensing hoovies on 2fort.
  10. What's your current/favorite game?

    My favorite game of all time is Okami HD. The story, graphics, and even the music are just stunning and gorgeous I highly recommend this if you like drawing and Asian culture. It also has a unique fighting system as well that is quite interesting and fun I think. As for other games I pretty much like to try anything and like many other games as well. I play on PS4 , PC , And sometimes Nintendo 3Ds XL.
  11. Dragon Age

    Little (maybe largely) known fact about me: I love Dragon Age. I've fangirled it probably more than Harry Potter. I've been active on the DA subreddit since it's conception. I've written hella fanfiction. I've shipped it all. I've read all the books. I tin-foil hat the lore every Tuesday. I'm always open to discussion. So I thought I'd share some talking points for anybody who is a fan of the series like myself. 1- Which game is your favourite? 2- Favourite player-character? 3- Favourite NPC, follower or otherwise? 4- Mages. What's your stance? 5- Best/funnest class to play as? 6- Ships. 7- Did Loghain do the right thing, or did he betray Cailan? 8- Is your Warden alive, or did s/he kill the Archdemon? 9- What's the absolute hardest choice you had to make? 10- What do you want to see in the next Dragon Age? I'll kick it off here myself. 1- I love them all! I feel that Origins had the strongest player identity, as I was able to feel the most connected to my Warden, Cinneide, a Dalish warrior. DA2 had the best writing, IMO. The clever interactions between the characters and the events leading up to you-know-what are what make this game stand out to me. The gameplay itself wasn't as strong, but the story is what helped bridge the gap between Origins and Inquisition. Speaking of DA:I, the plot and introduction of Corypheus started strong. What's interesting here, however, was the story within the story. So to speak. (Something something Fen'Harel.) The character development is immense, and I adore that Cole was brought along to round about the events of Asunder. My only grievance is that Evangeline and Rhys were not given the same attention. 2- The Warden. Hawke is a close second, but I'm being a little biased because I feel that the character I was able to play in Origins is entirely mine. And I love the little bastard. There's so much room to flesh out a personality for the Warden. For example, mine had an originally deep-set hatred of humans, but even deeper hatred for the darkspawn after what happened with him and Tamlen. He very reluctantly joins the Grey Wardens out of nothing more than necessity, and proceeds to be a total dick to everyone he meets. Who should he meet but Morrigan, a witch with much the same disposition, despite being human herself. Of course they fall in love, and Morrigan eventually bears his child. However, he turns her down when she asks him to perform her ritual; it was the taint that tore him from his Clan and gods be damned if he'd let that evil live on in his children. So she dumps him. This is the reason my Warden decided to kill the Archdemon himself. There was nothing heroic about it. Though I do feel bad, as Morrigan seems to feel remorse for it ten years later. 3- Cole. The poor kid. I read Asunder shortly before DA:I was released, so when I met him in-game there was this strange urge to want to protect him like my own son, especially after he lost contact with Rhys and Evangeline. He's far too innocent, and the more he begins to understand the world, the more he wants to become like us. Faults and all. Bless him. 4- This series is known for its grey areas, and mages and their Circles fall into a grey area so big you'll wonder if you're in the Twilight Zone. So basically in Dragon Age there is this thing called the Fade. Without diving too deeply into the origins of that, the Fade is a realm that exists almost side-by-side with Thedas, and is home to both spirits and demons. Weird stuff happens in the Fade, and it is the realm we travel to when we dream (unless you're a Dwarf. Dwarves don't dream and can't use magic. But we're not talking about them.) A mage is a human, elf, or Qunari born with an unsevered connection to the Fade, and can open rifts to the Fade and use its power in what we call magic. Here's the catch, though. Spirits and demons can find those rifts and use them to exit the Fade. For this reason, mages are considered extremely dangerous, and are usually quarantined in things called Circles where they can study and practice under the close watch of the Templars. I'm going to take the unpopular route and state that if mages cannot even trust themselves, then they need to be kept under close watch. Sorry, Anders. It's a sad and unfortunate situation, but that's currently how it is in the DA universe. 5- Frick I love warriors. There's so many reasons to love them. I can take a beating and I can give a beating. They get the coolest armour. Nobody really hates you unless you're an elf, I guess. They are just so satisfying to play. You'll understand when you hear a dragon screech in pain when you shield block its claws at the right moment. 6- Despite my previous dismissal of mages... I'm a sucker for tragedy. Hawke/Anders all the way. Bonus points for a mage Hawke. A classic story of one lover taking things too far, and the other having to put a knife in his belly. 7- LOGHAIN DID NOTHING WRONG! Cailan was literally about to betray his own country! After reading the Stolen Throne I can sympathise hardcore with Loghain. He gave everything he had to free Ferelden from Orleisian occupation. He was bros with Maric. Then Cailan does what, now? He was getting some action from Empress Celene, that's what. What an oaf. Anyway, Loghain warned him time and time again to fall back from Ostagar and bolster their ranks, but Cailan did not listen. Everyone knew they were going to die. Due to the fact that the Wardens sided with Cailan, that is why Loghain branded them traitors, even if the message got a little convoluted. Loghain knew what the darkspawn were about, and chose the lesser of two evils by withdrawing his army before they could join Cailan's in annihilation. 8- Guess I already answered this one. 9- Here Lies the Abyss. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU. I definitely cried afterward. I'm so sorry Varric. Don't hate me. I'm a monster. 10- Strangely? I'd love to see the return of the Inquisitor in one form or another. I feel Inky's story wasn't exactly... finished? Perhaps s/he can become a mentor of sorts for the next PC. After all, DA:I was able to touch on the Warden and the Champion of Kirkwall- why not the Inquisitor next time around?
  12. Suh gamers \m/ First of all, hello and welcome to the Gaming Hub. What's better than being video game junkies? Being a video game junkie, anime fan, and having a place to chill with like-minded individuals. That's what we're here for; not only to chat about our favourite games, but to share that clutch save, that funny screenshot, or just find a PVP partner who will listen to your inner otaku. But of course, due to the nature of this club, we need a few ground rules, first, so we can all get along here in relative peace. The AF ToS comes first. This club is a part of AF as a whole, don't forget to abide by the site-wide rulebook. There will be no politics, or religion, or otherwise. While this is also a site-wide rule, this needs to be reiterated here. Please don't share any content which will potentially make other users uncomfortable. This also extends into etiquette whereas if it is taken into the game itself, do not harass your gaming partner in any way. If you're not a fan of the game, don't harass people who are. If you think a game sucks and somebody is a loser for playing it, then just keep that to yourself. It's perfectly alright to state you don't like it, but any rude comments beyond that are not welcomed. Do not advertise illegal gaming practices. This includes sites to obtain games illegally, sites that sell in-game currency, accounts, or services for real money, or sites that attempt to scam users out of them. No adult/fetish games. They don't belong here. They don't belong on AF. Just no. Keep things SFW. Yes, some games do contain very gorey themes (Resident Evil, God of War, etc,) however it is nonetheless inappropriate to share on AF. Videos or images containing inappropriate language (yes, that absolutely means recorded voice chat,) MUST be tagged as NSFW. These guidelines extend to our Discord server. If you are found breaking any of the above guidelines in the Discord server, we consider it the same as breaking one here. The Discord server is not officially endorsed by AF. In the event you are having a problem with another member via the Discord channel, it is not the responsibility of AF staff to fix it. Discord is an entirely separate platform than AF and should be treated as such. Speaking of Discord, do not link to your own here. If you need to send your link, please do so through a private message. Please be mindful of the AF Advertising Rules, as this does apply here. Just a reminder about LFG: Because so many online games have different features, there's not really a point to having any post formatting if you are LFG. However, please refrain from topic titles such as "Looking for group!" or "Someone play with me!" All I ask is that your topic title contains: The name of the game you're seeking a group in The activity you are seeking a group/partner for within that game Any further relevant information can be clarified within the thread, such as servers, online handles, times, etc.
  13. What's your current/favorite game?

    There's a huge difference between my favorite game and my current favorite but for now I'll just mention what I've been playing recently: CrossCode - An indie ARPG game that's on Steam. It's single player but the story is really well done for an early-access game and so far I've gotten 20+ hours out of it and I've loved every second. Also the art style is pixelated but the combat and interactions are very smooth and pleasing to the eye. It's a little pricey at $19.99 (I got it on sale) but you'll get well over a dollar an hour of entertainment and it's still got lots up updates and additions to the story coming in the future. I'd look it up a bit first but to anyone who is a fan of games like this will surely fall in love with it. One last thing to note is that I've been playing it with a PS4 controller so I don't really know how the game feels if you're planning on playing with keyboard and mouse (some parts may actually work better with a mouse). Thanks for reading my promotion of this game I've been playing :3
  14. What's your current/favorite game?

    Can't really say what my favorite game is, but nowadays i play stuff like FPS, action/adventure and platformers. Really enjoy the Arkham games and Call of Duty. Don't play games for competition just for fun mostly.
  15. What's your current/favorite game?

    I can't put a tab on my *favourite* game, but there are games I play more frequently than others. Currently I play both WoW and LoL online, and I'm junking out to AC: Black Flag currently. I have a habit of replaying the Dragon Age games quite a bit, mostly Origins. I could talk about Dragon Age universe all day, guys.
  16. What's your current/favorite game?

    Don't know if it has to be an MMO but my current game is Final Fantasy 9. Heard that it was amazing and from what I can see the game meets expectations.
  17. Fav games to speed run

    Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First SIn!
  18. What's your current/favorite game?

    Changed my mind… my favorite game is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky. Again. It's the only game that has ever made me cry a bit, in my life.
  19. What's your current/favorite game?

    currently my favorite game is killing floor 2 it is a old game but still i join online matches and have fun with the diffrent variation of characters and enimies to fight and kill. also the guns are very creative with guns like the freeze thrower and the spit fires and i play it while watching some nice anime
  20. What's your current/favorite game?

    I used to play a lot of call of duty and Xbox games when I was younger and I got tired of it after a while. One day I saw my uncle playing dota 2 and decided to try pc gaming. As I have a very shitty PC I couldn't run many things but one game I could run is wow. Wow is pretty much the only game I play right now. I've been playing a lot of legion and its a very fascinating experience. Its very different for me and I enjoy it a lot. I also used to play minecraft a lot and I still do a little bit
  21. What's your current/favorite game?

    Not necessarily a pay-to-win game, for some like ESO are really immersive and the leveling is done pretty well, I can explore dungeons and areas and I level up along, much more fun when in a group.
  22. What's your current/favorite game?

    I wish I had time for this kind of thing. I used to be a big online gamer too, back in the day. I even ran my own circlemud server for a while when I was in school. ("MUDs" were multi-user dungeons.. the text-based precursor to today's MMORPGs. If you've ever played Zork or Adventure, it's like that, only with other players online, and with much better combat and leveling systems.) I enjoyed it then, and of course the "new" graphical games like ESO, WoW, etc. are awesome compared to that. Unfortunately they take more time than I can really give them to play well. The level grind is a killer for me. I guess I could go for one of the pay-to-play games out there and/or buy a high-level character & equipment, but where's the fun in that?
  23. What's your current/favorite game?

    At this moment, one of my favourite games is Elder Scrolls Online, it's incredibly detailed and has an extremely good gameplay and the story is interesting (even if I don't follow it much myself), but it's so far the best MMO I've ever played compared to Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars the Old Republic... Yes, I am a legit MMO junkie.
  24. Due to a lack of time I don't play nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm a big fan of video games. Everything from coin-op arcade games like Space Wars and Gauntlet back in the day to PC games like Doom or Quake to more recent MMORPGs like WoW and Skyrim, I've at least tried most everything - and played some a lot more than I probably should have. Sandbox/simulation games are what I keep coming back to however. I've played pretty much every version of Sim<anything> over the years, even SimEarth and SimAnt. I used to be really into Minecraft back when it was still Mojang/Notch. These days my current obsession is Kerbal Space Program (with the Kerbal Engineer and kOS mods). Keeping an eye on No Man's Sky and Space Engineer for the future. So what's your favorite and/or current video game? What sort of games do you like?
  25. Our local neighborhood otaku room

    I'll join it right now
  26. Character names/handles

    As my username "SleepyLeoulf" I use that for all my usernames for any game I'm on, unless it's taken. then I just shorten it or pick something else. I keep my username since it holds a meaning behind it and means something to me. I did however have a Steam account once but left due to a personal reason so if I re join I have to have a dash in my name. But more or less all my names in any game I'm in are my username I have on here.
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