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  2. Hi guys, my fave right now is apex legends.
  3. Favorite game is an incredibly tough call. It's a 3-way tie between NASCAR Thunder 2004, Gran Turiamo 1, and Burnout 3: Takedown. NASCAR Thunder just leaks with effort and detail for a 2003 title. Incredible career mode, the best in any racing game I've played, and the Lightning Challenges add a ton of repalyability. Custom paint schemes, ass loads of unlockables, fantasy tracks, it's one of the most FULL gaming experiences I can remember. Gran Turismo 1 also has a satisfying career mode (if a bit short). But the best thing it has going is pure, raw, gameplay. Not only is High Speed Ring my favorite track in any game ever, but the handling of some of these cars is just unbelievable! Especially the Race Version Mitsubishi FTO, which is easilly the best handling car I've ever driven. But even without the best handling cars of the game, even if youre putting around in the dumpiest minivan in the game, the physics are just so nice it doesn't matter. And Burnout 3 Takedown has some pretty decent driving physics too. It's structured in a way that lets you abuse the gas pedal and nitros through entire courses, while only needing to tap the brake to initiate looooong drifts. Hands down the best feature of this game is Road Rage mode, which is the greatest game mode in any title I've ever played. Simply use speed and momentum to wreck as many opponents as you can before your car is too damaged to go on, and they nailed every aspect of this idea to create a nonstop heartpounding experience.
  4. For a while now my brother has been harassing me to play a game called Empyrion. I've resisted for a few reasons. One is because it is a Windows-only game and I'm running linux. Another is I don't have enough time to play games as it is anyway. The last thing I need is another way to waste time. Otherwise it seemed like my kind of thing.. space/technology themed, multi-player (including either PvP or co-op). There's crafting, building, a universe-sized PvE sandbox to play in, and a bit of lore/story to keep things interesting. It is still alpha/early access on Steam but there seemed to be a lot of positive energy about it in the forums and online in general. I've watched a couple let's-plays and waited for the linux version to be announced. Well, this weekend I had some time and Steam notified me of a 60% off sale. I checked around and found some mentions of the game running on linux via Steam's ProtonDB since about a year ago so I decided to take a chance. For $8 it seemed worth the risk. Glad I did! I'm still running through the tutorials and I haven't even tried going online multi-player yet so I might be a bit premature in saying this but so far I am liking it a lot. Technically it has worked just fine. Alpha or not this "windows only" game has been quite stable even under Proton on my Linux system. My old gfx card's fans rev up but the game looks great and the fps are keeping up with my monitor's 60hz refresh. I don't know if this is going to be my new favorite. That top spot has been occupied by Kerbal Space Program for years now and I don't think that's going to change any time soon. However this might give Minecraft some competition for the second-favorite slot! This weekend I had in fact planned to log on to my brother's Realms server to check out the Nether update. Instead I spent (according to Steam) about 10 hours over the two days crash-landed on a temperate planet called "Earha" trying to build and fortify a base against the alien mobs while expanding my technology options. I haven't managed to get off the planet yet, but I do have a base, some construction ability, a small farm for food, some decent weapons for protection from the wildlife, and a lot of prospecting and exploring on-planet yet to do. It is interesting to note that if you're outside in this game and look up you can often see the other planets in your planet's solar system. It took me a while to realize it, but in this game getting off the starter planet is just that, a start. Develop your tech enough and you can actually build a spacecraft to go visit those other planets.. and the rest of the universe beyond. Kind of a combination of Minecraft, No Man's Sky, and a bit of Space Engineer.
  5. right now its god of war and final fantasy and dragon age inquisition and dragon ball xenoverse 2
  6. Current Ni No Kuni 2 Favourite.....thats quite a list, totally genre dependent but series wise, Dragon age, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Gears of War, Borderlands, Xenoblade Chronicles the list does go on.
  7. Overlord, but not as an MMO just an open world RPG/kingdom maker with the two characters playable either as co-op or singleplayer different styles etc.
  8. Dude, I would love a Jojo's Bizarre adventure open world game with a story mode ranging all the way through the upcoming season 6. Also, multiplayer would be necessary and one story mode was finished I would there to be an option to play as any character you wanted. I think it would be crazy fun to play as Dio and make your very own army of vampires, somewhat like what you can do with orcs in the "Shadow of" series. Not to mention just a really fun versus mode, something like, J-stars but with actual frame data and no limits to where one could go. I know, its a lot, lol.
  9. my fav game is skyrim i really like games that give that kind of freedom, and a giant open world to explore
  10. All time favorite Final Fantasy 9. Current favorite Dragon Age Origins, just because I no longer have my play station console
  11. All time favorite is too hard, although my go-to is usually Final Fantasy VI. The best ones I've played recently are Dragon Quest 11, Persona 5 and Octopath Traveler. I liked Zanki Zero a lot, and I'm enjoying Ni No Kuni 2. Anticipating Fire Emblem, Tales of Arise, Trails of Cold Steel 3, Ys 9 and SMTV.
  12. I have an addiction to Tomb Raider at the moment. I've played Tomb Raider Anniversary for 70 hours so far.
  13. For me, my current favourite games are Devil May Cry 5 and Mortal Kombat 11. I have so many continuous favs. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast), Elemental Gimmick Gear, Suikoden II and III, Mystic Quest, Altered Beast, Killer Instinct (SNES), Soul Reaver, Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Just to name a few!
  14. I want a One Piece game that's open world and has char creation, where you could like sail to different islands and pick random fodder in villages as crew members. Do quests, find devil fruits. That'd be awesome.. maybe one day.
  15. I couldn't find the source for the image below. But the artist's name is in the bottom right-hand corner just to clarify.
  16. For me it's a tie between The World Ends With You ,Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Kingdom Hearts II.
  17. I've been playing Age of the Empires 3 Wars of Liberty mod a lot the past couple of days. If anybody still plays this game, want to do multiplayer with me sometime?
  18. I don't know who you are, but I did the survey
  19. Hay yall, sorry for doing this but can you do my survey. It's all about video games and will only take you 3 mins. I just need to know what games your prefer and preferences on investigative games you may have. Thank you soo much as it really dose mean a lot, here you go; https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GMLWXJB Hope you all have a good day and I hope to hear from you soon!
  20. Hey Sobun you should make this open To more than the club If you want people to respond . OK about MMO anime I dont normally what them , but overlord is a great one I puts a twist on a normal MMO . Its a really fun show If you haven't you should check it out
  21. Not every game is perfect... sometimes they suffer from silly pathing. So who wants to tell this big beastie he's not actually going anywhere..?
  22. Thought I'd share this here! Helped my friend out with a hunt recently, and got a pretty neat kill screen. Daora is frustrating enough because it moves around a LOT and for two glaive-users, he's a real pain in the neck... somehow... SOMEHOW I killed him with a Nitrotoad. Here he is going 'boom,' and the beastie dropped a second later. I was pleased.
  23. Those are all valuable qualities to have. I think especially leadership; some people are just naturals at it, some have to learn it, and some never do. Yet without a leader in any given group, the structure falls apart and there's no aim and it's chaotic and tends to fall apart easily. I could use something like that. My creativity can be lacking at times. I used to be so in touch with it, but then I got older and it seems to have wandered off. Maybe I should give the Sims a try.

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