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About This Club

This club is for only the most elite of assassin's!

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Okay later today I will be posting the first challenge to become a full Assassin worthy of the name! There are 10 challenges and each challenge has a range from 1- 5 things you have to do to complete the challenge good luck! Then once you beat all the challenges you will be put on the list displayed in the club to show the your status. Any Questions?
  3. What are your ability's?

    Well, In my opinion I can be really stealthy if I try, undetectable to others, that plus agility and the fact that I'm short, lol. I can move fast enough to dodge any counter attacks launched to me.
  4. What are your ability's?

    Use your creative imagination!
  5. What are your ability's?

    Are you talking about skills to kill in real life? Or just in our imagination?
  6. Chibi

    Most I found searching specific images but everyone I edited to have green eyes except for the natural one!
  7. Chibi

    these pictures are awesome . from where did u get them ?
  8. Remixed

    This one was one of my first and I am thinking of reediting it its not colored well enough
  9. Deadly

    Man If there was one with better res but what can you do this one is sweet she gives off a dub but deadly vibe
  10. Natural

    Natural Green eyes looks pretty nice but haven't used at all YET.
  11. Chibi

    My chibi Assassin I use this one for small acct's on websites and just for fun!
  12. Main

    My main pic for accts as you can tell with my profile!
  13. Assassin

    One of my fav's for signatures!
  14. What are your ability's?

    So since your an assassin what are your ability's, are you a normal today assassin or a fantasy assassin or even a futuristic one?
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