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Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Hokage, Jan 26, 2017.

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  1. Hokage

    Hokage Member

    Jan 26, 2017
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    If you don't know this anime, then watch D.Gray-Man from Ep 27

    Okay! Let's start! :angel:
    First of all, Allen Walker Looks a little bit different but awesome, same thing with Lenalee she is so beautiful.<3
    But why Lavi's voice looks different? and something is incomplete in his character his acts and he is not funny anymore! :largegasp:
    First of all, this meeting was totally awesome. Marian Cross was so rude with Allen, many questions about the "Fourteenth" and Allen doesn't even know.:veryangry: But many funny things was in this meeting.
    Also many characters's colors were changed like Allen's arm ist was black but now is red? :-/
    How it comes that "The Fourteenth" was Mana's brother? :angry:
    And Why "The Fourteenth" is inside Allen Walker? :?
    Tell me guys your opinions about this episode?:)
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  2. Wedgy

    Wedgy Lemon-Scented Moist Towelette

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Oh crackers, I forgot that Hallow started! I need to catch up. It's been years waiting for this to happen! Of course in that time the manga has gotten so far ahead now, that I'm afraid to discuss it without producing some major spoilers. However... there was something I found especially interesting in this episode that not even the manga could really get across.

    Bookman telepathy? O. M. G.

    I've always found the story of the Bookmen to be extremely underrated. Even Hoshino stated that Lavi was originally the main protagonist. It only follows that she's put a lot of work into his character, and I don't feel that enough people recognise that. It's been painfully obvious ever since Lavi broke them out of Jasdevi's labyrinth that there is an obscene amount of secrecy surrounding Lavi, and we still don't yet know what all he is capable of. Even the manga has been exceptionally frugal about details, even so after some of the information we got through his battle with Road.

    But this episode really knocked my socks off, and it was all thanks to that simple exchange Lavi had with Bookman. In their minds. This anime just keeps surprising me!
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  3. RepentantSky

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    Feb 3, 2017
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    As a series this was just great. It managed to keep everything interesting, including new characters and plot threads, and episode 1 was a great start to that. The way the everything was set up was nearly perfect. The setup for any anime should start with the first episode, and even FMA Brotherhood didn't do that. This one did though, and it was amazing.
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  4. Wedgy

    Wedgy Lemon-Scented Moist Towelette

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Oh yes, great point. It really did highlight what the focus of the season/arc (what do we call it? hmm,) was. I really like the extra focus they put on Mana, and Allen made it very clear how he felt about Cross's comments on the matter. I think it was a lot more to do with himself than Mana, though. Allen wants desperately to be his own person, and had to defend himself when Cross suggested that even his feelings were fake. You kind of feel sorry for him.
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