Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) - Episode 6 Discussion (Spoilers)

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    I mean wow, what the hell? I can only imagine the amount of thought it took to pull off a plot like that. Not that I didn't figure that the Colossal and Armored Titans were human, and that they had to be strong people that reflected that, but working in the plot that Reiner outsmarted Armin and told Annie where Erin is but cutting her hand, that's freaking brilliant. Of course now I want to know motivations and how the Colossal one got outside of the wall to begin with, or how it disappeared after it's second appearance, but given that we now know the identities of the Titans that set the plot in motion, my curiosity and interest are both at an all time high. I was a little disappointed with the episode not explaining what happened in Connor's town and how his mother ended up as a titan, even a little bit, but the revelations made in this episode are satisfying all the same. I figured with the way the season started, that it would all have to slowly let us down, but each episode has something about it that makes it interesting. I have some theories now regarding titans and humans, and they are detailed enough to fit into the plot, but I wanna see how they play out.

    So, anyone who's seen it already, thoughts?
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  2. Kira하나 | Kuroneko

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    That episode was amazing... I've read the manga but still it was just.. wow.. I felt soo bad for bertholdt, it really didn't look like he wanted to fight and transform :( But that was a REALLY good episode, I recommend all of you to watch it :3 (If you haven't already)
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    They did a wonderful job of animating this part of the story - definitely blew away my expectations!

    You should spill some of them out here. :)
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    This episode was really pivotal in my opinion. If you have not been keeping up with the manga, then I'm sure all of this was a complete surprise. This is going to be the part in season 2 where things pivot in a different direction, and it gave me chills. <3

    My friend at work was so angry, haha. Every Sunday we talk about the last episode and she was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT *flips table* LIKE 20 MINUTE EPISODE I NEED MORE" hahaha.

    This part always gives me mixed emotions. Up until now you look at these two as highly dedicated soldiers, and so when I discovered they were titan, I was like WHAT IS THIS. WHAT AM I FEELING?

    I need to watch the next episode still, but I'm really starting to enjoy season 2 at this point.
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