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  2. They should get these bees in as their mascot to play football on the sidelines during a match
  3. I think so because I started to do the job that my younger self dreamed of doing so I am very happy with it. What is the last song you listened to?
  4. Mcdonald hashbrowns and sausage muffin.
  5. I can't handle playing with Rosie lol she makes me laugh too much. I was with her at the GE and she walked into it and started to tell everyone hello and well, you already know how this would go on a game like Rs
  6. Zeref


    I like that Annie looking picture of when you had curly hair Show us all that
  7. HAPPY OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY DAY @Sakura I think we have been friends for 18 years this year, and so here is to another 18.
  8. And for having all this we have only used it a few times lol. Today is @Sakura birthday and her dad and sister are here visiting. We had to get up at 8 AM to get them from the airport, had breakfast at McDonald's, have been out walking to some shops downtown and now are about to go out for her birthday lunch, go swimming, and open gifts and have a cake
  9. This same. I feel like I got up very early without enough sleep but I will go to bed early.
  10. 86 is the high of today with little humidity so I can handle this.
  11. Might be a while since I'm avoiding being upstairs as much as possible as long as the step-father is working from home. I wish he'd just go to work again. x.x
  12. Happy birthday again, @Sakura~~ ^^
  13. Coconut curry chicken and a puff pastry.
  14. Yes and no. There were some things we could do but a lot of things couldn't. It didn't put me in any bad spot. Are you someone that the kid version of you would look at and be proud of?
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