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  2. First was probably Nova from Starblazers (I wasn’t even a teen yet ) 2nd was probably Kiyone Makibi from Tenchj Universe
  3. I been good and was visiting my mal account poke we haven't chatted at discord for some time now
  4. Hello! I'm stressed out. I have to finish this paper I'm working on before the end of the month when my in-laws come for a visit. I'm excited for them to visit but the timing isn't great. Ah well! How are you both?
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  6. Sakura

    Anime Convention

    Those kitty things are sooooo cute.
  7. Mine was kurama from yuyu hakusho though that crush ends up turning into my first anime husband
  8. One Piece World Seeker (Xbox) Finally figured out a way to Steel City since there was no bridge to cross and Luffy cannot swim in the game. Was able to find Nami and now have to rescue Robin and another member of my crew (forgot which one it was, lol). Life Is Strange (PS4) Never actually beat the game (for reasons I don't remember) but picked up a copy of "Before The Storm" so I know I have to finish this one now, lol. Halo: Master Chief Edition (Xbox) Fiance and I picked up a copy of this game last weekend so we had another game besides Borderlands to play together.
  9. My heart literally sank when Hiro took Tohru's notepad with the picture of her mom in it. I was for sure waiting for something to happen to it whether it would get dropped in a mud puddle, in the trash or just plain lost never to return. Anyway, I'm starting to believe more and more than Tohru can change anyone's heart around once she gets to know them. I don't think anyone can run away from her heartwarming and nurturing soul.
  10. Okko's Inn When Marnie Was There Wolf's Rain Fruits Baskets Wolf Children NANA These are just some to mention. I have a nasty habit of checking out an anime I've never seen especially without reading the description and it being an extremely sad anime (oops).
  11. Sure! I love sharing my thoughts, especially if it's about a good anime. See you in a few.
  12. Ayyy I reeled someone in ;D Would love to hear your thoughts when you get around to it :P
  13. So far they’ve kinda portrayed Arthur as an idiot with a Don Quixote complex (considers himself to be a knight). I think the series has definite potential if they would do some world building and be more coherent with the narrative. But right now it seems more concerned with action sequences and looking cool. Also seems like they feel the need to include some fanservice every ep even when it feels out of place, which I’ve seen sone people complain about.
  14. As long as you watched the first season of Danmachi you should be fine without Orartorio. I hadn’t made any further progress since my last post , so I’m behind. First arc was a mixed bag for me. Liked the set up for it and the side story involving Lili, but the resolution of the Wargame could’ve been better IMO. Next arc sounds like it could be ecchi as Bell gets abducted by an amazon familia (gee, poor guy )
  15. Nova

    Anime Convention

    Events like that makes me excited even if i have to wait in long line but still worth it just to see cosplayers,watching contest like battle of the bands,eating contest cosplayer competition,buying a few merch and our con tends to get international guest cosplayer but the meet and greet has separate payment ,we also have guest performer too ,mybe someday i will be back to experience it. Some of the anime merch i bought before sorry for my pic bad taking quality
  16. I don't know if I'm going to watch anymore. I finished episode two and I got turned off by the rival character. I know it's a shonen, but rival characters really rub me the wrong way when they're done a certain way, like Bakugou from MHA. (Sorry, I know you two like MHA.) If it gets better, I might consider picking it up. For now, it's on pause.
  17. There was a previous topic several people posted pictures for. You might be able to start there https://animeforums.net/topic/5801-who-is-your-favorite-anime-couple/
  18. Oh boy, another huge franchise to get into. At least this one actually has a solid starting point, unlike Fate. Count me in, but it'll take a second for me to form an opinion.
  19. How's DanMachi S2 going so far, @Ohiotaku? Is watching Sword Oratorio necessary?
  20. I await your response, HK...

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    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Bastards.  Regulators gonna have to mount up on them.



    3. Musuko


      Okay, turns out we'll get Demon King Nobunaga (Avenger).

      Image result for demon king nobunaga

      Won't come to NA until 2021, though. Washija!


    4. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      There is not enough explosions in the universe...


  21. I just need images of any Anime Couples. It could be OTP or Cannon. When I'm done with the Tier I'll post it here in this thread for you to make your own Tier rank.
  22. I also loved Anohana, and A Silent Voice. My favorite one I can think of besides those would be Fruits Basket. Although its extremely popular, so no points there. I think I cry for different reasons when watching that anime. Its not necessarily that its sad, but that it works through a lot a lot of different emotions.
  23. There's only one appropriate response to the presence of a taco truck.  If you do not know what that response is, you should be banished to Antarctica for your insolence.

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    2. Vitis


      They're called the throne room because wives stopped letting their husbands refer to their home as a castle where they're the king because they're not really the ones in charge and well what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom so it escaped the metaphor's destruction for that reason.

    3. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      ...sigh.  Got it, here sir - this is for you.


    4. Seshi


      Anyway... Nice new Waifu HK


  24. Yesterday
  25. https://myanimelist.net/anime/122/Full_Moon_wo_Sagashite?q=fullmoon wo This made me cry and became close to my heart a must watch
  26. Nova


    Your Welcome and that is great then
  27. Localization happens. Pokemon Rice Balls changing to Jelly Donuts for America for no reason. Coffee is associated with America so it was probably a localization that the image said coffee, but they just did a literal translation from the source so they still said tea, that'd be my guess anyway.
  28. I played Snake within a demo of the upcoming horror game Blair Witch because honestly it was more interesting than the actual game to me, so won't be getting that one unless the full release shows me something that they didn't have in the early demo.
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