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  2. Looks like summer is here. Highs are supposed to be upper 80s & low 90s all week with no rain
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  4. I think Shiro and Sora from No Game, No Life is an understatedly weird relationship, considering that they are siblings. (or step-siblings? I don't know anymore.) Sure they aren't really dating in the anime. I heard from a friend of a friend that apparently something like that happens in the manga, but I might've been getting trolled. I also believe they have some official "content" between the two of them out there. All that being said, even in the anime Shiro, definitely seems to fish for praise on her physical appearance from him.
  5. From most re-watched to least rewatched: 1. No Game, No Life 2. Konosuba 3. The Rising of the Shield Hero 4. Love, Chunibyo 5. Hitori Bocchi
  6. I used to be something of a "Sub elitist," but I wasn't gatekeeping. I just only ever watched my anime subbed. Eventually though, I got a girlfriend who had dyslexia, so we ended up watching a lot of dubbed anime together. Today, I'm really just indifferent. The studio just told their over-seas dubbers to more or less just make it popular in the U.S. Other than that they were given a lot of freedom in the dubbing. They decided to come out with this. To their merit it did end up incredibly popular.
  7. Edit: I'm a moron and didn't read before I posted. What I meant to say was: "This youtuber is known for making a lot of squid puns, so I made meme's using this image and some of his puns. (and some of my own.)
  8. I was watching youtuber, and the guy (I won't mention name for fear of being accused of self-promotion, even though he's not me) bought a $500 massive Squid Girl Plushie. I screen shotted this moment from the video. I thought it looked funny. This youtuber is also known for making squid puns so I made a lot. I just wanted you to share and encourage you to do the same. Yes I did just make an account for this. I will probably use this account more. Typically I post on the osu forums, but this felt like a better place for these.
  9. I generally prefer the subtitled version. Like @Key Visual said, I feel like a lot of times the original VAs bringing emotion & energy to the role that the dubs miss. Plus I’ve watched anime long enough that I can usually get the cultural humor & references that they sometimes try to localize in the dub with questionable results. Exceptions where I prefer the english dub: Cowboy Bebop • Star Blazers 2199 & 2205 • Monster • Steel Angel Kurumi.
  10. As you keep thinking the same thoughts.
  11. Couple of shots taken around this time of year. Getting a shot from high up overlooking a reservoir from a tower built in the 1920s

    my childhood friend second stream. please come and like

  13. You also can look at it this way for that 400 dollars did you get that much enjoyment out of the series instead of something else worth that value. Resale is secondary.
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  15. Subbed because emotions are clearly better reflected.
  16. Usually prefer to watch things in their original language. Feels like some movies and shows loose emotion and some things are lost in transition to a dub. I may not get a joke or a reference but allows me to look up what they are talking about and find something new.
  17. I know two decades ago that political correctness wasn't nearly as prevelant as it is today. But how the [insert expletive here] did that dub ever get approved?
  18. None right now, but since I have cable I might be watching Toonami's anime block again. Yay!!
  19. Good to hear, I'm glad that a fantastic time was had by all!
  20. @Lyndis Sweet spot!! I'm brown, so nice to see this half-orc drawing!!
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