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  2. Roxeg

    Halloween Anime Character Drawing Contest

    I will make mine either this afternoon or tomorrow. I already have someone in mind...
  3. Nono

    Which anime character's death impressed you?

    DBZ is full of impressive deaths, Majin Vegeta is up there, along with the way Krillin died, but they lose a little bit of luster because they get wished back. None of the other shows I've watched besides DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho have had main characters deaths. Or at least I can't remember right now. lol
  4. Nono

    Which anime character defines your youth?

    Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke was 14 years old in the series, and that's also the age that I was when I started watching the show. So I felt like I was him. I was in junior high at the time, and I had a horrible attitude(still kinda do). I wasn't able to hang out with friends after hours, so I kinda just started hating everything and became a loner. It's also around the time that I became a boxing fan. So I was 14, rebellious, full of anger, and liked fighting, yeah, I could relate to him.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Beocat

    Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Reactions (spoilers)

    Haha, we are getting off topic now. I have little time to devote to a show I won't enjoy. The 3 episode rules has served me well so far. Perhaps we should make a separate thread for this? I didn't make it past episode 3 of SAO to begin with but I have always considered trying it again with lower expectations.
  7. awesomedude20

    Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Reactions (spoilers)

    I don't give shows a set amount of episodes, I go for watching 1/4 of the show before properly judging it. For a common 12 episode show, that's 3 episodes anyways. But for a 24 episode show, 6 episodes. This is fair because it'll likely pace itself slower. 50 episodes get 12ish episodes, once again, because their length warrants them pacing themselves slower, so going for 3 episodes just wouldn't be fair.
  8. FinDee

    Anyone play some MapleStory 2?

    What class do you enjoy? Do you run multiple characters? right now I have a Berserker, Wizard, priest, Gunner, RuneBlade. I have lvl 50 broke with two of them.
  9. leinwandname

    Rate the Anime Soundtrack Above You!

    Can't really say much about it... 5/10 Darker Than Black Gemini - Opening (Tsukiakari)
  10. Did you ever get this nostalgia feeling which made you think of sharing a common bond between a character, reminding you to your youth of being adventurous, rebellious or just plain quiet and unruffled. However the thread title may be somewhat tricky but you are free to name the anime title instead of the character itself in case you feel more connected to the anime (narrative story, visual of the environment which resembles your hometown etc). This doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite character of course, think about which anime or it's character describes your youth to the best. Please make sure to use spoiler tags for spoiler related content.
  11. Glitter Spring

    Halloween Anime Character Drawing Contest

    I'm in i will start now and then i will post my drawing tomorrow.
  12. ArchieKun

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    What sort of fireplace are we looking at investing in for the corner? Coffee is amazing especially black coffee.
  13. ArchieKun

    Which anime character's death impressed you?

    This is a toss between Majin Veagta giving his life against Buu, or Yuske giving his life near the end of Yu Yu Hakusho. Both are very epic in their own right.
  14. ArchieKun

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    Yes its a bit closer to the equator then where I am. They have lots of cool animals too.
  15. allanzurk

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    You can go to India, its pretty warm out there. I was recently there in Delhi, it was very warm out there.
  16. Mine is the death of Lelouch, about which I feel a profound sense of tragic but theme'sublimation at the same time.
  17. Modakawa

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    Violet Evergarden is a good anime indeed.
  18. ArchieKun

    The Minecraft Topic

    Well I don't think the fire resistance potion of either verity would really help snow blocks. The nether is just generally a nasty place to do business, but yett we must go there for certain drops. You could just enclose a blaze spawner off, and turn it into a blaze farm since they only spawn over there.
  19. Shikamaru Nara

    Anime Recommendations?

    Danmachi - A lot of Romance, A lot of Adventures, and a lot of Magics involve. Has a good story and great graphics. Haikyuu! - For the School & Sports, I highly recommend this one! My friend who is a volleyball player told me that the majority of their actions/play is being done in real life too so for me, it's definitely a must watch. Hataraku Maou-sama - Magic, Action & a little bit spice of Romance. I love the story between the hardworking/sadistic Sadaou Maou and the tsundere Emilia and I hope you'll like it too. Air Gear - I think rollerblading is a sport as well as skateboarding, etc. so I'm adding this one. Plus this is also one of my favorite animes. A lot of intense battle and it is already completed on manga. You should read it too. You'll definitely love this!
  20. AniMeFReaK

    Wish granted, but...

    Granted, but it still costs a lot of cha-ching. I wish I were a vampire. *smiles seductively*
  21. AniMeFReaK

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *looks up from lazily lounging on a recliner* Would you be kind enough to set up free WiFi as well?
  22. Pretty windy here today.  Beware low-flying trees, and parts thereof...


    1. Wedgy


      Damn, hope your insurance covers that. 😰

  23. The District

    Sword Art Online Alicization Episode Reactions (spoilers)

    Episode 3 isn't out yet but so far I think its pretty entertaining. Sure SAO has some big flaws but I feel this season will make this anime better than it was before I like SAO and i realise the flaws but just try putting past judgement to the side before judging a newly made season. I'd hate to see how you judge other animes just because previous seasons werent as great and are doubting a new season before it even fairly begins.
  24. Last week
  25. xWickedNekox

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Okay, so we need a fireplace?... I will get on that... *starts making calls to see how soon I can get a fireplace installed*... As for a coffee machine, we totally have a couple of those lol... I love coffee... Especially now that the weather is cooling down... XD
  26. efaardvark

    The Minecraft Topic

    I don't either usually. In this case I'm mining snow for snowballs. Blazes are (relatively) easy to kill with snowballs. I want to try making a snowman in the nether too, though I'm sure it won't last too long. Maybe I should try a splash potion of fire resistance on it?
  27. Been so unproductive lately aside from this belly fat *eats pudding*

  28. ArchieKun

    Contests AT Anime Forums!!

    Funny that you mention that as we have talked about a creative writing contest idea for the near future. I do agree that it would need a common topic sorta like a fan fiction contest.
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