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  2. I started watching Monster today! It's very good. I love how it gets straight to the story and every episode has been interesting so far. Although the 9 year time skip did feel very sudden.
  3. I thinking of rewatch Serial Experiments Lain.
  4. Both,Pixar has adult jokes inside in movies and mostly parents watching movies with kids.
  5. I saw that v1.19 minecraft had dropped so I had to log in - just to test/update my shaders you understand - and did a little poking around the scenery. Found a deep cave that I just had to explore. I really like the new(ish) terrain generation. This kind of cave would not have been generated with the old algos. In this screenshot I'm standing at about y=5ish.. just at the level where the deepslate starts to poke through. There's another 60 blocks below this. The rim of the cave above is at about "sea level", or in minecraft terms 63(? I think that's right) so this whole area could be hidden under another ~200 blocks if this were a biome with high mountains! Also, what's worse than an upset enderman chasing you through the nether? An upset enderman on fire chasing you through the nether! I don't know why he's upset. He's the one who teleported into the lava, not me!
  6. Still playing Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst. I've just seen the first appearance of Kabuto since the previous game.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I like a good fight or two in the series and movies I've come to enjoy since becoming an Anime fan. So what are you're favourite anime fights in the series and movies you've watched. To kick off this topic, I'll give a list of some of my favourite anime fights I've seen up to this point. Oh also this entire threat might contain spoilers at least as far as specific match ups in series. So you've been warned. Okay so starting this list off are some of my personal favourite clashes in the Fate series. If I listed them all we'd be here forever so I'll just list off a couple I really enjoyed. Gilgamesh is one of the stand out characters in Fate. You either hate him or love him. For me perhaps his coolest fight so far was the one between him and Hercules seen in Fate Unlimited Blade Works. Saber vs Berserker in Fate Zero is also a really cool set of fights, both their first and last encounters. I especially like how the two are connected from their own legends and how that revelation plays well into Sabers own tragic tale in this series. Kirei vs Kiritsugu is another absolute badass fight in Zero, and really has been building up for the entire shows duration. So whilst it not a servant clash it one of the best magus fights in any of the shows I've seen so far. Okay perhaps the best fight in Unlimited Blade Works Archer vs Shirou. I can't get into the real reasons why these fights are so awesome but if you know you know and if you don't then watch the series. Saber Alters has two absolutely legendary fights in the movie trilogy for Heaven Feel. To call them peak animation is an understatement. But Alter vs Hercules and Alter vs Medusa are honestly some of the best fights I've seen. Okay moving away from Stay Night and Zero, Fate Extra opening battle between Nero and Buddha was also very well done. As was the later Gawain vs Nero fight. Which again was one of the stand out battles of that show. Okay so Fate/Apocrypha, again a few two many to count. So briefly I really liked the Astolfo vs Mordred fight towards the end of the first half. Alongside the Chiron vs Achilles fight also seen in the first part. Later we get Siegfried vs Karna, which is a very awesome fight sequence in the show. Personal favourite for Apocrypha has to go to Achilles and his fight with Chiron and also his fight with Atalanta. Achilles arch in the show was pretty well executed not sure if its cause he had several characters from his 'time period' his personal hero and his mentor to work off but Achilles and a lot of his fights really play into his overall character development which I liked. And finally the best fight I saw in the Camelot films between Gawain and Bedivere. This fight was full of clashing personalities and belief, and was excellent climax in the film. And even when limiting myself I still went overboard, well what can you do. Still I'm sure others can bring in fights from beyond Fate.
  9. Finally got around to watching Loki season 1 in preparation for MCU phase 5 starting next month
  10. We've got rain coming in today, and it's supposed to keep raining until Wednesday, or so they say. Good thing I know how to swim, I guess.
  11. I’m still watching season 1 so I don’t really know but I guess it’s as good
  12. Welcome to AF! I would definitely say that well composed theme music does have a way of making even the best anime even more enjoyable.
  13. It's a bit dull and cloudy at the moment, but then again the the Sun is still not quite out of bed yet.
  14. Stayed up late finishing up GunXSword, (cause I finally got the last dvd in the set) really liked it. Ending was satisfying, story was great, music was great, really everything was pretty good. Going to move onto some classics I need to finish up, might watch some movies I've had on my watch list tomorrow or start another series up.
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