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  2. That was my attempt for it to not be. Unless I'm missing notes on shrubbery too.
  3. It doesn’t have to be kinky >~>
  4. Uhhh!... Huh... *checks notes* Um...*role play: kinky* oh... I DEMAND TWO SHRUBBERIES!
  5. 5 Centimeters per Second. Not what I'm usually into, but the name caught my attention. Watched the first episode and so far I dig it. Now I just need to finish the other two.
  6. efaardvark

    Preorder Fever!

    I don't pre-order anime, games, or pretty much anything else. Been burned too many times. Companies that offer that sort of deal often seem to care even less about those fans that take them up on the offer than they do about the ones that buy later as regular retail customers. The pre-order culture in the software/gaming world is especially toxic. I don't want to be either a supporter or a victim of that sort of behavior.
  7. Today
  8. Yeah... Noticed that too lol It's a rare breed OP is asking for here. It's easy to go the other way, appearing to be for kids and coming across as an adult cartoon (Aggresuko comes to mind.) While I have none to offer, I have idea why you probably won't see any. If the anime's target audience is children, the art style needs to reflect that. Adult animation can get away with it because you can market almost anything to an adult, whereas with children you simply cannot.
  9. there are some animes for kids, but they are really kid shows like hamtaro. Then again dragon ball and dragon ball z were kid shows in Japan, but had to be completely edited for other countries
  10. Wedgy

    One Punch Man Season 2

    I'm behind on everything. 😓😫 The season's finally starting to get better and I'm either working on a project, at work, or asleep as soon as I get home.
  11. I feel like im doing cosplay😂
  12. Im cruel/wicked after all lol👻and thanks
  13. What will you trade for it? 😜
  14. Oh, this one? *holds it over Kaga’s head 😁
  15. If anyone ever dare feel sad, just beware - the launcher that Seshi now owns is the finest in the land, crafted by skilled bakers from ancient times passed. It is a legendary launcher that is capable of launching a cake over 250,000 nuknuk's, and still allow the cake to retain its full shape up until the point of impact.
  16. Yep.. everyone admire my shiny new cake launcher
  17. Ohiotaku

    Preorder Fever!

    That’s the great thing about streaming series as they air, you know which ones you really enjoy before you buy. Though you still need to invest the time to check them out. Some people don’t feel the need to actually own a physical copy, but you never know when a company could lose the rights to a series or simply decide to take it down to make room for something else. Likewise, I don’t have a lot of time to rewatch series, but you don’t know what the future of the industry is. Plus it’s a way to support the type of series you enjoy.
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