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  2. Although it is not my absolute favourite anime Naruto does have probably my favourite episode I have seen. Episode 18 I believe it was, when Zabuza and Haku died; I cried, quite a lot and I just kept crying, even later after having watched the episode. I feel like if an episode can make you feel that much then it is a great episode; The Zabuza and Haku arc was my favourite. They were so wonderful together, I have to remind myself not to ship them since Haku is a trap, lol. But this was the saddest anime death(s) ever to watch in my opinion. And seeing the composure and strong façade of Zabuza break when he saw Haku die made me so sad. He was so tough and he acted like he didn't care for Haku but he loved Haku. 10/10 Perfect. I love that episode! Gaara is one of my favourites in the show, I went from hating him at first to seriously loving him. And Temari is my Naruto waifu. It was a great episode, Gaara is so cool because he fights with such composure.
  3. Help finding anime... female fighter w/ light sabers?

    just as planned
  4. Help finding anime... female fighter w/ light sabers?

    Aw man this looks similar in so many ways! Not the same one but thanks for introducing me to fate/grand order! 😍 Damn they got the sabers and errythang but sadly not the one I'm thinking of Thanks though much appreciated!
  5. I went to bed late last night and forgot I had to wake up early for a doctor appointment around 8:30 AM. So... for once I was SO tired I did not want to wake up and just sleep in. I NEVER had that happen in a long time for me wanting to sleep more. Hmm..I wonder if that's a good thing with my sleep issues I have.. Anyway good morning everyone its a new dawn and a new day. Feeling great and hope I continue to feel pretty good throughout the day.



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      There's nothing much better than a well deserved peaceful sleep. Glad you had a good sleep!

    2. brycec


      Your doctor is the only one that can say if it is good or bad, but if you have sleep problems, it might be ha good thing. Anyway, good morning.

  6. Golden Time

    This Anime was really memorable..i don't think I'll ever forget watching this so many lessons learned here ~ 1st of all..as an Anime..it tuggles ur Heartstrings of the Romance Atmosphere..by trying to win over a girl that is already in love with someone..in hopes that she'll just forget about the other guy.. The Main Character ( Tada Banri ) goes to College in tokyo ~ in hopes for a fresh new start since losing his memories at an accident waiting for his Love interest/High School Classmate ( Linda ) to answer his long awaited feelings .. Tada Banri gets bumped/hit by a passing Motorbike and falls off the bridge..barely alive but memory has been erased..or is it ? on his way to college, he meets a school mate ( Yanagisawa Mitsuo ) who is also lost on the way to school..they ended up going together there ~ on the way. stops by Mitsuo's Childhood friend ( Kaga Koko ) who is obsessed with Mitsuo and even followed him there to study too despite not telling her that he was even going there. After Koko slaps Mitsuo with a Rose.. somehow Tada Banri got dazzled by Koko's beauty which probably is the trigger of how he fell in love with her.. meanwhile while showing how persistent she is at following Mitsuo..with no avail Mitsuo avoiding her.. Tada became sympathetic towards her and approached her hoping they could be friends. although he doesn't help her stalk Mitsuo. ( Thats pretty much Episode 1 ) anyway..its pretty good ... i recommend it 9/10
  7. Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 57 i guess how they manage to turn things around despite Gon and Killua being captured by the Phantom Troupe .. everyone manage to play they're part and it made me rewatch the series just so i can watch that scene again...
  8. Ask the member below you!

    its like having no birthdays at all..it wouldn't bother me though..as i have never enjoyed my birthday parties since im in introvert if u had no choice but to sell/cook drugs as a living..what drugs would u sell?
  9. Cant think of anime show

    Mazinger Z?
  10. Cant think of anime show

    Hey guys, 1st time here. Hopefully i am in the right place and someone can help me when i was a kid, i use to watch a show, anime pretty sure all i can remember from it is a person jump into a megazord like Gundam ( maybe its that not sure ) but once they hop in it and all i can remember is a dude having a big sword that he activates the zord by it and he lifts it and uses it while the zord does what he does at the same time. ( and no its not power rangers ) lol if any one can help me ! thank you !
  11. Crunchyroll on PS4

    Turns out I might also be getting Crash Bandicoot (remastered) and Overwatch, if they are still in stock by the time I get home from the bank tomorrow.
  12. Ask the member below you!

    Sword. Guns may seem useful, but loading them can be a pain, your presence is known after firing, regardless of whether you hit or not, and misfire/jamming is always a possibility. What would you do if your birthday became a national holiday?
  13. Ask the member below you!

    Cat i guess...so i can roam around..since Dogs arent as flexible anyway if you were in a situation where your life is on the line.. and u see a sword and a gun besides ...you can only take one..which one would u choose? sword is chipped gun only has 2 bullets
  14. Your Philosophy

    you know how How some anime characters have different beliefs? for example : Arthuria thinks it is justified to kill people if it is within order Kiritsugu Emiya thinks that killing people is bad..but if its for the greater good and quantity...then so be it is that how it works...although i dont agree with either of them
  15. Waifu Thread

    yes....its lovable although we have to pay for Eng Subs ... and for her to understand us in english
  16. Your Philosophy

    Explain Anime Philosophy first. I think I understand but I probably don't....
  17. What Are You Watching Today?

    I just finished watching Kurokami today, it was good, everything fell into place at the end. But let me say, you can skip to the 20 minute mark in episode 23 since nothing new happens until then. @Hamsloth Fight on!
  18. Cutest Anime Girl This Season

    So my real choice would likely be Neri and her twin sister Ema from KujiKora.
  19. do we have creative contests?

    I’m happy to help promote community contests/events on the front page.
  20. do we have creative contests?

    i was just thinking about doing this again unless there's any better ideas:
  21. I'm happy to have found this forum, i've made some friends here and my hope is that i can continue making friends here. My time in the Otaku community has been good, i'm glad to be a part of this fandom. I want to express myself freely and share my interests with others here. 

    AF is a good forum and i like it here.


    1. brycec


      It’s not as great as it was before, but it is still a good place to be. I like how I feel like I am accepted more for being me here than most other places I go to, and that is what keeps me here.

    2. RyePotatoes


      Awww, that is very much appreciated. I'm sure Optic will be happy to hear this from you guys :D And I think all of us have different reasons why we choose to stay here WHICH makes this place much more uniique:D 

    3. SleepyLeoulf


      Yeah I felt the same way when I joined AF. This place is really nice and there is a lot of good and interesting people here as well. I'm glad to have met you Tefu and hope you continue to enjoy your time on here. 

  22. I'm a little late but welcome back from your trip. Hope you really enjoyed it. 



      I had a great time! Thanks for welcoming me back. :D 

  23. Yesterday
  24. do we have creative contests?

    There used to be a good few contests now and again, one problem though a few contests lacked interest or entries but I'm sure if we can find something a lot of people are interested in doing then I see no problem with one, just kinda have to pick a theme such as art, writing, photography, ect.. The best person to ask is probably Optic though to get approval!
  25. Photos N' Some Other Stuff From AnimeNYC!

    Nice, great cosplay!
  26. Help finding anime... female fighter w/ light sabers?

    F******** SOUND LIKE SWORD ART ONLINE GUN GALE ONLINE B***************** I went a little overboard...
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