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  2. Today is the holiday in my city, but we have very bad weather, all day it rains a lot ((( So I sit at home and watch movies.
  3. I was good for months but then BAM! I got hit with allergies, ugh. 

  4. Conan Exiles (PS5) Worked on this with my fiance for a couple of hours. Still trying to figure out the taming part of the game, lol.
  5. Sounds like Appare Ranman (the drawings were blueprints for some invention of his)
  6. Welcome to the forums, hope you find things to interest you here
  7. Yesterday
  8. ...but glad to be here. I'm Elyse. Genderfluid lesbian (she/they). I have odd taste in anime so all of my faves are on my profile but two of them are Case Closed and Love Stage. Things I like in general include Jane Lynch, reading, writing, gaming, drawing, coffee, cats, and musicals.
  9. Hello fellow Watchers. Ive recently seen a short clip of an Anime was looking for the name to look it up cause the clip was rather interesting but i forgot the name. Maybe anyone can help me. In the clip a young boy with colored clothing is inside a jail cell with a couple of prisoners. I believe he was drawing pictures and one of the prisoners was mocking him that Words will not help him. He then proceeded to grab the Sheets of Paper the boy had. He then hit the prisoner with his hammer to the shock of the others. Then opened the cell lock left and closed up behind him with the guards not noticing and advising each other to ignore the loud noises coming from the prison. I hope that is enough description because thats all i remember .-.
  10. Last week
  11. We're all waiting for this forum to become popular, but none of us are really doing anything to help it grow

  12. In my opinion, the akatsuki costume is cool for the team and I love it
  13. Right, lol. I'll wait for a game but I won't stop talking about it or looking stuff up on it, etc.
  14. $141 looks to be the current MSRP for the bundle deal of the game + all DLC but I keep an eye out for the occasional Steam sales. Patient gamers can sometimes get 50% or more off. Is there such a thing as a patient gamer?
  15. Anyone knows how to clean a sticky mouse? I already tried microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol.

    1. efaardvark


      @Ryan Dave Jimenez

      What kind of mechanism is it?  I’m a fan of optical mice or trackballs.
      If it is an optical ball mechanism then there will likely be 3 little nubs in the ball cavity that need to be cleaned as well.  I usually use a cotton swab to dislodge the gunk that accumulates around the nubs and makes the ball stick.  Alcohol optional.  

      Try not to get anything on the laser/sensor window.  If that gets fogged or blurred/smudged by debris then it can cause the ball to mis-track as well.  I once made the mistake of “cleaning” the window on my trackball mouse with a swab contaminated by the nub gunk.  I wound up smudging it instead and it took a bit of work to clean it enough for it to track well again.  The window is usually hidden behind the ball and well protected from dust etc. so usually I leave it alone.  99 times out if 100 just cleaning the ball with a cloth and the nubs with a swab (or even just your finger) is all it takes.


  16. Hey @goreeedollie Go ahead to https://animeforums.net/blogs/ and you should see a big button to create one. It may not have been visible before since you were still queued, but it should be available to you now. Let me know if you run into any issues.
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  18. Anime adaption was just officially announced https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-09-11/fairy-tail-100-years-quest-sequel-gets-tv-anime/.177275
  19. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-09-11/shadows-house-anime-gets-2nd-season/.177271 Glad this one is getting a continuation. It was definitely one of the more interesting series this year & left a lot of unanswered questions.
  20. One last background and I can launch the demo for my serial-killer mystery visual novel. So excited! 

  21. Two things.. first is an item I found at the company store. They haven't had much stock and have been keeping reduced hours since the covid thing started but I managed to find them open and this t-shirt on the rack Thursday.. The other item is a new "Pangolin" from System76. I've been needing a new laptop to replace my 2013-vintage MB Air and they just recently got some more stock in so I bought myself a birthday present. Yes, I'm going to do something about that desktop wallpaper. It just came Thursday & I haven't yet got a round tuit. (Not that I dislike Pop!_OS so far but we can do better.)
  22. Damn. I got it all on sale for $85USD on the Playstation Store.
  23. That's one I've had my eye on for a while. It is nominally Windows-only but the protondb says it is "gold" so it should be playable just fine on my linux system(s). Except that the anti-cheat borks multiplayer on public servers that have it enabled which for me removes a lot of the attraction. Probably for the best as I wouldn't have much time for it anyway. It is kind of expensive too .. well over $100US if you go for all the DLC. ($150 for the "complete" edition from the Steam store! )
  24. “Seems there’s still no cure for the common birthday.”

    (John Glenn, not me.)

  25. I got into my dream University!!

  26. Conan Exiles (PS5) Started a whole new save file with my fiance. After him dying half a dozen times he finally agreed with me to build a safe house to get away from the sandstorm and not have to be respawned to the beginning of the map.
  27. So uh I made the mistake of playing Pokémon until almost 3:30 in the morning 🥴

    1. efaardvark



      Been there.  Done that.  :D  Books and anime too.  I have to be very careful to not get sucked in.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @efaardvark Yeah oops, lmao. I got sucked in big time. 

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