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  2. Not supposed to make it out of the 60s & chance of rain all day.
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  4. Never get into a car chase with Rally Vincent and her Shelby Cobra.... You'll loose!!
  5. 70. What I'm going to be this year!
  6. What I'm currently reading is not a novel but a fairly thick magazine telling the story of the planning and building of one of London's biggest engineering projects, the recently opened "Elizabeth Line" London's new state of the art railway line.
  7. I feel like a man baby for complaining about my mood when everyone is overworked and stressed. Hitting the slow season atm but I know when life picks up and I wouldn't wish that stress on anyone. Take care and catch a breather.
  8. The only time the cold doesn't get me down is when I can play in it. XD Skiing or boarding.
  9. Going on vacation this season in Quebec to try out a new board on the powder.
  10. Top gun flashback for the new movie.
  11. This is a question I've seen asked on other forums I'm a member of, and nowhere have I seen a conclusive answer. I think one of the problems is that there is a greater tendency for people to be "content consumers" rather than "content creators". Of course, by definition everything on a forum is user created content but I sometimes wonder what the ratio of is between those who just read the forums and those who actually contribute more than just clicking the "like" button. For myself when I comment on a "what are you watching/reading/listening to" topic I try to put more than just the name of the series/manga/song in the hope that it might attract a comment, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I guess none of that really answers your question, but then it's a tricky question to answer.
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