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    Hi everyone, AF will be unavailable for up to an hour whilst some major updates are being applied to the platform.
  3. Name change requests

    Done - sorry for the delay. Certainly - what would you like it changed to?
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  5. Ask the Potato~~

    Been a while since I posted here, but came across an interesting question. Would you rather have immortality or eternal youth?
  6. Redundancy is a pain, so it will likely happen again that it gets taken down, but I’ll try humoring you for a bit. Would yourather have immortality or eternal youth?
  7. what is your favorite sport? 何でこれわ?
  8. I mostly watch anime on the weekends now. After you watch so many series you tend to find an acquired taste to your viewing. Over time that can change and sometimes a series that you don't like might have a different formal.
  9. If there was a prize for being the most anxious, paranoid and suspicious little freak ... I would win.

  10. How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    Once upon a time I worked as a night shift security guard, where my main job was to stay awake, and was specifically told I can bring in a Kindle or something and watch whatever so long as it wasn't during certain tasks. I usually got 3 or 4 hours in per night. Then I got promoted to a management job which is great, except now I'm lucky to watch 3 to 4 hours a month. If I happen to get hooked on something really good or end up watching with friends though, then I can easily end up spending most of the weekend on anime though.
  11. 日本大好き!

  12. yo

  13. I'm driving on the motorway, a friend and two acquaintances with me, and as a rule, I'm in charge of the tunes because I'm behind the wheel (everyone insists it's the copilot's duty, I disagree.) For the most part, all is well. We're jolly and joking, passing the time with conversation. I'm just listening to my music, zoning out a bit to everybody's antics, when suddenly I hear: 'Eww, is that Tegan/Sara? Skip that!' A grab for the iPod. Song skip. Confused, and very miffed Wedgy is awakened. But I keep my mouth shut, because it's stupid to argue about something as subjective as music tastes, and I've got about 2,000 more songs on there I can enjoy. Better everyone is happy with the music. Or, I would have moved on, had it not sparked a conversation about how mainstream is trash, how you have to be a tool to listen to such-and-such, something something Chainsmokers, insert some band name you've probably never heard of. Who cares? Seriously, who gives a flying rat deuce? Almost 9/10 times I am listening to something by myself, and if I'm only listening to what I enjoy, why do I have to worry about what others think of it when they aren't even listening with me? The only reason I didn't make a big deal about it was because in that instance, I was not listening alone. I like plenty of music that you can't even find an album for, I have some tunes you can't even find with a google search. But if I happen to like something that might be popular, that makes me an unintelligent ape, right? How dare. What's this about making assumptions about others based on the things that make them happy? It's not just music tastes- this can apply to anything. There are animes/books/games/tv/films I think are trash, but I don't look down on anybody for liking them. There's no reason to. Can't we all just live and let live? Where does anybody find the energy to spend hating everything so much? So, everyone: Do what makes you HAPPY and stop being worried about others thinking less of you for it. You don't have time for their bs, you have a life to go live!
  14. yo

    Welcome aboard!
  15. Answer to this!!

    Kikashi didn't lose chidori when he lost the sharingan. He used sharingan to gauge chakra output and levels to control chidori so he can still use it it is just way more unstable but with the many years of him using the sharingan I am sure he can feel where chakra output and what he needs to control in it.
  16. yo

    yo im new
  17. Name change requests

    I like to have my name changed please. Whenever you have to do it, Optic.
  18. Answer to this!!

    he used it in boruto bruh
  19. idk what to say, it was high-key trash i kept telling myself it would get better but boy was i wrong anyway im new to this shit whats your opinion on this anime?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Black Bird

    Finish reading this too a really good story. Read it twice.
  22. Skip Beat

    Meeeeee!!! Love the book, one of my favorite by Yoshiki. The other one it Tokyo crazy Paradise, read it 4xs. Actually I am collecting research on her work right now. Not much on the internet, so I am going on forums asking for people's opinion about her books.
  23. Favorite manga

    OMGosh I have way too much. I read manga more then anything!!!! That said really hard to pick just one. But to randomly call out from the top of my head : Tokyo crazy Paradise and Skip Beat (wrote a forum about why I love it) Sabaku No Harem (just read the latest chapter love it) Really love the chemistry between the two leads also really funny Nana (I consider this a classic) it gets me to the heart every time. Othello about a girl over coming her fear but instead end up embracing her duel personalities. DramaCon (Second favorite manga ka) I love the art the story and biggest part the comedy.
  24. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    Glitter force and Glitter force: Doki Doki. I have not yet watched Madoka magica.
  25. Answer to this!!

    We all know that on the end of naruto shippuden, Kakashi lost his sharingan and with it his chidori?! WHY? we have seen that scene where Kakashi was fighting Minato and he used Chidori, although he didn't had his sharingan!! Explain this to me!?
  26. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    That's part of why Homura is one of my favorite anime characters, along with how much she changes because of what happens. That, and she doesn't reallt fight for the good of mankind or anything like that; once upon a time she did maybe, but ultimately it came down to her working toward her own personal goal. Albeit it required saving the world anyways, but she wasn't doing it for the sake of mankind. Oh and if by chance you haven't watched the Rebellion movie I'd highly recommend it. Keep in mind a good number of people didn't care for it I think, so there's that to think about, but it was for me what cemented Homura as maybe my favorite character of all time and an enjoyable experience overall.
  27. My life

    Welcome to AF. Hope you have a good time here. Little late to greetings but better late then never i supposed.
  28. Too bad there's no option to change your name. Maybe once every month would be a good rule if we could do that.

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      @Wedgy Thank you. I didn’t know there was a topic. 

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