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  2. I have messed around with some software and an external drive but currently it has a slight stutter on any moving shot. If I could fix that then I'd be set, but I've fiddled with it several times and all it settings and can't work out what is causing the issue.
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  4. You may already have one. VLC, the free media player software which is often called the 'Swiss army knife of media formats' can play DVDs and Blu-Ray disks it can also be switched between the various Blu-Ray regions quite easily. Of course there are some conditions. 1. Your computer must have a Blu-Ray drive. 2. You have to watch the content on your computer unless you can connect it to your TV, which shouldn't be a problem as I suspect all modern TVs have HDMI and from what I can see most computers have HDMI these days.
  5. While out for a stroll one night (hunting creepers for gunpowder, having recently used up all my stash on TNT) I met a zombie villager. I trapped him in one of the houses near town and cured him, then gave him a profession table and leveled him up. He's apparently really happy to be cured, so now I have a source of absurdly cheap diamond armor... I also created a nifty end terminal for my farm's collection system. I have farms for chicken/feathers, bamboo, kelp, honey, beeswax, pumpkins, and watermelon slices scattered around my main base/house, all of which are collected automatically by an underground rail system. This end of the track terminates under my house. A cart loaded with stuff drops off its goodies and used to deposit it all into a chest down here and I would come down and collect it periodically. But now a system of hoppers, droppers, and various redstone bits transports it all upstairs to be deposited in a convenient chest in my main workshop area.
  6. Very interesting, it's pretty cool how you've mixed black metal with a rap-style beat. Never really heard the two genres put together like that before. My brother dabbles in recordings and home music production, so I can appreciate how much work goes into making a song like this. Keep up the good work!
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  8. Generally, the type of anime that draw me in are the ones that deal with high concept. Otherwise I mostly like the slice of life type anime and the occasional quirky action/adventure. And okay...some hentai, though I am very selective.
  9. It not entirely necessary for a character to have to permanently remained dead. For example, Fate has character's die during the different wars and also timelines. So, as a hypothetical Fate/Zero say Lancer dies. He can be resummoned by another master for another war, however only the heroic spirts can be 'resummoned' as they are already dead having died in the lives as heroes. The masters are not so fortunate.
  10. Finally got Fate/Grand Order: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot Paladin; Agateram. It released for region B, so I'll snag that whilst it up online. Plus thanks to the pound being weaker than the Australian dollar I grabbed it for peanuts.

  11. Didn't know the blu-ray was announced a month ago, this is certainly looking like another pre-order. It comes out November 15th. However, wonder if it'll only be the US version. I should just invest in a damned region free blu-ray player. Note to self.
  12. Well, I usually go for something serious so shows like; Monster, Pyscho Pass, Ergo Proxy. Or if I want to watch something a little less serious, but with more action (or at the very least more hype in the moment-to-moment story telling) I like to watch shows like Fate UBW, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Code Geass. I still say these shows aren't just dumb fun, they still have something to say. But those are the two types of shows I mostly seek out. As for specific genres, I don't really discard anything. From magical girl, suspense thriller, mecha, battle royal, space opera. I've pretty much watched them all. The only genre's I'm not a huge fan of is Slice of Life and Iseaki. Not sure why but I've never found a show in either I'd rate especially high, not sure if it just the genres themselves or if I've yet to find a show in them which I really find special.
  13. Released a new song today, if you want, please take a listen. I work hard on my songs, and enjoy doing them! I haven't been on here in awhile, I assure you, I am ok! \m/ https://www.bandlab.com/post/a9bde5c6-0e3c-ed11-b494-000d3a3ee5f3 Enjoy the song everyone, and let me know your thoughts...
  14. The recent aniplex feast just vindicated my hopium; Fate Strange Fake just got announced. A1 pictures is doing it, so I imagine it gonna be similar to Apocrypha. It also got a simul-dub and releases December 31st 2022. So I am hyped for this.
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    Never too late to pick it back up. To be honest this project is only special to the people working on it. Get a group together and you can make whatever you'd like
  16. Ops, a misunderstanding on my part. Still, being the writer for a comic is pretty impressive. I used to write stories when I was in secondary school but somehow never carried on with it once I left.
  17. I've always had my doubts about reviving classic series, to my mind its not gone well in the live action world of Hollywood the remakes of classic TV series into feature films may have done well at the box office but they're usually a travesty, or at best a pale reflection, of the series they're supposedly based on. But perhaps that only bothers people like me who watched and liked the originals. I've not seen any revivals of classic anime series so I don't know if the same applies to anime but the new Fruits Basket seems to be well received. Most of the revivals I've seen advertised are more in the style of reissues of classic series on Blu-Ray which can only be good news for both new and old anime fans.
  18. The trend of reviving “classic” anime series continues https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-24/new-rurouni-kenshin-tv-anime-reveals-cast-staff-2023-premiere-on-noitamina/.190098
  19. Bad music - almost a rarity in anime, can nearly be enough to break a good show. I thoroughly enjoyed the supernatural comedy anime, "Actually I Am", but I hated the soundtrack in it.
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    I cant take credit for the art. I'm just the writer and scripter of the comic. I love this artist though his persona is Loomiyer
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  22. I'd have an easier time listing shows i haven't watched. DannY devito just came out with Little Demon... Gargoyles and Jem were awesome... the new Ducktales... I've seen tons of stuff you've probably never heard of.
  23. Oban Star Racers if you like racing.
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