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  2. It's bright and sunny and 16C, so it could be a warm day as it's now only 8:20am. But this is the UK, so the weather could be totally different at 9:00am.
  3. I hope this is the right area to post this, as it was originally a manga made into a live action series on Netflix, which is what I watched. I took some time watching this show and greatly enjoyed it, but honestly had low expectations for the ending. I finished it this morning finally and was completely taken by surprise just how much I liked it and how well written it was. Wanted to see if anyone on here had already seen it, or had no interest in seeing it, before talking much about it in case of spoilers.
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  5. Had to dust ashes from a brushfire off my car this morning. I guess 3 days of >80F temps and low humidity means it's now fire season?
  6. Secrets of the London Underground. At 161 years old there are so many abandoned tunnels, stations, passageways and other pieces of disused infrastructure and this programme explores some of them. When you do the washing up after a meal do you dry the plates and put them away immediately, or just leave them to dry and put them away later?
  7. A ticket for a dining car train ride that features a nice 5 course meal.
  8. Did you know that that ketchup was originally sold as medicine in ancient China as a fermented seafood sauce that physicians believed had medicinal properties?
  9. I like to see the seals and sealions when they do shows. What is your current favorite non-anime TV show?
  10. The snow fall feels more like home. Would you rather have a cheeseburger or a hamburger?
  11. Going outside as a child in the Summer and playing with super soakers water guns and running around the neighborhood.
  12. Zeref


    I'm ready for that 99 party whenever you decide to get out of bed
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