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  3. I never heard of a plant that sounds funny, but then again I don't go around listening to plants.
  4. I keep my cars until they wear out as well. I'm now on my 5th car now, of the previous ones two I got rid of because they became unreliable, one I got rid of because while it looked a nice car the longer I owned it the more things I found that annoyed me about it, the other went because while it was a great car and I really liked it my garage suggested I either got rid of it or face a large repair bill because there were serious problems developing.
  5. I went for C&IS at the CC as well. At least to start. The local CC offered transfer credits towards the University of California system and UC Davis had a good C&IS program. The CC was a lot cheaper however, both tuition-wise and because it was close enough that I could save money by continuing to live with the parents, so my plan was to get the general-ed and low-level degree-related stuff out of the way at the CC and then transfer to Davis when I got to the higher-level material. It didn't quite work out as planned but I'm not complaining. I've only owned 3 cars in my entire life, including the one I'm driving now. And that one I only bought because a tree fell on my last one! I tend to take pretty good care of my cars and drive them until they wear out. Or a tree falls on them, whichever comes first. As it turned out things didn't go as I'd planned either. I was 2 years into classes at a community college (see above) when I took a job doing work a trained monkey could have done. It was only a summer job and was only supposed to last for 90 days, but it led to an unexpected job offer, which led to what is coming up on a 40 year career. Never did get around to attending UC Davis.
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