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  2. Do you have a sewing kit, a used water bottle, and a lighter, candle, or other fire source lying around? (note, be careful when handling fire hahah. if you're a minor ask an adult to do it for you to be safe.) take a needle from your sewing kit, use a lighter or some other flame to heat the point end, until it's hot enough to melt through the plastic of the lid. Then you can easily poke holes into the top of the lid that are just small enough for water to spray through, to water your plants. tah dahh, used water bottle up cycled into a makeshift watering can. I usually use mine to spray home-made pest deterrents on my plants, or to combat powdery mildew. (a really effective method of getting rid of most common pests and mildew is Neem Oil, which you can get in concentrate and mix with water to spray your plants with, without harming anything but the what you want to get rid of. You can also get it pre-mixed in spray bottles for you, but they don't last as long. Just make sure you mix it in the right amounts following the directions given to you on the container.)
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  4. Ohiotaku is getting serious, watch out everyone For some reason I don't have a negative attitude towards Endeavor. Then again, I don't really recall what happened with his wife and family. I think there was something with Shoto and I do know that he didn't want to use the fire because of it, but what was it exactly?
  5. Yes. A couple of our RNs in the ED volunteered to relocate all the way to NYC to help them so I've had to pick up extra duties and extra hours to keep up. Thankfully, husband has been working less hours, so he's able to watch the baby more. Things balance out, but I'm still exhausted.
  6. The plot of ToG may sound generic and honestly, it kind of is, but as a web comic reader I will say that the story is filled with twists and turns around every corner as well as really charismatic characters. In my opinion this anime is a must watch for anybody who enjoys the power fantasy and adventure genres
  7. my dads been really depressed because a bunch of people around us and his coworkers have been committing suicide and crap, and everythings bleak you know, hes overworked and theres not really much a point to it anymore. but its his birthday, and i rarely ever hug anyone, but i wished him a happy birthday and gave him a big hug today. i hope its the little things that count. (we're also teaming up to get him the new farming simulator for his xbox hahaha, thats his favorite game)

    1. RuthisianCodex


      My goodness, cowboy, that's really awful! I do hope that your dad has a good birthday. I'm also very sorry to hear about all the people losing hope around you. ❤️

  8. You know, I oughta come up with a cosplay/anime girl workout routine or something for those of us who are trying to get in better shape so that we can dress as our favorite characters.

    Now, before that gets taken wrong I am currently a plus size woman myself & over the last year have been improving my health & losing weight what I've found is that either the plus size anime costumes that are available simply aren't as comfortable as the smaller sizes OR they end up costing more. Just thought I'd throw that in there because I definitely didn't mean to be offensive with my comment ❤️

    1. cowboy


      oh omg when i first read this i thought you were saying to do a workout routine WHILE wearing cosplays and i was like (wouldnt that ruin the clothes?) pffffff

      if you want a good routine i use an app called "home workouts" where you dont have to use any equipment that costs money, you can tailor your workouts to you if they're too hard, and rate them when youre done so the app can adjust them for you.

      the rests in between workouts and the type of workouts you do for each step are designed so that they aren't hard enough to make you COMPLETELY miserable, and they're actually made to best tone your body. like, you remember school p.e. where your teacher just, kind of didnt know what they were doing and just made you do random exercises the whole time with no real focus and just made you miserable? this isn't like that LOL.

      i hate doing them, but they also make me feel really good when im done, its like a mood and energy boost, its really nice.

      before i got sick, when i was doing it regularly, i actually had some awesome muscle tone on my arms. i dont worry too much abt my weight so i customized mine to focus on muscle build to be stronger and healthier, but you can also do exercises that are focused exclusively on quickly burning off some fat if that's what you want.

    2. RuthisianCodex


      Thank you, I will look into that. I currently wear a FitBit & get 20,000 steps a day & watch what I eat. I've lost a good amount of weight so far & because I'm not working myself to exhaustion in the gym everyday it doesn't seem as intense. I get my steps in while I watch my favorite animes or go walking along the nature trails near my house. 

  9. detective conan noragami koe no katachi
  10. My plans include looking up fun stuff like this!
  11. I guess ill say it again welcome
  12. animals , that will be cool Know every language on the world or Know every person on this world
  13. movie directors nowadays be like "lets put billions of dollars into the visuals of this movie and then darken it so nobody can see it even if you turn the brightness up to 100" what is this the early 1900s? this isn't radio we have a screen for a reason, use it

  14. 'You are me from the past or from another future. Burn up...and be put to rest.' Endeavor, My Hero Academia
  15. Alright, so now that I've had some time to calm down I would like to add something else. I will admit that I did get chills when Endeavor said to the Nomu: 'You are me from the past or from another future. Burn up...and be put to rest.' I genuinely believe that he wants to change & be a better hero & the symbol that everyone needs. I do. I just hope that his path to redemption is as difficult as it possibly can be because of what he did to his own family. Can people like Endeavor change? Yes. I'm just not down for making it a cake walk for someone who's committed monstrous deeds just because they finally grew a conscience.
  16. I love Yamada and The 7 Witches, the first anime that make me loves anime, even the first ever manga I've finished is Yamada, don't know why, maybe because I love how the story was like a person was knitted by fate to be choosen by her (Shiraishi) only, even though there be like 5-6 girls have crush on him, but it isn't like those harem anime that showing the harem as soon as the anime/manga begin
  17. Just started Black Butler Season 2 this morning & my word...the kid in this season is a royal creep! I've only watched the 1st episode & I can't stand him already.
  18. Well rant away, my friend, because I don't care whether it's in animation or real life, guys like Endeavor just piss me off to no end. They terrorize the people around them, then finally put forth some half assed effort at redemption & then have the temerity to honestly be taken aback because people don't just instantly forget what a huge jerk they've been. Atonement for wrong deeds when possible is a good thing, but to expect those past deeds to be completely forgotten AND for the people he's been a monster to want him in their life despite whatever trauma he may have caused them is completely ridiculous. Forgiving someone doesn't grant that person a free ride back into your life. They can work towards earning that, sure. But depending on the severity of what they've done that day may be long coming, if it ever comes at all, and in this case if the people Endeavor has hurt decide to never let him back in that's totally understandable. Good grief you guys, let me make myself another smoothie & calm down.
  19. Yeah, that ending was kinda confusing. On the one hand parts of it seemed to hint at Nine who is the main villain of Heroes Rising who does have a connection to All for One. But I actually think it’s more likely that Deku experienced a shared memory from one of the previous holders of One for All. Possibly the original, who I believe they said was All for One’s brother who he experimented on. As for Endeavor, I definitely have some things to say. But I want to review something from an earlier episode & take some time to compose my thoughts. Even so, it’s probably going to be more than a little rant-y
  20. Black Butler Season 2, let's do it! 

  21. that was one heck of an episode! I'd say it was on the same level as the previous seasons even. I really didn't expect the comboattack by hawks and endeavor but they totally pulled it off! really makes me want to watch Heroes Rising now especially since I got more interested in the whole Endeavor story. What I didn't quite get was that part at the end. The one guy seemed like he was All For One? But what about Deku's powers now? Guess it'll have to wait until the next season. Really not a great time for many anime to have their season finale going on, with the whole quarantine stuff
  22. My inability to write "profiles about yourself" and "about me" continues, I see...

  23. @Wedgy - I'm guessing you're like...Overkill in hours for work. We've been missing you. :[ Unrelated - Well, I may have saved myself an unpleasant time at the range this weekend (if I decide to go). Most of you remember this gal: The other gun that I had purchased before this one came with two loaded magazines. I only ever really used one, so I pretty much had the magazine in the drawer and never thought much of it. Tonight after our chat party, I decided to clean all three guns, and the magazines - check the springs in them too. I decided to get the other magazine out too, since it definitely needed cleaning and the ammo needed to be checked. Glad I did. I would not have enjoyed gambling with that little sucker. If I had to guess, I'd say a dog got ahold of this one (sure as hell wasn't mine!). I've seen plenty of ammo in my time, and I haven't seen many casings chapped up like that. Yikes! That one is going to the bucket on amnesty day. In related news...ammo is dirt cheap right now, and so are accessories. Too bad the accessories available for the 1911's make them look gimmicky and bulky.
  24. What you do is make prolonged eye contact with them until they become uncomfortable and ask what you want. Then you smile, wink, and walk backward until you disappear mysteriously into the cornfield.
  25. Resident Evil 3 is out but I'm too much of a chicken to play it lol!

  26. What I mean by this is, are there any anime series that have a full, meaningful/exciting stories, but lean moreso into hentai territory? Like, for example, an anime that is the full 12/24 ect. Amount of episodes, but also have the full "act" so to say. I'd love to know, because the amount of times I find a great show that is so heavily innuendous, that I kinda get annoyed with the way they play out. Or something branded as "hentai" but sex isn't the main focus. Just curious. I know theres a lot of content out there, and figured I'd put it up.
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