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  2. Nah, I refuse to stop watching anime for any reason (honestly though, I have slowed down a bit after my school years due to being so dang busy). It's one thing I'll never give up (along with video games). I guess it's kind of part of who I am. If I stop for whatever reason I don't know what I'll do, lol.
  3. The Witcher 3 (Xbox One) Decided to work on some contracts that I had put to the side earlier which I admittedly should of started doing them awhile ago (no wonder I was so dang broke. All the money was at doing those dang contracts). Slept with Keira (to which I don't know if it will have any negative impacts on Yennefer) and found out about her plans which I successfully dissuaded her and convinced her to go to Kaer Morhen. I'm unsure if I want to head to Triss's now or wait and do more side missions and another contract or two (I am leveled up enough for that main mission).
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  6. Purple. How active is this site to you in a 1-10 scale?
  7. Almost 4AM and can't sleep... have to be up in the morning too because I have to run some errands. RIP me. 😵😖

    1. XII360


      high mood

      i experienced this so many times -- and i recently fixed it

      ...only to destroy it again by staying up all night again

      maybe...being masochist is in me

    2. EnviousEnvy



      Yikes, yeah falling asleep is difficult for me but staying asleep is a whole different story... I can sleep forever 😅😅

    3. XII360


      but staying asleep is a whole different story... I can sleep forever

      im the opposite, i can wake up if there's even just a little noise >.> (e.g, someone suddenly plays youtube, while im asleep)

      and when i do wake up -- i'll either fall asleep fast, or i will be unable to sleep again, until around an hour or two passes <_>

      turning the lights off helps on telling our bodies to sleep though -- atleast, that's what i noticed the past few days while i corrected my sleeping pattern

      ...and a glass of milk

  8. Haven't done much for gaming due to still unpacking and organizing at the new place. Did spend some time on Sims 4 and Stardew Valley
  9. Kenji Miyazawa - Once and Forever Came across an old bare-bones html website a while ago on this interesting poet. Out of curiosity, I picked up a translated collection of his stories. The tales so far have been simplistic and folksy, but incredibly comfy reads. Miyazawa's stories have been adapted into children's anime, so I might go poking around for those after I finish the book.
  10. Pulled down an old favorite from the bookshelf; Mayflies, by Kevin O'Donnell Jr. Kind of a cross between Brian Aldiss's Starship and Anne McCaffrey 's The Ship Who Sang. The protagonist literally loses his head (or would that be body?) during an earthquake and by a quirk of circumstance the brain is kept alive. Supposedly brain-dead, it is reprogrammed as the core of the computer controlling a generation ship. Only he's not dead, just traumatized and catatonic. As his human mind fights to regain consciousness he accidentally knocks out the ship's drive a few months after launch, and the p
  11. now that im done studying (until i see results say i pass, which is like 80% chance)


    i have a sh*****t ton of things to do

    1.) CCTV project that my scamming cousin left us

    2.)dream game project

    3.) drawing

    4.) playing SEQUEL games (eroge)

    5.) reading fate/go story 

    6.) reading arks story aswell

    7.) catching up on Genshin Impact (couse i stopped)


    wow, im really busy, how am i gonna do all these, along with if im a board passer, work soon.pneg

    ...should try to hold off on work maybe until i finish shiz?

    nah, time is money or something, need to cash

    ...and game project requires some helping hand, that i cant pay unless i get a job

    ill just have to make do with my time properly i guess and sacrificing sleep, ALLOT


    imagine, if i failed, i would have to delay everything again, until march atleast

    man, that would suck balls, couse i cant stay up all night

    ...well i wont worry about it, im confident in my answers xD

    atleast, that's all i can say to myself, look forward, and not backwards!

  12. Done with board exam, now walking home

    ...its a 3  hour walk >.>


  13. Love this site so much. 

    1. Myouya


      Isn't it splendid?

    2. Loli


      It's pretty chill too.






  15. No. Next question? But seriously, no. I’ve read books all my life too. There’s always a new story, or at least a different take on an old one. The classics are still (re)readable. Favorites are still favorites. New favorites get added to the list occasionally. I’m 56. I’ve been watching anime since before Star Blazers and Speed Racer. (The originals.) If it hasn’t happened by now then I kind of doubt I’ll ever reach the end of anime. Or books.
  16. im done studying

    tomorrows the big day, time to #claimit and get my license

    FGO has miyu banner up, but i decided to roll on 28th, rather than today, it wont change, as i have mass rolling power saved up for servants i like >.>

    unless miyu says no, and forces me to roll 1k+ SQ cost, I WILL MURDERMYSELFASDAJKSIDJADS)


    but yea,

    lets do this

  17. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-01-19/my-next-life-as-a-villainess-all-routes-lead-to-doom-anime-season-2-teaser-unveils-july-debut/.168583 (trailer in article, no subtitles though)
  18. Not at all. I started watching anime approximately 40 years ago even though I wasn’t familiar with the term back then. I still feel a special connection to older series like Star Blazers, Robotech, Cowboy Bebop & Azumanga Daioh. But continue to find new series that really stand out like Vinland Saga & remakes like Fruits Basket. The types of anime I watch now are much more varied than when I was younger & I don’t think I would appreciate many of them as much if I had watched them at an earlier stage of my life. With such a diversity of genres, I personally don’t see myself ever ge
  19. Hey there, so what I wanted to ask is whether anybody ever did consider to stop watching anime, because the more you watch, the less special / meaningful the individual anime becomes and to prevent certain shows, that are very important to you, from becoming meaningless in retrospect and just submerge into the mass, the only solution would be not to consume any more. I have so many anime on my list, that I think by the time I have watched most of them, there would be just too much in my head to actually be able to still care for individual characters. Since they became just one of too man
  20. Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai is a manga about a man who falls in love with his household working robot. READ IT NOW. I LOVE IT. I literally started reading it last night and I’ve read all of it that’s translated on the manga site I use. It’s a little cringy sometimes... but I’m literally in love with it. 

    1. efaardvark


      Modern take on Chobits?

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  22. Preordered the new SOS game. I can't wait til March 23rd!!

  23. Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox One) Started the Pickup mission where I had to meet Evelyn and Judy after talking to Dex in his car. Went through my first Brain Dance and it was a little confusing at first but eventually got the hang of it. Evelyn wants me to kick Dex to the curb and I'm on the fence about it but I told her I would think about it. I don't trust either of them honestly; it sounds way to fishy and I feel like both are trying to screw me over. Also Evelyn's offer sounds nice, REALLY nice but like I said, it screams fishy and even if it was a legit offer I don't know if I could mentally
  24. I FINALLY got a chance to play some more KSP for a couple hours today! I'm playing a "hard" career game but I made excellent progress. The contract gods were ultra nice to me and I was able to get two separate contracts to put up 2 "different" science bases, one in orbit around Kerbin and one around the Mün. The common requirements for both were that it had to be a new design built after the contract is accepted, had to have an antenna and a science lab, had to be capable of generating power, and had to reach its specified orbit and hold it for 10 seconds. One of the contracts required the
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