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  2. @Wedgy much appreciated Don’t let it interfere with the more important priorities of life, but it’s always more enjoyable when it feels like you’re not just talking to yourself & I do wonder where everyone has gone sometimes. I truly am surprised by how emotionally powerful this series has been for me. Even when the specific circumstances haven’t been relatable, the ideas & feelings expressed hit me right between the eyes on a consistent basis for going on 3 years now. And there’s no other series I have an emotional attachment to so many of the characters. Considering how long I’ve
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  4. Sorry, I've been very busy. Trying to cram my last study module before June, anime has perhaps been the very last thing on my mind-- further, I didn't even realise the season was running. I'll try to find time to catch up this week and keep you company here!
  5. Unpopular as in obscure/hardly anyone talks about but I enjoyed: Buso Renkin or Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens. Unpopular as in generally considered bad & I agree : Arifureta or Gibiate
  6. Started watching the Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) recap specials as a refresher before going to see the Mugen Train movie friday evening.
  7. aight ive made a decision. Alot's been happening lately and after losing one of my closest friends, I feel that I have to continue and finish a past project of mine. Im currently working on "The ink hasnt dried." A story of regret,pain,joy and rage. 


  8. I thought this too but I don't think Ebay allow the sale of real swords. Be handy if they did.
  9. Hey, thank you so much for the answer! It's not Dragonball, I love that anime, so Baba is not it. The thing is I wanted to find this anime for my boyfriend, it's the one he was looking for and wanting to find for a long time (he was feeling down and wanted to surprise him). But he broke up so I don't think it makes sense anymore. But thank you so much for your response, I really really appreciate it! Take care!
  10. Currently watching Bakemonogatari. The first few minutes kinda troubled me, but then it got all badass and stuff.
  11. Ebay seems like a solid option for this sort of item if you don't have any second-hand type shops in your area.
  12. For me it’s “Verbatim” or “My ordinary life” (it’s a good vibes for dancing, not for work hihi)
  13. Ohayo mina! Can someone give us a unpopular anime to watch? Please and thank you ^ - ^
  14. Guys i just finished Ride your Wave (a anime movie). And omg im just crying! I cried all the tears that i have in my body haha! But if someone here didn’t know the anime, i will tell you the history! (No spoiler) Ride your Wave is a history of a japanese girl who live at Chiba, in Japan. The girl name is Mukaimizu Hinako. (And not “Mukomizu” hihi) This girl will meet Minageshi Minato. A boy who saved her from a fire because he is a firefighter. And they will be lover, and they will really have a fusional relationship. But a tragedy will happen, and the mood will change the ev
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  16. Currently 62F, but predicting an inch of snow overnight and not getting out of the 40s tomorrow
  17. It’s probably more than a little cringey that I’m the only one still posting to this topic, but it continues to be one of the only series I’ve seen where every week there are thoughts/feelings. I need to “put out there”. Still hoping some of the members who posted previously will return or else offer their impressions when they get around to watching. I will use spoiler tags more often to avoid ruining the story. Season 3, episode 3 felt like it covered a lot of separate plot points, the first half being the part I enjoyed most. Gonna be tough waiting another week.
  18. Apple might announce the IPad Mini 6 today and I bought my IPad Mini 5 last year i feel like I should’ve waited a bit longer to get a new IPad. 

  19. With computers I usually go for, as long as it works it works, even if it's a bit slower. (can always mitigate this with light weight SW). I did by a new Laptop for Uni but only because I used to only have a desktop PC (which still works fine, though you see the difference in loading/booting/compiling time...) I like the idea of System76, the only thing I wonder is, if I install another Distro than PopOS! how much "optimization" I'd loose. They did put their drivers on the AUR, but since their PopOS! is custom made they probably optimized their HW and SW for this.... That b
  20. My pleasure to meet you all. Muhammad Abuzar Khan here from Lahore, Pakistan. I am just a normal Anime fan but I have completion-ist nature. Due to why I don't only watch shows I like; I also drop shows I hate. Which mean I will even watch the most disturbing/perverted/boring Anime even if I have to glue my @ss in front of the screen. Due to why I watch every genre. My first Anime was like many other children Dragon Ball. And it should be expected from every one that grow up in the late 90s to 2010. People would crucify you if they heard you don't watch it. That how po
  21. "You have to give more meaning to your meaningless life." _ Kazuho Yoshii
  22. First date (in life) no idea what to wear. 

    1. Tefutakato


      I hope it went well. And just dress casually, you’re not going to an job interview. lol



      Good for you! I hope you two get along well, as for what to wear: wear whatever makes you happy, don't worry about your date to much. 

  23. The Hunter: COTW (Xbox) I actually got a chance to finally have a day to game and I decided to spend it playing a hunting game . Most of it was on one map because I was getting irritated at finding practically nothing with the exception of bunnies and a couple of red foxes. Honestly this is why I don't play the game as much anymore because it really feels like after they release a new map they make it harder and harder to find animals on the older maps. I currently have all the DLC maps and the two latest ones have animals left and right. I can't even find wolves in the Yukon map an
  24. This video of the first helicopter flight on Mars was taken from a Mars rover.
    1. leinwandname


      Disappointed that this didn't happen:


  25. when you start to relate with the erased op:

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