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  2. The last thing you ate/drank

    Damn straight. Best chocolate bar PERIOD.
  3. Expressions of Interest: Graphic Designers

    Oooooh what did you use to make animation? @Optic About the shop I have a question Is there gonna be added where members can put up there own things like last shop?
  4. Before and after

    Before is top after is bottom I could have done more but the things I fixed kept the image clean but not to clean to really change the base.
  5. Way too many to choose from... I'm going overboard and listing all my favorites. This is gonna take a while... Rurouni Kenshin- Freckles, 1/2 Fate/stay night- Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni, Brave Shine Air- Tori no Uta Azumanga Daioh- Soramimi Cake Monogatari- ambivalent world, dark cherry mystery, Platinum Disco Ghost Stories- Grow Up Berserk- Tell Me Why, Inferno Cardcaptor Sakura- Tobira wo Akete, Platinum Durarara!!- Complication Elfen Lied- Lilium Ergo Proxy- Kiri Nadia: Secret of Blue Water- Blue Water Gunslinger Girl- The Light Before We Land Inuyasha- I Am Kare Kano- Tenshi no Yubikiri Kimagure Orange Road- Orange Mystery Kyousougiga- Koko Magic Knight Rayearth- Yuzurenai Negai, Kirai ni Narenai, Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta mama Maison Ikkoku- Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa, Alone Again (Naturally), Suki sa, Hidamari To Love-ru- forever we can make it! Neon Genesis Evangelion- A Cruel Angel's Thesis Welcome to the N.H.K.- Puzzle Noragami- Goya wa Machiawase, Kyouran Hey Kids!! Spice and Wolf- Tabi no Tochuu Oreimo- irony Princess Tutu- Morning Grace Ranma 1/2- Omoide ga Ippai, Mou Nakanaide, Zettai! Part 2 Samurai Champloo- Battlecry Serial Experiments Lain- Duvet Revolutionary Girl Utena- Rinbu Revolution Slayers NEXT- Give a Reason Steins;Gate- Hacking to the Gate The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya- Super Driver Gurren Lagann- Sorairo Days Escaflowne- Yakusoku wa Iranai Diebuster- Groovin' Magic WataMote- Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- BLAZE xxxHolic- 19sai, Nobody Knows
  6. Watching teletubbies is better than Death Note. Thanks though, good to hear that it didn't let the anime down. I'm really looking forward to this. That's what Hollywood does. They take an idea make it into their own image, which is basically a cheap knockoff the original, make it for the people that have no idea that it's an anime, and generate a vast amount of money. Not caring about what made the story so good just seeing the dollar signs at the end of the rainbow. That's more annoying then anything. That we have no say in how we want our favorite shows to be portrayed, we just have to deal with whatever we get. Which sucks beyond imagining.
  7. Are you learning a new language?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about language lately. It’s a good thing to challenge yourself to learning another language. It gets your brain active and can even help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia in old age. Being in Canada, it is required to take minimal French classes during your school years. I took it beyond the minimum requirements, but due to non-use and not bothering to persue it, I’ve since forgotten what I’ve learned in it. When I was with my ex, we lived with his family and they’re from Slovakia. So I was exposed to Slovak for a year and a bit. Even though I wasn’t taking any extra effort to learn the language, being around it all the time it slowly became easier for me to understand. I was beginning to use the words I knew/picked up more often when I ended that relationship. I’ve always been interested in learning Chinese or Korean, though I’ve never really known why. If I was being practical, then I suppose I’d learn French because it’s one of Canada’s official languages. But I have a hard time getting into it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually put in an effort to learn a second language.
  8. Are you learning a new language?

    I"m currently learning Chinese (Cantonese) and unlike English which is an alphabet, Cantonese is a Logography. Basically this means there is a different character for every word or phrase. So instead of having to memorize 27 letters (English) I have to memorize more than 2000 characters... ha haha hahaha hahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH send help.
  9. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    An open letter to Marvel Heroes omega
  10. Yesterday
  11. The truth (3 short poems)

    The truth, he is always nearby, nowhere can you hide from his all-seeing eye, whatever you do, he is there to see it, wherever you go, wherever you sit, he is always beside you, watching expressionless, he creeps up behind you and leaves you defenseless, for as much as you may want to keep him silent, he always has a way of revealing himself, and with killing intent he will strike down whatever was hidden, expose the facts of the matter, for you it will be a disaster but it is inevitable no matter how hard you try, there is nowhere to go, from his all-seeing eye... Truth angers many, he cares not for there feelings, they curse him and call him fake, but there lives he will take, he will crush, he will twist, there heart in his fist, till all there secrets spill out on the floor, exposed is there weakness, the life they knew is no more, for all has been splayed out for the masses, all eyes are on them, there life a pile of smoldering ashes, once looked at as a gem, now looked at as dirt... Truth is not selective, he is not bias, he simply sees what is there and lays it out bare what you think of him does not matter, he will come for you as for any other, beware of your lies, your secrets, your sins, for in the end, it will not matter how hard you tried to keep them hidden away, exposing them for him, is mere child's play, truth WILL find a way.
  12. My Artwork

    I started listening to the What A Rush Podcast and had the urge to do a Road Warrior Animal piece, LOD was one of my all time favorite tag teams growing up as a kid.
  13. What Are You Watching Today?

    I’m watching Sora no otoshimono
  14. What's your first game you ever played?

    Played Super Mario bros 3 when I first got the NES when I was just a kid. You see, I was one of those kids that got consoles after theyve been out for several years haha
  15. Which Song Are You Listening To?

    King of Wishful thinking - Go West
  16. It's interesting to say the least, animation was well done, alot of the beginning is sped up, so if you're that kind of person that's like "WAIT A MINUTE THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE ANIME" well there's alot that is skipped. It was still good in my opinion, solid 7/10. Story was very riveting and it was miles better than that travesty of a live action in Death Note.
  17. Thank you for the warm welcome . A beautiful character in my perspective, is the physical look of the character (personality comes second lol), even if she is an antagonist I'll still like her because of her looks. Idk why but as soon as I see a beautiful female character, my instincts says, "I hope nothing happens to her". Sorry about being harsh on 'ugly' characters, i see them as 'they let themselves go' if you know what I mean lol. Instinctively, I don't feel anything when something happens to them, that's why I thought that 'I don't care' about them. I can see why the straight female audience would cry over a handsome guy dying, it is the same for me with female characters but i dont cry, only get depressed. If the 'beautiful character' did do something really (and I mean really really) horrible, then that would be an exception and I could say that they deserved it (to die).
  18. Hug Me

    Wow, really good! Written very well and really sad, I loved it.
  19. His last steps

    His last steps, they are quiet and sad, tears stream from his eyes, oh, what a poor lad, I wish I could say I dreaded this day, but sadly, that would be a lie I stare up into the sky, I feel relieved, the breeze strokes my face, I have already grieved, he is such a disgrace, I remember his smile, I remember his laugh, for he was my child and all that I had, now I look onward, water hits my hand, I look slowly upward, but how could this be? It was not raining, no, it was me I was crying for him, For that bastard I hated? But despite all he had done I suppose this was fated, for the love of a father for his only son is not something cheap, it fades not away no not even when he leaves my wife in a heap I love him still today, I cry and I cry, Oh, how can this be? After all the pain he has caused me! I am ashamed of myself, for this feeling of affection, I am ashamed of him, for he is an infection, I will always feel pain, when I look back on old pictures, for my son I have slain, and yes it is true, he was a sick evil bastard, oh what do I do? Is hell waiting for me? I don't want to think it, I will bow on one knee, and on the ground I will spit, over the grave of my son, who was once oh so sweet, now lying dead, right under my feet, I am ashamed of myself, I have failed as a father, failed as a husband, failed as a doctor, for my son came to me with his problems, and all I could say was, "It will be okay" I hate myself, cause' My wife is now dead, it is all my fault, I should have died in her stead, I will go to meet her, I swear it, I tie the rope, around my neck, and with all hope, step from the stool, I was such a fool, hopefully now I can die in peace, and go to meet my dear wife, I will look down from heaven, to hell where my son, is undoubtedly burning, I just know he is yearning, to escape from his torment, but if I were God, I'd say he doesn't deserve it, I remember his first steps, now I see his last, and all I can think of, is how time has passed, so much has changed, for the worse not the better, I feel I have become deranged, I will leave no letter, for my wife was my life, my son was my pride, Now all I remember is the knife, I watched it slide, right into my wife, her pregnant body falling limp to the floor, hatred for his sin filling me to the core, I watched as my son with a gleam in his eye, smiled as he watched my wife die, and now today, all I can say, is I must die, for there is nothing left here on earth for me anymore, no one to love me, and no love to give, from this life I will flee, I step from my stool, I wriggle and drool, my neck breaks abruptly and I hit the ground roughly, I awake up in heaven, light all around me, I see my wife, and I drop to one knee, I will love her again, we will be together for all eternity is what I think to myself but then quite suddenly I hear a booming voice say "GO TO HELL" I drop to my knees and in my dismay I cry out "Please!" then suddenly I feel a heat envelop my body, I look to my side and see my son wailing, with my body on fire I start flailing, but there is no escape, I will stay here and burn, until this soul dies, and I cease from existence. "And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity" -Matthew 7:23 (King James version)
  20. Water under the bridge

    The sins of your past crying out to you even now, your appearance completely downcast, to your pain you bow, mercilessly it tears at your soul, you cry out tears unending, your life now a black-hole, emotions stay bottled up inside you, you deny affection from others, they have no clue, you must break these fetters! Do not let them hold you down, stand up and with a frown, break them from off your withering body, its time you get ready, ready for love, you must move forward, do not let your past drag you backward, you have regretted enough, you have tormented yourself so much, I think its time you realise, you are loved in her eyes, if you would just cast aside your self-hatred, you would clearly see, you are her one and only beloved, her love pours out to you like the sea, she cry's out to you silently, her soul yearns for you, yet you have no clue, forgive yourself, don't let your life rot away on the shelf, you are missing out on life, we all make mistakes , you are no worse than any of us, stop this inner strife, you deserve love, when you go to her and you tell her, she will quietly say "It is water under the bridge" do not fear life, put down the knife, embrace her and cry, you can do it if you try, and for once you will cry tears of joy, kiss her soft lips, taste of love and rise above like a magnificent dove, hold her tight and don't let go, she will forgive your slight, true love loves always, there are no days she will not love you, there is nothing you could do to fill her heart with hate, it is fate, embrace it, all that stands in your way, is you. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; -Romans 3:23 (King James version)
  21. First off, welcome to the forums! As for me, I don't really have this issue. I see it all as character development and the story is what is most important to me. While a few characters I have grown attached to have died, and while I was upset by it (you'd have to be emotionally dead to really feel nothing) I still continued to watch without problems and without it having a lasting effect on my mood. It really only bugs me when they have a meaningless death. Still, though I may get sad, I always remember Journey before Destination. I actually used to get depressed when I was close to finishing a video game. The credits roll down the screen, the hero leaves to do who knows what, and the journey is over, the screen goes black. But to me, it's about the journey, the experience, the story. That's why I keep going. Sure, I'll reach the end, but I'll experience so much getting there. I did laugh though when you said you feel nothing when an ugly character dies...LOL....that was really harsh, but you are being honest with yourself what exactly makes them ugly to you? What makes one beautiful?
  22. Snow falls

    Snow falls, It falls as once did the angels of heaven, casting its glory to the imperfect world below, falling to earth to say hello Men look onward, paying no attention to the snow encircling them, they read not God's word, they acknowledge not the great "I AM" They are lead astray, easily lost in the blizzard, there lives decay, there cry's escaping there lips completely unheard The cold beats them down, mercy is not a virtue it is allowed, it covers all in its deathly cold shroud and freezes down to the bone Men are busy, running about the city, there job, there wealth, valued over there spiritual health Hell will come quickly for those who doubt its existence, there is little hope of escaping the consequence When death arrives they will not be ready, there life he deprives and carries them from this earth they will stand before there maker and having not known there creator, will be cast down into the flames, of hell's flaming embrace God's image man tried to deface, over the century's, the entire human race, tried to erase God from the mind of others but in the end, every knee will bend and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen. Quick note: I made this poem for a poetry contest, only the first 3 stanza's were usable as per the rules of the contest, I hope you guys enjoy this full poem.
  23. The Devil.

    So true, best poem of yours I have read, it rhymes so well and the message is so good. I don't get why so many people don't believe in him, he is definitely real.
  24. Ask Optic

    Ooh so many questions! I've been to Malaysia, Singapore, China, The Netherlands, Lithuania, UK (London only) and more recently, Japan. Needless to say, Japan is my most favourite by far! I'm thinking of doing a long term working holiday in Japan (Australia is one of the countries that has a bilateral agreement for this type of visa) Maybe Genki dere? Full of positive energy!! @Roxeg and @Baku has answered this. It was inspired from the name of flatbed scanner model quite sometime ago. I'm decent with HTML/CSS and a bit of PHP. I think the methodology and approach is much more important than just coding syntax alone. And these days I'm more focused on content. I've made several websites and forums in the past - AF is the one that has been going the longest due to its broad appeal among anime fans. The main issue is time. My websites have always been hobbies (not for profit) and of course there are real running costs that are needed to keep a website going on the web. I think more websites/fansites/forums are needed more than ever - Twitter and Facebook really reduced the number of anime websites out there to a just handfuls.. I do miss the friendly competition amongst other forums/fansites!
  25. Episode 6: 6/10 Hiro's third climatic battle....
  26. What is the Avatar above you thinking?

    "La, la la. The world revolves around me. La,l la, la."
  27. What is the Avatar above you thinking?

    "Wanna play a game? Let's play a game."
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