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  2. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/08/17/one-punch-man-gets-3rd-tv-anime-season
  3. New list bc new anime I've seen In no particular order, -Violet Evergarden - Fruits Basket (2019) -Toilet Bound Hanako Kun -Danganronpa series -Death Note -Kakegurui -Charlotte -The Disasterous Life Of Saiki K -Toradora -Komi Can't Communicate Honorable mentions Kakegurui Twin, Your Name, Bubble, Weathering With You, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Angel Beats and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  4. Thanks(?) That doesn't matter bc you're good at other things ^^
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  6. Fall, or autumn as we crazy Brits call it, is a nice time of year but it does herald the coming of winter which is a season I don't like because it's cold and I don't like cold weather.
  7. Leaves are starting to fall from trees, and it's starting to get a tad bit cooler, seeing slight changes in the weather... Fall is surely coming, which I am excited for..
  8. Now watching Aria: The Animation. A really nice relaxing unhurried series with some endearing characters.
  9. We've had some serious rain this afternoon. Of course it didn't start until I'd reached the bottom of the High Street and had to walk all the way home in the rain. I didn't think I could get that soaked in just 600 yards.
  10. Hope you enjoy it. The pacing is a bit odd as the humor can be silly or slapstick but also dialogue driven. And while primarily a parody, there actually are some feelz, especially in the 2nd season. It was a series that made me chuckle frequently & invariably left me with a smile on my face. This is pretty much the opposite end of the sprectrum as it is frequently dark & at times downright bleak. It does have humorous moments though, particularly between Waver & Rider. One of my all time favorite anime as it just has an epic feel to it & stands out from the other Fate series I’ve watched, albeit many are still on my PTW list.
  11. I'm currently working (at a snails pace) on a medieval magical fantasy series. As I'm more of a visual thinker, it's really helpful for me to have actual images of my characters to reference when I'm trying to write. Unfortunately, I have all the artistic talent of a drunk racoon with no limbs, so up until now I've been at a loss. However, I recently stumbled across a rather remarkable AI bot that produces images using human prompt words. I have to say, some of the stuff it's produced for me is incredible (well, by limited standards anyway. Perhaps the more artistically inclined amongst you will be able to see the faults). I thought I'd share some of the stuff it has produced for one of my characters (Lyra). For context, she is meant to be a very powerful fire mage, but the story follows her life from being an orphaned child through to adulthood. There's a few of her as an adult, adolescent and child. Unfortunately, stupid me forgot to prompt the AI to give her medieval clothing for the last image, which is especially annoying because it's probably my favorite otherwise. Also, as decent as the faces look in this images, it actually wasn't very good at producing them. For every one good face it produced it probably made about 6-7 really bad ones lol.
  12. Thunder Force was one of the greatest shmup franchises in gaming history...terrible difficulty, but all were beautiful works of art graphically and musically. The original 16-Bit chiptunes were literally so good that I actually think I still prefer most of those to the remixes done on more advanced hardware. Technosoft took a lot of pride in their work. This metal remix was apparently planned for a title that was to be released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast, unfortunately it was cancelled.
  13. Last week
  14. I'm going to start watching The Demon Girl Next Door. Seems like it'll be an absolute blast, based off the pics and gifs I've seen in the games section. Need to pick back up on Fate/Zero. Made it up to ep 2. Good show thus far.
  15. A man walked into a doctor's surgery and said: “I think I’m addicted to Twitter.” The doctor looked at him and replied, “Sorry, I don’t follow you."
  16. It's still quite warm, but the serious heat of the past few days is no more. There's even a very light drizzle of rain, which is very welcome after such a long hot spell. Actually, we could do with a few days of light rain to soften up the parched earth because if we get a lot of rain all at once it won't be able to soak into the ground and we'll have some serious flooding.
  17. The lyrics for this song are so good.
  18. Not entitled Only Yesterday, but close enough, right? I still need to give this a watch Close, but no cigar.
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