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  1. Yesterday
  2. Welp, I can add By the Grace of the Gods to the list of anime that have brought a tear to my eye.

  3. LeiXieSapphire

    Kami no Tou

    Even though I'm not done watching this, I still adore the friendship of Bam and Khun or maybe cuz i m a fujoshi??.....
  4. Good evening everyone,

    So I was looking for something to watch cause I'm not ready to watch Haikyu yet or the final season of Food Wars 😔.  So I went to one of the sites I watch from to see what was on my list to watch and I clicked on a show and apparently I had already watched it but didn't move it to my watched list. I was curious cause I couldn't quite remember it so I decided to re-watch it.  I was thinking even though I finished watching it and couldn't remember it must have not been that good. But then I started it and I kinda remembered it. It really wasn't all that bad it just not as flashy  as the newer anime are.  Its only a few years older in actual got a good story.  It's called Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki.  It's about these exiles that get shipped to one of the islands of Japan to help fight against the Mongol invasion.  I think it's  worth watching if you get a chance. 

  5. Cool enough 🥶 here to run the heater today...


  6. I think you may be looking for “seinen” series as opposed to “shonen” . Some examples would be Monster, Vinland Saga & Golden Kamuy. I didn’t find Parasyte particularly realistic, but for similar stories you might try Ajin, Tokyo Ghoul or Elfen Lied. You might also like Shiki & Hugurashi When They Cry.
  7. Last week
  8. I have never watched a anime but I saw my friend watching Parasyte and I thought it was pretty funny so I watched the first two episodes and I was impressed at the quality of whole story so the next day I binged the whole thing in one sitting.The problem is I WANT MORE but it seems I started with one of the best. I searched for a couple days for something more but all I got where superhero type animes which isnt my thing, what I liked about parasyte was the story the "realism" and the how down to earth the whole thing was. I would rank it as one of the best stories I watched so are there any othere similar animes without the superhero and "fictional" aspect?
  9. So, I have had long hair for the past couple of years. I liked it at first but recently I have gotten quite sick of it seeing as I almost always wear either a man-bun, braid or pony-tail variation. I think its a well known fact that life is just a little less colorful, a little less happy and fun when you don't look as good as you want to, and I am kind of getting bored with myself; so, recently, I have begun trying to find new fun hairstyles to try for long hair. I am not looking for sexy hairstyles, but instead for cute hairstyles, specifically ones with bobby pins. Anyway, to get to the point of this post (and stop wasting your time, sorry) I am in sincere need of some recommendations, this is because whenever I look for cute bobby pin styles I can't find any for men! I would love it if a bunch'a people would post cute bobby pin hair styles for men (excluding any and all pony-tails, man-buns, etc.). I would prefer a nice hairstyle that is kind of foofy, anyway, I have found a couple of hairstyles in anime I like, for example: Out of the two I prefer Juso's, it's a little cuter imo, but I hope you guys also have some suggestions. It's hard finding stuff like this for guys, lol. Edit: I also prolly couldn't do either of the above hairstyles because my hair is quite long instead of medium length, so as I said before, "foofier" is better. Thanks. ♥
  10. Watched ep 4 & actually thought Chitose and her maids were pretty funny. Unfortunately, still not really feeling this series & I need to cut back on the number of weekly series I’m watching, so setting this one aside at least for now.
  11. Any One Piece fans here?

    1. Ohayotaku


      I enjoyed what I’ve seen. Unfortunately I burned out during the Skypeia arc. As much as I would love to get back into it, it’s more than a little intimidating considering how far behind I am & how long it’s been since I watched any of it. Generally I tend to watch shorter series.

  12. Wandering Witch (The Journey of Elaina) Dang, this is turning a lot darker than I expected, though I guess that’s in keeping with a lot of folk/fairy tales. I’ve seen some people comparing the series to Kino’s Journey and think it’s a fair assessment. The visuals are impressive as well.
  13. One Piece, My Hero, Dr STONE and Attack on Titan. Very basic I know
  14. Sounds a lot like Kokkoku https://myanimelist.net/anime/36548/Kokkoku
  15. Thanks! Glad to be here, and finally make weeb friends!
  16. So theres an anime i forgot the name of, where time is stopped, and there are some specific people who can do things, also there are weird sand demons, and a weird old dude thats the villian where his whole backstory is that he caught his parents *having fun* and so now he's evil.
  17. XII360

    meow meow~

    mew~? pretty much my old artwork stuff mew~ pretty much where ill upload things now, figured having two gallery is meh, i aint touching the first gallery i made tho'!, so pretty much this is my old and new artwork stuff initially pure .png (no background) means its newly drawn (atleast not 3 years ago from whence i posted this ?!) just like my other album, ill leave a comment on each drawing about what its about or details about it ;o
  18. bruh, wtf

    someone on reddit already managed to guess what the answer is on the comic

    toke a ss of his reply, and i will post it once its over, probably follow him too after its done >.>

    i am rush mode on comics, atleast, i will draw focused-ly ish now

    and fast

    and make use of chibis more often >.>

  19. same brother, im currently watching part 4 (slowly), as i recently watched parts 1-3 AND IT WAS BADASS this "meme" i saw years back is hella true >_>... and yes, its for confirming new users, you need two confirmed posts, before you are allowed to post without needing confirmation from mods its to avoid spam and assure that new users follow rules of the website (and we get those two allot) oh yea, and welcome to the forums
  20. heyy i was wondering if there could be a way to reunite all the tsubasa fans to pressure clamp into remaking the series like it is in the manga or at least to continue it
  21. Hey, I'm new here! Please just call me either Insert or Comedy, I dont need both. I'm pretty new to the forums experience, but hope to make some friends! I'm a big Jojo fan, and my favorite mangaka is yusei matsui. Also why does content need to be approved by a moderator? Is that a thing for new people?
  22. @XII360 I'm sorry you don't have a Switch! I personally haven't played the games or watched the anime. I'm gonna do both once the remake becomes available and I believe Crunchyroll has the anime.
  23. BALLS

    also, cute way of drawing nose, i shall study (read; copy) its way, and apply it to my arts~! 

    (not always tho)


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