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  2. Ehhh...I dunno if I'd say it's entirely Blizzard's fault. At least not at the implementation level. Congress really shouldn't be involved here, so I'd ultimately place the fault at the level of the government. Again...they're good at making laws...and laws...and more laws. Blizzard in that case is just the instigator. Still, it's interesting to see where this goes. I do recall being told that apparently it's possible to remove all Chinese players from the game by typing in "Tiananmen Square 1989" or something into the chat box. The automatically get kicked by their ISP. That tidbit - if true - is amusing.
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  4. Well its blizzards fault if a new law on video game bans get made. Ive seen a lot of other vids to that people are going to quit blizzard games. And other people are going to protest during blizzcon
  5. leinwandname

    coffee or tea

    Varies. There are times where I drink more coffee (black, without milk or sugar) and times when I drink more tea (usually Early Grey or some kind of Green Tea). I think I drink more tea during winter - somehow that kinda established itself as my holidays beverage of choice.
  6. I said they are not animating the whole game just the last arc and if you haven't played it you won't get the story.
  7. I agree that it can't just change, but this point here is not exclusive to "just Japan" nor is it exclusive to "just Anime" or "just Gaming." You are working in a market that has known value depreciation and poor pay. So you're doing it out of passion. Okay...that's fine. Then you're placing the passion of your job over the importance of your pay. I enjoy toying with audio all day, but no one is going to be paying me a reasonable amount of money to do that. I'm sorry, but the animators have a choice: stay in and do work of passion even though it doesn't pay anything or; make a business decision and go with another route until conditions in the field improve. It's almost as if they're saying "I wanna work at Amazon, because Amazon is cool - even though they get garbage pay and treat their employees bad." Then they turn around "omg, this job is terrible, but I'll do it anyway."
  8. What are you talking about? They only just started to animate the series...there's only even 3 episodes at an hour a piece.
  9. Hello peeps its been a while hope everyone is doing well
  10. An MP and a contractor? Oh boy. We'll have them on the next flight to Djibouti or Kandahar, not someplace upscale like Dubai. lol
  11. I hadn't heard anything about them retaining dues. So this is a first for me. That being said, does Blizzard have a terms of use, or a policy that the user agrees to prior to continuing to play? Did the player violate that policy? If so, it's a moot point. You can spend money at a venue and break the rules, be kicked out, and not receive a refund. That's just regular business. Certainly not a job for Congress.
  12. @Wedgy agreed with you regarding Ghibli getting onto a streaming service at last. I just really hope that is allows for them to make or display more unique content.
  13. Current Ni No Kuni 2 Favourite.....thats quite a list, totally genre dependent but series wise, Dragon age, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Gears of War, Borderlands, Xenoblade Chronicles the list does go on.
  14. Trailer for upcoming season 2 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-10-19/fruits-basket-anime-season-2-previewed-in-promo-video/.152414
  15. Overlord, but not as an MMO just an open world RPG/kingdom maker with the two characters playable either as co-op or singleplayer different styles etc.
  16. @EnviousEnvy mass effect 1-3 were outstanding even if 3's original ending was a little basic, though I think they could never have finished the stories off right as not many hardcore fans wanted the series again. Andromeda I agree with you was a good game, with problems yes, but I agree with you every time I play those games it is major feels. I have to finish a game, even if i skip content etc I shall get to the end so it is done and I can move on. i'm the same with TV, Anime etc
  17. Mikeyboy636

    coffee or tea

    Always coffee, black, no sugar no milk, the closer to road tar the better
  18. just finishing off Ni No Kuni 2, which is really good but now desperately trying to find a story rich rpg/jrpg that is also real time combat based and nothing is catching my eye. Mainly waiting for The Outer Worlds and Pokemon Shield
  19. for me it will totally depend on what I am doing, if i am pottering round the house or eating etc dubs is easier for me. I will watch subs if i am totally focused on a series. I think they both have a place mainly because dubs can help get people into anime in the first place, I think subs can take a bit of practice especially when younger generations spend a lot of time buried in their phones
  20. thanks all, would be good to make some friends!
  21. Wedgy

    Live Entertainment

    OH, hey it's you Talk about back from the dead.
  22. Wet

    Live Entertainment

    im a fan of wedgy
  23. The Photography Club will be hosting seasonal events where you can post pictures for the specific season. What comes into your mind when you think of Fall? Do you think of flying a kite while the trees gradually lose their leafs? Or is it pumpkins? Halloween? Rain? There are numerous amount of things you could have in mind but do you capture those precious moments of Fall? If you do then feel free to share them right here. I will be starting with this one as it's common but yet unique to only Fall.
  24. You can't really compare Japan to a country like USA or other western countries. Anime industry had little to no changes in terms of work conditions within all these years, thus it's hardly possible to change it now, all of a sudden. Take for example, game developers (who share some similarities as animators in japan), it's a job solely driven by passion. If you really wanted to make a good living out of coding, wouldn't you work in a job-field with a better salary and with the assurance of staying in the company for another couple years. Job contracts for game devs usually go for as long as the project lasts. It was also mentioned and explained in the video why a change is difficult to be made - watch from here on wards. I have found this on reddit and can agree upon many points he stated below:
  25. The bans make sense. Their initial reaction to steal a player's hard earned money is when people rightfully lost their shit. I think they gave it back....so the rest of the matter is pretty meaningless.
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