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  2. Interesting combination of a typical anime opening song and and epix choir. 8/10. Saranzanmei ED
  3. Lack of justification? The Symphogear wielders are the only thing standing between the villains and the Earth getting blown up in most cases o.o I'm really not sure what's particularly contrived about it, though GX's biggest downfall was its writing, I'll admit that much. Regardless, you'll probably be glad to know that AXZ and XV are the best the series has literally ever been. The writing is similar, yet different, with a lot of focus on tying past events together and just doing a whole lot of neat stuff. They also realized basically all of their past mistakes and either didn't repeat them, or literally went out of their way to fix some iffy stuff. Not to mention that AXZ and XV were announced at the same time, so the story for those two is particularly well done since it was planned 2 seasons in advance. So you shouldn't have any issues with AXZ or XV. As for hype? Yeah Symphogear literally always one-ups itself, basically without fail. XV is chilling at 8.37 on MAL right now, placing it at the 5th most popular airing show this season. Which is insane lol. AXZ doesn't pull any punches either, it was just damn good. A lot of people describe AXZ as "GX but actually good." As well, AXZ has far better animation than GX does, while XV is just absolutely phenomenal. Like look at this animation: https://www.sakugabooru.com/post/show/82691
  4. EVERFROST is combining a concept album with an integrated manga for their new album. Has anyone seen this kind of thing before? Check the new single on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy6qZbWWSGU
  5. Listened to this genre a lot in middle and high school. I also really liked Panic! At the Disco, saw MSI in concert, they were fantastic live, same with HIM. Listened to The Used, Hawthorne Heights, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, The Offspring, Fallout Boy, and Flyleaf... So yea, I liked the scene/emo music but also metal bands etc. I think that a lot of emo/scene music can be hard to listen to, because of the overly whiney voices some songs can have. There are only a select few songs from most bands that I truly listen to rather than whole albums, because some things are easy turn offs for me. Lyrics talking about suicide I feel can be both good and bad. I think for those listening into someone elses life experienes or views that they get to understand things more if they have never experienced them. For those who have experienced things similar, or are dealing with periods of depression or loss, loneliness, or other forms of grief (heck just life in HS period) creative outlets can give them a sense of belonging and connection to something. Processing our feelings is a big part of moving on. So I think this type of music can be beneficial. I think it is sneered at by others, or at least would feel a little judged if I put on emo music in my car for others to hear.. It just feels like more of a private or at least a type of music best listened to with a group that has similar interests or are going through the same types of things. Like.. if we were all going to the concert together, totally.. go for it.
  6. Thank you, I know i really suck tho, and there is thousands better then me, but its so fun to climb and see yourself to get better. Il get there one day
  7. Rin Tohsaka, Pretty much a fun person to be around Katana from Gad Guard, doesn't care about what anyone thinks at all.
  8. I'll check this when I get home, but I just have to say that I clicked this topic fully expecting a profound discussion about people from Uath. That being said, I do enjoy some Vocaloid. Seems to be the only thing that I like that has Yamaha's name on it anymore.
  9. Moved topic to the Art section. Something like this is actually fairly easy to produce. Most anime openings are nothing more then clips muted with a audio track. They are made in much the same way as a amv would be. I would look up a guide on Youtube reviewing how to put one together. I do know how, but it is something easier to learn by application rather then presentation by someone else. Far as the animation if you are looking to manually animate your own clips then something like Moho Debut would be a great start. It is a basic animation software for bargainers. Something to help you get the hang of it. As far as the offer for a animator sadly I have a full schedule including the forum among other things so I would not have the time to spare presently sorry. I wish you the best though with your project.
  10. share your best PewDiePie meme of 2018
  11. I really enjoyed seeing all of these openings! Some I've seen for the first time. I did jam out to a few of them. A couple threw me way back and that was a good feeling! But the one I enjoyed the most was the Gakuen one by @bluuenvy . Thanks for playing everyone! Envy, Please let me know what kind of doodle you'd like for me to draw! I will make it a decent size to use in your signature or as an avatar picture.
  12. Yes forsure hangouts, or going out with others is great. So is making goals.
  13. Never made any AMVs, but I have some experience with programs like Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro. Had a course where I got to work with Pro Tools too. That was fun as hell.
    Well, I think it's time I called it. This anime has officially gone from a strong reverse harem....to a Bromance. Yep, you read it right. Haru has become a side character in her own harem anime. Sad days I tell you, truly sad. This has been an observation from this season and the last. Considering it continued in this season, does not bode well for the series as a Reverse Harem. From a plot standpoint, it was far more enjoyable than the last season and focused mainly on STARISH and HEAVENS idols. Thankfully, the members of HEAVEN got a personality adjustment and were much more enjoyable to watch (they might've even seemed human!) but as usual, Haruka basically acted as a composition vending machine. "Give me a soulshaking song" he says. "Okay." She responds, then a few minutes later delivers, for example. For a reverse harem lead heroine, she has surprisingly few lines. In fact, the only "romance" that occurred was in the last few minutes of the final episode (it seemed like an afterthought, like "oh yeah. We should include her in something, shouldn't we?"). Her most frequent word was "okay" and even those words were few and far inbetween. How could she be demoted to a side character with zero personality?! It's all kinds of wrong! This anime almost entirely centered on the men and their evolving relationships with one another. It's a Bromance. In no way did Haru evolve or did their relationship with her evolve and reach new heights. v_v The ending opened up an avenue for a fifth season....if she's used as another vending machine, I'll probably drop it during that season. Still, I'm rating it five stars because it was at least enjoyable to watch, even if it failed at the very heart of what it is meant to do. Here's hoping the next season improves. ***An afterthought*** Some of the choreography on stage looked...odd. I really wish they had maybe toned down STARISH's choreography in the climatic concert. Some of their arms seemed to wave like a rag dolls arms might in a kid's clamped down arm.... Very odd and disconcerting...
    This particular season has a great many flaws. Before you watch this season, ask yourself - how many times can I hear the word 'Revolution' in one minute, nay, an entire 13 episode season, before I get annoyed?. Ask yourself that question and consider that if one character says it, the entire roomful of a dozen or more will parrot it back and this might happen multiple times in one episode. Remember too, that they say Revolution because I would suppose there is no Japanese equivalent...it doesn't always sound quite right. Another flaw introduced is in the excessive extra cast members introduced yet again to Haru, our main heroine. Harmony is good and all, but now there is simply too many faces, too many voices, too many people to squeeze in an effective showing over 13 episodes. Last season, we were given 5 more cast members. Now we are given another 7, with heavy focus on another group, and the core original group is halfway ignored. The newer additions of this and the last seasons seem to lack the charm of the original group, with more extreme negative personalities that take up most of the screen time it simply drags the show downhill. It is the perfect example of a show seeing something that might add some interest and diversity to a show and just extending it to the point that it becomes detrimental instead of beneficial. The core group is left to harmonizing between themselves and suddenly reappearing right at the end for the competition. Again, Haru watches from the sidelines. This season had a great deal of potential but just fell flat. The music was good, the harmonies were right up there, but Haru seemed to be forgotten in all of it. A few scenes focused in on her interactions in a meaningful and even caring way, but generally this season focused on pursuing the international spotlight, with Haru's heart being forgotten. I only hope the next season is better. I personally rated this as 3 stars because of the general lack of core ST⭐RISH group screentime, the extremely annoying Revolution parroting (I could barely continue it), and the excessive cast. I only hope in the future, this series will contract back to the core group and focus more on the relationships that develop as opposed to pelting fans with pretty boys that have bad attitudes.
    So, the second season of this harmonic reverse harem delivers much of the same sound, music, and graphics as the first season yet the plot takes a turn in a new direction. Whereas the first season focused mainly on the pursuit of Haru, this second season is more an introspective study of each of the men. Additionally, you have new members and new idols joining the cast. While I do enjoy the growth of the individual men of the group as they tackled things that were beyond their abilities, I felt Haru took a backseat through most of it. The season starts with Haru simply gifting each of the ST⭐RISH members a single song she wrote for each of them. From there, the men struggle to connect to their deeper selves, while writing lyrics and performing their duties for their agency. While Haru is there with them, she often does not act as the catalyst of their transformation. She is instead a spectator, on the other side of the window looking in. My personal favorite part of this season was Tokiya Ichinose's episode which showed more of a direction where I felt this season should have gone. It had emotion from both sides of the relationship and Haru was able to grow with him as opposed to simply witnessing his transformation. I also am an Ichinose fan so the fact that he had such a good focused episode was a real bonus. This is likely why I chose 8 stars instead of 7... I also felt this season departed from the first season in terms of comedy. The first season had comedy sprinkled across like peppering a sandwich before devouring it. The real meat of the show was a serious dramatic nature. This season however peppered the storyline much more liberally with comedy, with more serious parts being mixed in from time to time. It kept the show lighthearted but also diminished the mood from a serious struggle to more of a misadventure. All in all, it is still a good follow up from the first season and anyone who enjoyed the first will definitely love this second season.
    This first season of Uta no Prince-sama delivers quite the cast of handsome men weaving a harmony on the screen. First off, as a Reverse Harem, Uta no Prince-sama is certainly not hurting for men, and there are some strong undercurrents of desire that pump through this series veins. The story provides a fairly good introduction to the cast. Haru is a young woman who, inspired by Hayato Ichinose, applies for the school to become a composer, even though she doesn't even know how to read sheet music. The men all have their own reasons for joining, whether it be a family obligation, the desire to reach true stardom, the desire to recreate one's self, or whatever it may be. Add to that a few professors of eccentric backgrounds and you have quite the lively show. Add to that even the rule against idol and composer students dating...you have plenty of romantic tension to boot! From a Graphics perspective, the colors are bright, even outside of performances at times. In consideration of the "idol" pursuit, the colors make sense although Haru is the kind of girl who has no pupils. At first...I thought she was blind... >_> Yes, I know that's bad, but literally everyone, girls and guys, had pupils in their eyes! Apparently, this is just the style that they chose to draw her in. In a way, those pupil-less eyes actually do help in some ways with being able to project onto her character. She has emotions and responses, but it is certainly easier to project yourself onto her in the heat of the moment. So, while the graphical style can be somewhat of a detractant at times, it also carries certain advantages as well. From a Sound perspective, this anime delivers big. The songs are J-pop boy band all the way and can be quite addictive at times. Harmonizing is played up big throughout the series (and in subsequent seasons) so you can expect to hear many songs featuring various characters. All the songs are in Japanese with English subs (I believe it is a sub only show - not altogether uncommon for a Reverse Harem actually) so if you have trouble with keeping up with a show while reading subs, you are likely going to falter in following this one. From a Plot perspective, I believe that this particular season has the best plot of the entire series. While in school, the plot is focused on Haru and the various men getting to know one another through various assignments. A choice where she is required to pick just one is even forced upon her by the end of the season. You see the men first brush her off, then become pulled back in by her sincerity and her music, even while they struggle with their own demons and insecurities. She becomes the glue that binds them in a brotherhood. Without saying anything more specific to the plot, the focus on this inner circle and their developing feelings towards Haru made this particular season my absolute favorite. If you enjoy J-pop, K-pop, or music in anime, you won't be disappointed in this Reverse Harem. As far as Reverse Harems go, I would rate this first season a 10/10 based off of character development and focus. This season alone would be a good introduction even to Reverse Harems, if you are able to look past Haru's eyes... If you haven't seen this one yet, put it on your list!
  14. I certainly is interesting music to be sure. I am not much into Rap even American perhaps especially American, but I did do a bit of digging, and like Jpop, and Kpop this genre is actually quite popular from what I've found.
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