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  2. Didn't know this before, but enjoyed it. I would rate this a 8/10. This one, when it comes to the soundtrack alone, I find interesting. Now and Then, Here and There, though it's probably not for everyone
  3. Hi, so I'm new to this kind of stuff but yeah. I need help searching for covers to songs that are in the anime Grisaia No Kajitsu. I'm helping a friend out with his DDLC mod FotLC, and he is in need of the covers of Apple Clash, Deadlock, Dog Days, Grape Drops, In The Air, Kasabuta, Katzusoko, Mayoi no mori, and Warratte Itakute. All officially made by Junpei Fuj. He cannot release the final Chapter until he has these covers. Please help, I'm legit like scouring the internet in search of the covers. Some help would be most appreciated.
  4. Lack of justification? The Symphogear wielders are the only thing standing between the villains and the Earth getting blown up in most cases o.o I'm really not sure what's particularly contrived about it, though GX's biggest downfall was its writing, I'll admit that much. Regardless, you'll probably be glad to know that AXZ and XV are the best the series has literally ever been. The writing is similar, yet different, with a lot of focus on tying past events together and just doing a whole lot of neat stuff. They also realized basically all of their past mistakes and either didn't repeat them, or literally went out of their way to fix some iffy stuff. Not to mention that AXZ and XV were announced at the same time, so the story for those two is particularly well done since it was planned 2 seasons in advance. So you shouldn't have any issues with AXZ or XV. As for hype? Yeah Symphogear literally always one-ups itself, basically without fail. XV is chilling at 8.37 on MAL right now, placing it at the 5th most popular airing show this season. Which is insane lol. AXZ doesn't pull any punches either, it was just damn good. A lot of people describe AXZ as "GX but actually good." As well, AXZ has far better animation than GX does, while XV is just absolutely phenomenal. Like look at this animation: https://www.sakugabooru.com/post/show/82691
  5. EVERFROST is combining a concept album with an integrated manga for their new album. Has anyone seen this kind of thing before? Check the new single on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy6qZbWWSGU
  6. Listened to this genre a lot in middle and high school. I also really liked Panic! At the Disco, saw MSI in concert, they were fantastic live, same with HIM. Listened to The Used, Hawthorne Heights, Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, The Offspring, Fallout Boy, and Flyleaf... So yea, I liked the scene/emo music but also metal bands etc. I think that a lot of emo/scene music can be hard to listen to, because of the overly whiney voices some songs can have. There are only a select few songs from most bands that I truly listen to rather than whole albums, because some things are easy turn offs for me. Lyrics talking about suicide I feel can be both good and bad. I think for those listening into someone elses life experienes or views that they get to understand things more if they have never experienced them. For those who have experienced things similar, or are dealing with periods of depression or loss, loneliness, or other forms of grief (heck just life in HS period) creative outlets can give them a sense of belonging and connection to something. Processing our feelings is a big part of moving on. So I think this type of music can be beneficial. I think it is sneered at by others, or at least would feel a little judged if I put on emo music in my car for others to hear.. It just feels like more of a private or at least a type of music best listened to with a group that has similar interests or are going through the same types of things. Like.. if we were all going to the concert together, totally.. go for it.
  7. Thank you, I know i really suck tho, and there is thousands better then me, but its so fun to climb and see yourself to get better. Il get there one day
  8. Rin Tohsaka, Pretty much a fun person to be around Katana from Gad Guard, doesn't care about what anyone thinks at all.
  9. I'll check this when I get home, but I just have to say that I clicked this topic fully expecting a profound discussion about people from Uath. That being said, I do enjoy some Vocaloid. Seems to be the only thing that I like that has Yamaha's name on it anymore.
  10. Moved topic to the Art section. Something like this is actually fairly easy to produce. Most anime openings are nothing more then clips muted with a audio track. They are made in much the same way as a amv would be. I would look up a guide on Youtube reviewing how to put one together. I do know how, but it is something easier to learn by application rather then presentation by someone else. Far as the animation if you are looking to manually animate your own clips then something like Moho Debut would be a great start. It is a basic animation software for bargainers. Something to help you get the hang of it. As far as the offer for a animator sadly I have a full schedule including the forum among other things so I would not have the time to spare presently sorry. I wish you the best though with your project.
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