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  2. Optic

    Shirabe WP Small.png

    Best girl
  3. Oakmi

    Songs that Remind You of an Anime

    Sound like you work as an oarsman on the Queen's ship and she wants to go water skiing all the time. 🤡 I'm only lucky for a couple of hours, as they say...while the boss is away the peons will play. 😂
  4. Vivi Hyuuga

    ancinet magus bride Ancient Magus Bride Musical

    That's an awesome idea! But, I'm also kinda disappointed because by the title I was guessing that Japan was going to have an official stage production of it. lol There are so many good scenes, it's hard to choose! But, maybe either the scene where Chise and Elias meet? Or the final scene with the wedding dress?
  5. EnviousEnvy


    I'm a big fan of rock music, especially indie rock music. There's something about the whole stale cheap cigarettes, empty bottles of booze, playing cards when taking a break and just voicing your future for the band even though it is just a dream and may not happen. This series has that as well as the fighting and snippets of their life outside of the band. I really like series such as this one.
  6. Leviathan_Willow

    New Music Upload

    This is my newest upload. Tell me what you think.
  7. Wodahs

    I Recommend these!

    when i say an interesting list i basically was saying a good and diverse list of worth to check out anime
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