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  2. Takeo Gouda x Yamato Rinko for life! Kousei Arima x Kaori Miyazono Riza Hawkeye x Roy Mustang Dandy x Scarlet Spike x Julia Heero Yuy x Relena Peacecraft/Darlian Himura Kenshin x Yukishiro Tomoe Edward x Winry
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  4. I really enjoy ClassicaLoid, GetBackers deserve way more attention, I think Sword Art Online and Evangelion are overrated. Sometimes, I think anime critically loses concept in an attempt to appear deep with symbolism. It feels like an excuse to end something when they don't know how. That said, I certainly don't mind anyone liking what they like (or disliking)!
  5. Aye Ive never played any version above 1.7.10. That's the only version i play because of a game mode called Potion PvP. I should've played a newer version of the game since I've started MC in 2011 or 2012. My IGN is installed
  6. 2, but replace hurt with tired. Unless I'm tired because I'm subconsciously hurting? (((Existential crisis intensifies!!)))
  7. Any anime that has any type of love/relationship growth between the two characters. Especially when they'd go anywhere or do snything for their partner, for example, Zero Two x Hiro, Kirito x Asuna
  8. That's so easy, Zero Two or Asuna Yuki.
  9. Welcome! A lot of people here are older than us. I'm 16. So if you wanna talk some, PM me or add my discord, ZeroTwo#0002
  10. Not specifically today but I've started a new game on Blasphemous for a second playthrough. Cannot express how much I love this game. I'll need to finish Death Stranding soon. It's been kind of tedious with what's been on my plate lately. Good story so far but I'm rather questioning the gameplay objectives now...
  11. Welcome on in! The beginning of chimera any arc was pretty bad. started to get good when the king was born. But with that long ass Arc, it was worth it seeing Gon fight Neferpitou
  12. In my opinion, it's a couple of things and that realization alone makes it so profound. The characters are vastly different from one another and it's this consideration for them that gives them a certain depth. Interesting storyline that combines psychological thriller with the supernatural in a fresh, meaningful way. Thought-provoking subject matter. Like the concept of moral principles. Unpredictable story direction. An emotional, unforgettable soundtrack. How musical scores were used to effectively drive certain scenes, ideas and character personalities. The characters have relatable moments and independent views that make them memorable. Endless amounts of lore. Bold decision making⁠— e.g. killing major characters off, introducing newcomers that contrast on their own merit, and generally not playing safe with their plot. A theme so versatile and vast that they can easily extend upon it.
  13. Hi, hi! Honestly, I still consider myself relatively new since I haven't been here all that long. From my experience thus far, everyone is extraordinarily nice and gives a lot of great advice. It's a good community for self-expression in a variety of things, which I find is a significant reason for my coming here; besides the anime. Boy, can I relate on not having any friends (and family) that are in the least bit interested in anime. Anyway, welcome!
  14. welcome >//< to AF Hope you have the best time here , i would be anyone's friend , just don't be afraid to ask
  15. welcome to AF , and your question is a interesting question ; Moon Child77 , i problary wouldn't marry a anime character , but sounds fun , Anyways welcome
  16. RN im 4 ( hurts a little more ) hope you are 0 , no hurt at all , because having this feeling isn't fun
  17. im stressed out about everything
  18. Wow , finished the anime im watching rn , kinda sad

  19. welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
  20. Short clips video edited want to know what you all think, should I contuine doing those clips Go to YouTube and search Mirusubete I mainly upload content about anime and gaming and leave a subscribe thanks.
  21. Thank you all for the great welcoming comments.
  22. First hands on test tomorrow, have to ping two computers with a router and a switch. Hope I don't mess it up. I don't work well when I'm being watched. 

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