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  2. pejina 5 mi amigo~


    also drawing 2 "IF's, gonna be crappy, couse i will rush it, but still


  3. Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your time here & make some new friends
  4. Yesterday
  5. RIP.. killed by serial Webex.

    (Not quite as bad as having someone read a 100 page PowerPoint to you but still deadly in the wrong hands.)

  6. so i was drawing my comic

    when all of a sudden

    we lost electricity

    i then cried for a good 3 minutes, because all i did so far on the comic was add a few lines

    and then i browsed my phones gallery, deleted sh*tton of wierd vids/pics





    thank f*cking god i dont draw like this anymore >.>

  7. Welcome to Anime Forums , I hope you have a good time
  8. Welcome to AF. I hope you have a nice time & get to make some new friends.
  9. Hi everyone im from indonesia.
  10. @NeKo Greetings (Hello) and welcome!
  11. Hello,I'm new from China. My English is not very well,and I want to practice it. And I like anime,so I want to chat with everyone here. Thank you
  12. Just watched it & I was expecting something absolutely terrible to happen but it wasn't as emotional as I feared it would be. I did tear up at Momiji & Tohru praying together though. There was such a fierce sincerity between them. And when Yuki said that he stood up to Akito with that pleased look on his face, that just made my day. I really wanted to hug him. And yeah, I've been calling Akito a girl the whole time so I wasn't shocked at all. She's a spiteful, mean, insecure, vindictive, whiny, weak, little girl. Ugh. And if you're wondering if I was moved by her break down with Kureno, no I wasn't. Look, none of us like feeling like we've been abandoned or not good enough or whatever but not everyone goes on destructive rampages where they're trying to gouge out people's eyes, claw at people's faces, throw people off rooftops, or smash glass objects over people's heads. Akito isn't just immature & codependent, she's dangerous. I'm not sure how this revelation is going to change the dynamic between Tohru & Akito but it would be awesome if Akito goes to do something so ridiculous that it snaps Tohru out of her overly delicate state, grabs Akito, & beats the hell out of her. I mean, it's unlikely but hey, I have a right to dream lol.
  13. Last week
  14. Tired of console wars. People wanting to pick fights, ugh. 😩

  15. currently watching the last episode. I ABsoultly hate how this ended Such a cliffhanger.. There was finally a episode about Kureno and then found out that his curse is over , He is such a mysterious character , and i have never expected this. I haven't ever thought about Kureno's history was like this . There re still people who wish that the curse is over , and Kureno just broke the curse so easily and suddenly . When he hugged Tohru , I was expecting him to transform . but yea , he didn't. When he said " i want to see her " that Uotani was the first person that he fell in love with after he broke the bond , I felt so bad for him . I m guessing this happened all before Akito changed ? Again this time to Kureno , she said " whats that in your eyes " the same thing she said to yuki after Yuki told her that he forgave her . She probably scared that Yuki might leave her too. Yea , I have always knew that Akito was a woman . And if this is true we have to wait till next year to know more
  16. Haven’t watched the season finale yet, but season 3 will apparently be the last & will begin sometime in 2021 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-09-21/fruits-basket-anime-gets-final-season-in-2021/.164299

    dammet im getting artist block >.>



  18. Hows everyone doing ? :) 

    Jon's Creator Showcase – Second Anniversary Edition & Best of the Decade –  Jon Spencer Reviews

    1. XII360


      staying up all night to try to finish last panel coming, yknow, the usual

      when did drawing comic become my usual ?!?!, it used to be studying >.>

    2. RuthisianCodex


      Doing ok, how are you?

    3. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      Doing great , . yea i hope

  19. Welcome to anime forums ! Hope you have a good time
  20. Anime loveer

    Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (2016)

    I love this anime , its funny . And the romance is great , and i like the story too.
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