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  2. I'm currently reading Fiancée's Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess its extremely funny to read and I cant stop laughing and I love the prince in . Please give it a try ,I feel like you guys will not regret it later. Cuteness overload
  3. I'm currently watching Astra lost in space and other ongoing anime like one piece etc., Astra lost in space is a good anime I gone for advertence but I fell in for plot and comedy. highly recommending dnBqD_1f.mp4
  4. Just did the first 13 episodes of Shiroi Suna no Aquatope (The Aquatope On White Sand). Cute characters, nice art, good story. Relaxing and enjoyable. The end of Gamagama seems like a good stopping point so I'm going to wait a bit before proceeding with the next set of episodes but I'm looking forward to resuming at the end of the season. I like Mushishi too. I've revisited it a few times. Natsume Yuujinchou is another good one that I think has the same sort of feel.
  5. Same here, though unfortunately not for lack of desire.
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  7. Thanks @efaardvark I haven’t done any gaming in a long time
  8. Pretty sure that is Qiqi from Genshin Impact. (More info on Qiqi is here.)
  9. Got a new “Lucy” pin this weekend, which I slotted in next to my ones for Dawn and some Mars landers/rovers in my new(ish) shadow box..
  10. Last week
  11. So I was just checking out the new HTC VIVE Flow. This looks like an awesome (if unreleased) VR headset. Specs-wise it isn't top-of-the-line, or even anything to brag about in terms of electronics, framerate, field of view. It does have "flat" optics with per-eye diopter settings, but it doesn't have IPD adjustment. What makes it awesome (IMHO anyway) is the 6dof inside-out tracking, 189g headset weight, and 1600 x1600 per eye resolution. Its power source is a separate battery pack, and the headset provides 5 minutes runtime so you can hot-swap packs and essentially run indefinitely. For better or worse. However, after having said this looks awesome I also have to say I'm not going to be buying one any time soon. (And unfortunately "not soon" means essentially never in the world of VR headsets since by the time they do get it right someone else will no doubt have something even better.) What kills it for me is essentially the price. $500 wouldn't necessarily be a show-stopper, but that price does not include anything but the headset. No controllers, power brick, or even a cable for the power brick. You even have to buy a new phone to use as a controller, and the phone has to be Android. No idea why they thought they could get away with this last restriction. I can see (maybe) why the Flow doesn't support Oculus's Touch controllers, but the HTC VIVE's controllers should at least be an option. Being able to possibly use your existing controller(s) would at least have made this an option for people with such. By the time I buy a controller and a power brick + cable we're probably talking over $1k, and combined with the decent-but-unexceptional specs it just isn't compelling enough to fork out that kind of money. A new headset that is compatible with the existing hardware ecology would be one thing. A $500 stand-alone headset that you actually need to spend 4 figures on to get working kit is quite another. All THAT said, I have to admit that this came very close. The low-weight and ultra portability combined with good-enough specs -could- have easily made the Flow a Quest-killer. The form-factor is extremely compelling. I've seen some headsets that are bigger (& heavier) than desktop computers I've built! The Flow correctly chooses to head in the opposite direction. I could see myself wearing something like this comfortably for several hours a day. (Er, is that a good thing? ) But unfortunately this just makes be really, really interested in seeing what the near future of VR has in store. I can hardly wait until someone comes out with something exactly like this but with OLED displays and including either its own phone/controller or supporting existing controllers. And a power brick. Hopefully the specs and price on the web page are just a test of interest and HTC will have a more compelling product when actually released.
  12. Im adopting him as my son and no one can possibly stop me.


    rt ur yuri plisetsky on Twitter: "Yuri Plisetsky (sassy af + long hair)… "

    AMV] Yuri Plisetsky - Elastic Heart - YouTube

  13. There’s actually a series of these videos (The Vampair series by Daria Cohen). I think I like the tune to episode 3 best, but didn’t know if it would be appropriate to post given the lyrics So went with this one instead which is probably my 2nd favorite.
  14. I’m watching this too. Not a big Digimon fan personally, but liking the urban legend angle they’re using & digging the character designs
  15. You’re welcome. Hoping some of the creativity will rub off on me.
  16. ^ I’m curious about who this character is, though I am familiar with some other jiangshi
  17. Aww, thanks for the reaction Like @Ohayotaku . Had a long day, and couldn't sleep. Wasn't sure if this was going to be any good but wanted to test the blog features out.
  18. Zila

    Halloween 🎃

    It was a spur-of-the-moment idea since I'm making zombies for the yard too. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it was a lot of fun to do. Absolutely! Hope your Halloween turns out fun and exciting.
  19. Technically season 2 debuted last weekend with a prologue to the Mugen Train movie. The spotlight was on the Flame Hashira Rengoku & it had some foreshadowing for those who haven’t seen the movie. The next six eps are essentially the movie with a bit of extra footage to fit the time allotment. New content (the Entertainment District arc) is scheduled to begin on December 5.
  20. Saw the MUGEN TRAIN film at the movie theater the day it dropped. 100% is the grade. Heard there's an anime entering Season 2. Good luck, Demon Slayer.
  21. Halloween 2021, let's go, baby!!
  22. @Zila putting your artistic talents to good use
  23. When I saw this scene with Plisetsky it blew my mind! Superb animation and aesthetics. The light flickering off the blades is just .
  24. Hello, Me.~ You did enough this week. Maybe take the opportunity to rest some. No more 3 a.m. cat vids. Erm.. for the next two nights at least.
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