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  2. I went deer hunting the year I turned sixteen, because my dad goes hunting every year and wanted me to try it. Most of it was just waiting in the cold for hours for something to show up. When my dad did get one, he ended up shooting it in the gut... helping him gut that deer was one of the few times in my life a smell brought me close to getting sick. In the end it's just not how I want to spend my weekend. Fishing I'd be more open to since I could go in the summer, though I haven't gone in the last ten years or more.
  3. @ArchieKun erm….how is that romantic? Definitely not a romantic moment.
  4. @Seshi you would probably be alright scuba diving then. You always have air, should never stop breathing, and you'd be taught how to equalize pressure is your mask and ears. I'd say, try a Discover SCUBA class through s PADI instructor. It'll teach you the bare bones basics, allow you to take a shallow guided dive, and if you feel afterwards that diving is for you, you can put the experience towards an Open Water class. The feeling of weightlessness and freedom. 🧜‍♀️ your lungs will automatically equalize pressure while you breathe too so no crushing feeling there
  5. @Beocat no I can swim and float and all that.. it’s being under water with no air that’s the issue. Plus anytime I’m in really deep water I feel like I’m being crushed... weirdo yes I know.
  6. @Seshi Is it swimming that is the issue? And some come free by the law of salvage...just saying... @HanaApril just need it to be big enough lol. Too big and people might think I have room for them too!
  7. Today it’s been freezing, I thought spring was here, but NC got jokes. Oh well, I’m staying inside trying to get the house ready for my brother & fiancé to come down for a visit before their wedding day. Lots of work to be done... makes me feel like doing nothing.. darn I procrastinate too much.
  8. @SanguineTear Thank you kindly~ ❤️
  9. Seshi

    Favorite board game

    I used to love playing chess when I was younger, playing in school tournaments and things, never won any mainly because the final round was always a speed round 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m such a slow mover. love dominoes! Haven’t played in a few years though because I’m too cheap to buy a set. 😬
  10. I’d love to have a houseboat. But learning to live on the sea would be a big endeavor, even a used houseboat isn’t cheap.
  11. @HanaApril That is wonderful, glad to hear you are doing well~ I myself am doing about the same, which is impressive since it is the start of my work week~
  12. I feel like it definitely has the potential to get very dark, now that the curse series is unlocked. You know there has to be something coming that was different from the beginning.
  13. Humbby

    Favorite Anime EDs

    There were probably more endings that i like but these where to first to come up in my mind. After edit:
  14. “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you.” - Darcy from Pride & Prejudiced 2005 version
  15. @Beocat A boat make sure it's a big one, heh.
  16. Feeling beyond any words can describe of pure happiness and peace~ I've waited so long to feel this way and be happy with my life, finally it has come.
  17. Feeling ok a bit of a rough day, but all things pass so life goes on.
  18. Granted, but they still lie to your face. I wish I could see Einstein and Stephen Hawking have debate amongst themselves about the universe.
  19. granted but overcoming flaws cannot be done as once current problems are solved new ones spear in their place. I wish customer service was better at every company.
  20. Hello and welcome to AF hope you have had, and continue to have a great time here on the forums. Making new friends is always nice I am always open to chat if you ever feel lonely. See you around, and of course if you have questions feel free to let me know.
  21. This is so perfect these two fight all the time, and its adorable.
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