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© x-kyun~
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as you return home, you find that Mimi is no where to be found

you call out for mimi, but there was only mere silence

you then begin to look in every nook and cranny of the house, but fail to find her

you then decided to check the library, in which you told her not to enter due to problem's in the light in the area


you then find her laying there, staring at books in the dark


Mimi: ...! ah, <PC>-kun...

as she notices you, she stands up and turn's around...

Mimi: welcome home~

you then ask her what she's doing here

Mimi: oh nothing, i was just....waiting


Mimi: anyway! lets go <PC>-kun!

she grabs your hand

you found it odd that she's touching you with no problems at all...but you also dont mind it at all

you both leave the room...


/mood destroyer

....is the story i came up with, bite me >_>


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