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  2. I'd find the nearest red pill and take it. If you could digest gasoline as an energy source, would you?
  3. Have you met our other resident potato?
  4. I don’t mind continually finding it. I just wanted to give others the opportunity to do it if they wanted.
  5. I knew it was a only a fraction, but not that low! What was the last thing you bought?
  6. Today
  7. Maybe yes maybe no but im already a ghost
  8. Did you know the Earth get around only 1 ten millionth of a percent of the sun’s rays?
  9. I have seen a couple episodes, but did not enjoy it. .Hack//Sign
  10. I would attack vending machine, so we can get free drinks.
  11. I would accept the drink and take us back to the Earth’s Surface.
  12. My reply would be to set off an antimatter bomb, which would likely kill us in the process.
  13. Would you still help them if they tried to take your throne, by eating you?
  14. I would take them to the Earth's core, to see what it really looks like.
  15. I would help people if i can
  16. Bringing the world the kind of happiness religion denies exists. How would you react if you found out that you were in the Matrix for Windows?
  17. I would continue hugging, telling them we always were in the Matrix.
  18. I would get them their favorite kind of donut.
  19. i only have limited points to donate >.< but i dont mind it ^_^, not like i can join it, my best help is point funding >.>...
  20. I think if you shouted that in public a lot of people would notice you 🤣
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