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  2. Poor ghostly potato, we don’t want you to drift into nothingness.. please hold on and take some cake. Thnx Brycec, I needed more cakes
  3. Humor must be mixed with serious moments, otherwise the humor grows stale. Plus, there is dry humor, where things are said seriously, but end up being funny to some. *Takes cake and multiplies it enough to fill the universe, before grabbing a bite.* Probably not enough of one though. we must train you in the ways of the Sith. 🤣
  4. I did and my dark side awakened from.the pain i gotten from being judge easily beside i know im not a likeable person
  5. Damn you guys are too series this morning *eats cake* you hangry Brycec? *hands cake and hugs Kaga*
  6. Ohiotaku

    Preorder Fever!

    I used to preorder all the time, but I’m much more selective about what I buy now and usually wait until I find a good price. There are exceptions though. I think the only 2 titles I currently have on preorder are the 2nd halves of My Hero Academia season 3 & Star Blazers 2202. There are actually a couple titles I would preorder in a heartbeat, but the licensor hasn’t scheduled a physical release (off the top of my head: Konosuba seasons 1 & 2, Yuru Camp and A Place Further than the Universe). For something older, a complete collection of Monster
  7. Assuming you enjoyed any of the Magi series, Which did you like the most? Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Magi: The Labyrinth of magic Magi: The Kingdom of Magic I enjoyed each of these series for different reasons. It’s a really hard pick for me, because I’m a sucker for magical kingdoms... So I ate up all that magic training and really enjoyed the Kingdom series, but I also enjoyed the adventures of Sinbad 😭 It was soooo good, until the end when there wasn’t an ending >_> So that forces my vote over to Kingdom of Magic. If the Sinbad series ever got completed, then I’d probably change my mind. It had a lot less ecchi content than the other series, and it was more serious, so I liked it better in general.
  8. Today
  9. Well, there are two sides of a story, if it is what I am thinking about, but hopefully you learned something. If not, you are either Nao Kanzaki, Norihiko Yokya, or Takashi Harimoto.
  10. brycec

    Preorder Fever!

    I can probably say that I have preorder fever. Sadly, much of the things I would like to preorder cannot be because of how annoying distributors/publishers can be, so some of the things I can only preorder a few days in advance, even though places like Amazon allow me the chance to preorder even further in advance.
  11. 👻i know that already happened to me recently somewhere else
  12. Who knows. However, we cannot guarantee that we will not consume the ghost potato for sustenance while we do it. On the other hand vengeance is a dish best served from one’s own heart. How do you know we are not planning your own downfall in secret? Plenty of people are too quick to call each other friends and then fall into the trap of apathy.
  13. Hey, welcome Endynyp. It’s great to have you. Yay! You’ve found some friends already 😊
  14. Seshi

    Preorder Fever!

    I usually wait a long time before I buy a set, that’s because I like to get the complete collection. That Cyborg009 release sounds like something worth owning for sure. I also only get my favorite series’ to own. I have been known to buy impulsively from Anime cons however 🤣 Now a days I just wait until it’s Christmas, and put one on my wish list.
  15. that's why i love you guys since your such good friends of mine plus im shocked that theirs a chain gang here👻
  16. Beocat

    Preorder Fever!

    Who else has Preorder Fever? Anyone else anxiously anticipating the release of a longtime favorite anime? Which preorders do you already have set for delivery, or are you more of a 'wait till the sale' kind of person? Post below and let us know! I was waiting for Star Blazers on preorder back before it released but then talked myself out of it in favor of waiting for a complete collection release (not sure how much longer I can hold out on this one...might just buy it....it taunts me everytime I go shopping). That said, now I've got Cyborg009 on preorder (this is remastered, uncut, all the episodes in one collection...never been released in the States like this before. I know, because I have the two DVDs they did release) and am so excited to get to finally see it completely uncut. Definitely not backing out on this one! I'm also preordering Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth for my collection. Just a few preorders so far this year.
  17. Kakegurui Season 2 😻😻

  18. The games that really got me hyped were: Avengers Project, Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring.
  19. Shigure. Smart. Funny. Secretly a little evil. He's my people.
  20. Yea, I started out in lurk mode. Lurks are an important part of the process.
  21. I haven't opened the sewer either lol
  22. Does anyone have a link or something to the actual criticism? Right now it seems like everyone is focusing on different things. I haven't played a CoD games in years. Generally, if they want to display war in form of a game, I think they should be able to do that. Although I would be concerned with portraying it realistically. Depending on the war, this could include some things that most people would not want to see in a game, such as raping civilians or killing children. When it comes to defending terrorists, I would not be so black and white. The word 'terrorist' is quite loaded and does not always mean the same thing, depending on which side you are on. Your terrorist might be seen as someone else's soldier and vice versa, given that a terrorist seems to be "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims". There might be (and probably is) a whole world out there that sees Americans or American soldiers as terrorists, whether this is based on plausible arguments is another story. The same goes with murderers. The difference between murder and self-defense can in some cases simply be defined by the jurisdiction you are in. My point is, not every terrorist or murderer is the same. Whether it makes sense to defend the terrorists in the upcoming CoD game, I don't know, because I haven't yet seen the specific criticism. Criticism (of games) nowadays kinda reminds me of someone who once said something around the lines of that we have forgotten how to disagree tastefully these days. Can't remember who it was and what exactly he said though.
  23. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    Looking at GPU prices & comparing AMD's new "NAVI" (RX5700 series) and Radeon VII to the Nvidia offerings. Gotta say, I'm not too impressed with either company's lineup. At 7nm I was expecting a lot more from Navi, but it clearly didn't deliver. At $700 a Radeon VII is right up there in ludicrous territory with the 2080 too, price wise. I mean, get real. That's simply ridiculous. I would NEVER spend that much for a GPU! Even the RTX 2060/RX5700 level of ~$370 is at the extreme limit of what I'd pay for a GFX card. It is like we've reached the limits of performance per dollar and the only question is how much money you can afford to spend. Seems like a $150-200 for an old RX 580 or a GTX 1665 is a MUCH better value proposition, at least if you haven't bought into the 4k UHD and/or 120FPS gaming nonsense. Heck, compared to a RX580 or a GTX 1665 even my so-old-it-is-discontinued 8GB RX480 isn't looking too bad. It still works plenty fine for my existing games for one thing. Sure I could get better performance if I upgraded, but upgrade to what, and at what cost? I'm getting a passmark score of ~8100 where I am. At a benchmark of 8900 I doubt I'd even notice a difference between my RX480 and a "modern" RX580. I'd simply be throwing away ~$180. ~$350 for a RTX 2060 (assuming you can find it at that price) would lose me 2GB of RAM and still not even come close to doubling the performance. $700(!) for a Radeon VII or a 2080 would finally (barely) get me to twice the benchmark score of my 4-yo, 14nm process card.. at almost 4x the price and twice the heat/power dissipation! Just doesn't seem worth it, even with the architecture changes. I'm not even going to waste time thinking about the 2080ti. That's just the "for people with far more money than sense" option.
  24. Does the AF Chain Gang have to cut a fool?
  25. Only cure is vengeance. 🤣 It's been good here today.
  26. Exactly, thank you. It's my observation also that people can and will be offended by anything you can think of, and then some. If we stop expressing ourselves (tastefully) in fear of offending someone, we would have no such expression at all. That said, I'm especially with you in that they should not buckle under the criticism of their choice to present their game in the way they are, and from what I can tell they have no intention to.
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