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  2. Did you know... "Today, your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA back in 1969, when it placed two astronauts on the moon." Source: https://www.britishgas.co.uk/business/blog/smartphones-more-powerful-than-all-of-nasas-combined-computing-in-1969/
  3. i actually planned on making a club centered on making visual novels/games/stories/etc, but planned on making one once i finish sekiro and shinjuku era on FGO less the none, im up for artist/writer of story, though story are somewhat related to recent things that happened (e.g. shinobi story, couse sekiro an influencer and such xD) im sure there are better guys who can fill the roll tho ;o "coughbeo-chancough"
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  5. Would you like to start the storyboard? Do you have any ideas in mind? We need to get the storyboard done first. We can start the art after that.
  6. I've always wanted to do something like this, but I don't even know where to start... I can draw decent, and I'd like to contribute to the story if possible.
  7. I actually got the first volume of the manga last year but never got around to reading it, the art style is a bit off-putting to me. The concept is really what interested me, in a similar vein as Pupa, but I doubt this will betray my expectations like that did.
  8. Nono

    Birthday Shinanigans

    But seriously, I don't remember the last time I celebrated a birthday. My parents will wish me happy bday, my mom gets me a cake, and that's it. I don't even know the last time I got a present. Just another day 😑
  9. Well your way of handling those situations is much better than mine, lol. I probably would have made more of an effort to apologize had it been just me and her, but there was multiple cashiers and multiple people in line, and I just kinda panicked around everyone. You live you learn.
  10. Both slap and hug. Slap, because they have been away for so long, and hug to make up.
  11. I had high hopes in terms of animation since it's ufotable, the use of cgi incredible! its used in the right moments and not distracting at all, i find the cartoonish characters fitting in this world. it was a bit off at first but got used to it. in terms of story it is decent. regarding his family it was a bit cliche and predictable but the way they did it was great, definitely going to watch the rest of the series.
  12. gonna finish shinjuku story today on FGO, and then beat the living sh*t outa that ghost monk on sekiro, then i can proceed to draw and or finish my corvo mask project >.>...

    1. brycec


      Don’t beat up the ghost. That’s no fun. decapitate it and let it see it’s body fall onto the ground, before crushing its body with your foot. 🤣

  13. aww, how'd you know i celebrate my birthday alone, in my room, playing video games, and or reading visual novels ?
  14. id slap the person above me, couse they forgot all about me >:o
  15. ArchieKun


    Yah I mean a lot of it is like any other entertainment medium there is a overwhelming amount of trash to shave to get to the gems underneath.
  16. I just stay at home with family
  17. Sofi

    Anime Chit Chat

    There's a lot of anime that I've rewatched. I enjoy rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon from time to time to be honest. Rewatching them gives me nice nostalgic feelings.
  18. Sadly that will not help. I have one bad side, which is why balance poses a problem and need to have techniques that can both attack and defend. It would definitely make the most sense in normal circumstances though.
  19. Never thought about that as a possibility but interesting theory to think on... Animes do always have that very interesting way with their plot twists so I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibilities..
  20. Just improve your balance. Work your leg muscles. A good thing to start with is physical conditioning and strength. I’m so out of shape right now I dread the day I can afford to go take classes agin
  21. Balance is not so good, so I would need to charge, but I think I am kick up with my knee, to free myself holds, though I would still need to be quick about, for balance reasons. Not too sure if sweeps would be any easier.
  22. Well I was only slapping because I really wanted a hug.. but now I’m dead 😕 *ghost hug
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