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  2. Lol im still potato in head /heart I can be whoever i want😂😛
  3. Potatoes can't be demigods 😂
  4. Good, blonde. I was concerned you were going to forget you're a potato.
  5. After getting wasted last night and still working a full shift this morning, I'm now going to relax and watch anime. Even though I feel good I still have that eh, feeling. So not doing much more than that, lol.

  6. A demoness named Luci Fer. 🤣
  7. Brycec informed me u plan or made a discord channel if so let me know and well see what's up 

    1. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      I 'unno.  Planning stages.  We need (all kinds of) mental help.

  8. I will appoint you as my archangel.
  9. Well, I was going to resurrect you as a god. 🤣
  10. Still working on the playlist. Some progress tonight. Seems we have an entire friggin TaySwift album to add. lol
  11. We need to hire someone or teach a spell
  12. If you're going to resurrect me, at least have the courtesy of giving me supernatural powers. Being a mortal is trash.
  13. We do not need Phoenix Down. We just need a sage or priest who knows Kazing.
  14. That’s correct. I am going to guess 3. 1. I know people in every country on Earth 2. I used to run my own server. 3. I have made millions with my programming skills.
  15. 👻kid dies again where is the phonenix down when you need it
  16. We have somebody to take care of. That’s why we need them. 🤣 We must avenge Kid!
  17. I was too but it took me awhile to get the hang of it. After you level up a few times you can unlock a type of bobber that makes the green bar slightly longer so it's not as difficult to catch fish. It has been my lifesaver a few times honestly, lol.
  18. 1 @brycec 1. I’m known for playing practical jokes 2. I love raw quail egg 3. Eating is my vice
  19. Oh no! We forgot to turn off the flamethrower and killed @The History Kid Instead of his dad? Poopsies Happy late Father’s Day 🤣 Im so sleepy 💤 😑
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