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  2. Stardew Valley (Switch) I finally was able to get the key to unlock the door to the sewer. I also won the ice fishing competition as well.
  3. Just found out the 1.8 update for Kerbal Space Program - appropriately named "MOAR BOOSTERS!" - has dropped. (Kind of inside joke for the player base there, but you get the Idea.) New version of Unity underneath, so I'm hoping for a significant performance boost on my Ryzen 2700X + Radeon RX480 system as well. Previous KSP versions were compute-bound on the physics simulation which was almost completely single-threaded. I rarely saw more than 2 cores in use at a time, and even the "old" gfx card (polaris core) wasn't fully utilized. Downloading it as I type, but I probably won't get to play with it until this weekend. Come on Friday!
  4. I have 1 recent Anime rating- Another-8/10 Loved the story very much. It was one of the most intriguing and mysterious story’s I have enjoyed in recent memory. The whole season pulled me along and griped me and kept me super curious along the way. I found the characters interesting and really enjoyed the ”usual beach episode” in this anime. The ending was...unexpected. That’s all I’ll say about that!
  5. That's exactly what I mean. They have the power to change the cycle, but just don't. I'd make a Korea joke, but I'm not sure anyone would get it. Bottom line is, there's a precedent for things to change, those who don't invoke that change are damned and deserve to stay in the stagnation of their own plight.
  6. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-10-16/gkids-studio-ghibli-has-no-plans-to-release-films-on-streaming-services/.152308 Well that sucks . I’m certain there are people who disagree with me, but <shrugs>
  7. Biographies of the emperor's of Rome were few and far between. Most of them found themselves in the employ of the court, thus making the rules of their masters much more extravagant than they really were. By about 90 CE, Rome had acquired someone who would become the authority on the rules and rankings of the "Twelve Great Caesar's." That man is known as Suetonius, and for many of the emperors he wrote on, he serves as the only contemporary historian that is able to link with the emperors in this age. Rome was a complicated issue in addition to being the primordial center of the world. He writes ad nauseum on the decline of the emperors, marking one in particular as the peak of the downfall: Nero Claudius. Apart from Suetonius' writing, historical documents that were dated to Nero's time alive show his ruthlessness. He was particularly brutal towards the Christians and other non-conforming Roman citizens. The historian Tacitus writes: "Besides being put to death, they were made to serve as objects for amusement; they were clad in the hides of beasts and torn to death by dogs; others were crucified, others set on fire to serve to illuminate the night when daylight failed." Suetonius further wrote: "many abuses were severely punished and repressed, and judgement was passed upon the Christians." Indeed, Rome was anything but holy in it's first and second incarnation. However, Nero's exploits are far from limited to the ruthlessness against Christians. He was "no less cruel to members of his family than he was to strangers", conspirators were subject to being hung by chains, where their children were exiled from Rome and poisoned or forced to starve to death. A classic example of authoritarian dictatorship, Nero was Rome minded - rarely leaving his palace. Only twice did he tour the empire, and these were generally limited to the visiting of Alexandria. Showmanship was a major component of Nero Claudius' rule as well, with near constant extravagant festivals and games. He was fascinated with architecture, but often times made demands that were beyond the means of his skilled craftsmen. Nero was also fascinated with horses and chariots, often appearing in public with a chariot of his own. He was known to race chariots as well, having participated in several races in his youth. Prior to his ascending to the role of emperor, it was not immediately clear the path that he would take. Upon his father's death, Nero had held a rather illustrious funeral. It was supposed that Nero would continue his father's missions, but soon thereafter, Nero began to embark down a path of extravagance over empirical growth. The Roman Empire did not grow or expand beyond its boundaries during Nero's reign, and outlying territories came under excessive economic burden to fund his desires in the capitol. Cited as being a womanizer, a pedophile, a ruthless dictator, and many other choice colorful terms, Suetonius reports that Nero's erratic lifestyle and personality could only be rivaled by Caligula. Nero's death at the age of thirty-two signified the end of the reign of the Caesar's. Rome rejoiced at his death as it signified the end of the oppressive rule that had spanned more than a century. It also signified the birth of a new age, with Galba ascending the throne after Nero's death. Parades, parties, and other festivals were thrown to celebrate both Nero's death and Galba's ascension. So goes the short, and "PG" version of Nero Claudius' tale. Further Reading Suetonius. The Twelve Caesars. 105 CE. Bettenson, Henry; Maunder, Chris. ed. Documents of the Christian Church. Fourth Edition. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. 2011.
  8. America had kind of the same problem, they were under paying writers, until they went on strike.
  9. Pacing of the anime always outruns the game - 100% of the time. I haven't decided if I like the order of games precluding anime for this very reason. I think the opposite order usually results in a better "warm and fuzzy" feeling for most people. As for the anime, I watched bits and pieces of the first episode, but I haven't gotten more invested in it yet. Subs are really difficult for me, simply because of things I've mentioned before. That being said, it doesn't sound like Type Moon is opposed to a North American adaptation, so I'm optimistic.
  10. I mean...there's more factors to pay output than just the quantity of hours...supply and demand, the perceptive value of the work they're doing, etc. I'm not sure I really find this all that concerning. They are people with the power to change what the value of their work is - they just aren't. Bargaining for labor costs...I was under the impression the Japanese wouldn't see that as a foreign concept.
  11. Ive heard about it before. And they brought up most people in Japan don't get paid that much. As the way they see it is you can work in a office all day. Or you can work in a office all day drawing anime. Theres a really high demand for voice actors though, so they get paid more. Theres really nothing we can do about it. Only japan can fix the problem.
  12. "As she sat atop the throne of world, the universes around her on her fingertips... she smiled; she was super-strong Bocchi now, and forever...." ....This is what happens when you take a joke and make it a reality :3
  13. It's kinda tough. Because animation does require a lot of hours to make. So cutting down their working hours would result in less anime being released or shorter episodes. They also seem not to mind it. Based on what she said. But it's not healthy to work 7 days a week for 12 hours daily. The human body won't be able to take it eventually. I also did some informal research, and no Japanese animators are not the lowest paid: 1. $6,000 monthly American animators 2. $1,666 monthly Korean animators 3. $800 monthly Japanese animators 4. $600 monthly Chinese animators 5. $300 monthly Filipino animators I guess that's why Japan outsources the animation to other countries nowadays. But it is shocking that a part-time job of a highschool student pays more than that of a full-time professional animator. (In Japan) I think the solution is for anime to just make more money. According to her, anime companies have small budgets hence they can't afford to pay much. I guess if they bring in more profit they can have bigger budgets and hopefully some of that budget would go to salaries for the animators.
  14. That's some scary shit. Good job it wasn't dark when you saw them too.
  15. Hey all! You guys seem like wizards on here with how well you can find obscure anime. Here’s a tough one though. A few years ago, I remember watching a anime set sometime in the future. I don’t remember much and what I do remember is a bit hazy so take that with a grain of salt. I remember it was about a normal dud that finds an escaped girl with green hair. I think she might’ve been a Martian or something... but she was definitely not normal. I can’t remember much else besides a scene where they get almost intimate and that she lives in his closet... maybe. Again it’s super hazy. Also for some reason “melon bread” keeps jumping out at me. to whittle down the selection, it wasn’t Code Geass or Elfen Lied. I don’t really expect anyone to know and I’m definitely not much help with the details but any leads would be super useful. Thanks!
  16. Lol. That is unspeakably terrifying!
  17. I'm up at all hours of the day, but I also work second shift and am off the clock past midnight. Then I'm on baby duty until my husband gets off work. I sleep when baby sleeps, which is currently a bit broken but getting better. Long story short I'm up in the wee hours. Anyway, I'm getting all excited for spooktober. I paid my hair lady a visit today and it turns out her nail tech got a bit ahm.. creative with some dolls. This was just around the corner from the door and I'm not going to lie, I about pee'd myself. I told her they make me extremely uncomfortable and asked if I could snap pictures.
  18. I don't have issues with other people not doing their work - it's just that I'm kind of a single point of failure right now. So some things pile up that no one else can deal with - and it sucks.
  19. Routine? I feel like I've lived a million years but my card says seventeen And I feel like I've seen you before but maybe it was just a dream 'Cause even though I remember your name maybe it's just a scene I made up in my head when I was lonely ... lonely on the balance beam But then again I feel like I've said your name before, under covers when I was nineteen Nineteen? Can't be, I've only lived seventeen years, see, it says so right here in my bloodstream And I know we couldn't have met 'cause you say you've been sick since you were in between And you couldn't have made it out of the hospital, not even with the best darn scheme But, still, in my bones, every day, I feel like I've touched your hair while we were in the limousine You looked so nervous on the way to the prom even though you fit the "Beauty Queen" theme And I knew right then and right there I wanted to marry you with a wedding like the ones on the silver screen And when I think about it hard enough I can kind of remember sitting outside in the middle of a daydream And you came up to me, smile so wide, you looked so darn pretty and said, "My name's Jean. It's real nice to meet ya, I don't mean to keep ya, but would you like to be on my team?" So we played all day and your skirts got all muddy but you still looked as elegant as a queen And when you went home that night I remember, I was sitting in my room late December gleam And I couldn't forget the way your eyes lit up like the 4th of July when you said you were a year older than my fourteen But now that I recall I'm a year older than you, June ... can't be! I vividly remember you bathed in a moonbeam Hair tied up with curls framing your face, freckles on your nose not a single one out of place, something I've never unseen So how then, tell me, how can this be? You're a year younger than me? Sick in your room with a sickness so extreme You can't leave the hospital for a second. Where did this go wrong? Tell me, who changed the leaves? They're no longer evergreen ... Now I'm sitting on your bed, my hand on your head, watching your eyes tear up and you light up like a sunbeam "Marco ... is that you?" And I feel my heart tear in two, why does that name sound so familiar? Is this simply routine? "Jean?" I whisper, my lips trembling with the effort and I feel like I might scream Seeing you their, your name unknown to me, I feel like I'm next up for the guillotine "I knew it," you whisper, your voice so soft, "I knew you'd come back!" you say all agleam And I can't manage to do anything but cry as my shoulders shake and I feel like I swallowed gasoline "Don't cry," you smiles and though it's weak it calms my soul, "I know we'll meet downstream And when I see your smile, next time we meet, no sickness, death or things unforeseen Will have the power to keep me away from you, for I will break out midstream If that is what it takes to live a life with you, in love, like when we were nineteen."
  20. They do this to me too. Trouble is, nobody else does my work when I'm "off", so it just piles up and I have to scramble to take care of it all when I get back. It is easier to keep up than to catch up.
  21. Pretend, Play, Puncture ... Pretend The feel of your skin against my tongue Devilishly sinful yet so delicious I've always had trouble, ever since I was young But watching you squirm under me has me feeling avaricious And I can't think of a single thing that has ever been sung That sounds better than you when you're trying not to be suspicious ... It's like the feeling I get when I claw at your skin just to see if you can persevere It's the feeling I get when I bite your lip just to taste the blood The feeling I get when I burn your eyes so it's a struggle just to see clear Yes, it's like the feeling I get when I tighten the rope just to hear your heart thud ... Everybody likes to play pretend but none like it as much as I 'Cause I can be the sweetest little boy who would never do wrong Until I flip the script and decide it's the time you either cry or accept the lie Because even though you may sing the chorus I'm the one writing the song ... Devil in me or devil in you? Who really cares to tell? I'm too busy downing whiskey to set your lungs afire So if you think I'm the devil just wait 'til you're his shell So you can try to put out Hell's fire before you expire. Hush now, don't say a word ... I'll show you how to handle it Breathe in, take a breath, hold it 'til it hurts your lungs Feel my hands around your throat, sorry sorry hypocrite Tried to sell me down the river just to speak in tongues! Nobody lies to a liar and escapes the devils wrath Don't try to trick a trickster or they'll trick you right back But no matter what I say you won't learn your lesson in the aftermath For my greed is more than king Midas' and without the drawback I have no need for mercy, empathy or tears when I have a bloodbath And if I can bathe in your organs when all is said and done I'll gladly attack No mercy for a liar, no mercy for your tricks, no mercy from a psychopath Who's sick of your detestable melody and harmony, no longer my Prozac I'll write a better song anyway, and she'll sing it like she's on the warpath Little nymphomaniac, angel turned devil, yeah she'll be my insomniac! The feel of your skin against my tongue Devilishly sinful yet so delicious I've always had trouble, ever since I was young But watching you squirm under me has me feeling avaricious And I can't think of a single thing that has ever been sung That sounds better than you when you're trying not to be suspicious ...
  22. EXCITE! Can't wait!


  23. I've been getting mean mugged by my boss because I don't take enough time off. It got brought up at my last review actually..."if you don't start taking more time off, I'm going to write in your PD that you have to take 10 consecutive days off at least once per year." Meh...388 hours and counting...
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