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  2. I was offered candy last night and now this is what's going on with me:


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    2. Loli


      Hops onto your van for free candy:




    3. Loli


      Lies there motionless:



    4. OtakuKid


      I love this song, even though I mostly listen to anime intros

  3. That's right, for those waiting for the news of the PS5's rumored June event, the wait is over and the rumors are done. Sony has posted a PS5 even is coming Thursday June 4th. I'll be sure to post the biggest points of news after it's over, but in the meantime, let's use this announcement to talk about what our hopes for the PS5 are going to be, along with anything else next gen.
  4. KFC has a visual novel?

    1. XII360


      and senpai-colonel sanders be hot coughhomocough

    2. RuthisianCodex


      I played it & it was beyond hilarious. 

  5. Drawings , Im better at drawing . ( i guess anime characters would come to life ?)
  6. Peanut butter and nutella sandwich . Strange , but it taste good . Plus i also had milk.
  7. The number you have dialed is not available at this time , Please try again later.

  8. I doubt that she will leave her alone . If i was tohru maybe i would call the police ? Geez , i wonder what polices are for
  9. In the process of replacing all the sauces/condiments I use in cooking with better alternatives i.e. no sodium ketchup, salt free spice blends, etc. 

    I'm really glad I started this gradually because if I tried to do this all at once I would be completely overwhelmed. To anyone else who is trying to overhaul their health, please remember to give yourself time to adjust. :) 

  10. Thought this was interesting https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-05-29/freddie-mercury-the-great-pretender-song-will-be-great-pretender-anime-theme-song/.160065
  11. Article about Attack on Titan’s final season including trailer https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-05-29/attack-on-titan-the-final-season-anime-promo-video-reveals-new-staff-at-mappa/.160061
  12. A full English translation of the 2008 NDS game Soul Eater: Medusa’s Plot (based on the hit anime of the same name) has been released! Set at Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school founded by Lord Death, the story follows the adventures of Maka Albarn and her giant scythe weapon, the titular Soul Eater, whose ultimate goal is to make Soul into a Death Scythe. However, they are struggling to find and claim the witch’s soul they need to achieve it. A retelling of the first half of the anime’s storyline, players can step foot into the shoes of Maka, Black☆Star and Kid, to train and take on missions that will test their metal, fighting against some of the legendary villains from the series. This release marks the first completed project by the Anime Game Translations Team hosted on Discord, with many more, we hope, to come! Still not convinced? Check out the first five minutes of gameplay below; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ImN3k3Uak
  13. In my opinion, overall Black Clover is a good anime! Asta and Yuno's character development is amazing! To keep it short and sweet, the plot is about never giving up and cherishing your friends. More so how friends can be your family! I think everyone should give it a try, I would say if you watch the 1st 10 episode then it will have you hooked to where you will want to know what happens next! Hope this helped!
  14. @Koshigaya23 Haha, you have pegged me true. I am definitely a Tenchi fan though my favorite "Tenchi" is Kenshi Masaki. There was so much wrong with that boy...and yet I really bellylaughed at some of his misadventures (and felt his romantic interest to be more defined and less noncommittal). I think they did the right amount of everything with him. He basically was all the girls from the Tenchi OVA mixed together with a splash of Tenchi to round him out. The multiple timelines/universes (not to mention the family relations...) have probably made it one of the most difficult series to explain to people. Surprisingly enough, although my sister was not really an anime fan (she really only loved Sailor Moon), she did love the Tenchi OVA (was an Ayeka supporter from the start) and it really bothered me that they never went back to finish properly the OVA back in the day (I'm not sure what they released later on is a proper telling....it was missing some things and felt really rushed. Did not match the care and quality of the original OVA storyline). To this day I am still aghast that they made Tenchi in Tokyo (the only Tenchi I never bothered to buy. I might someday get it via a used anime vendor if the price is right although I'll never watch it willingly). The Tenchi Quiz was me alright I should make another one. I actually gave that quiz to a friend of mine and she was surprised how much of Tenchi she had forgotten. I have to ask....do you cringe when you think of Daughter of Darkness? And $120 for the OVA boxset... I waited and waited for the pricedrop...then when I finally gave up on waiting they had run out of product. Apparently, they knew we'd all eventually give in lol.... I have not managed to watch the Mihoshi Special. It has been on my list for a while actually. I do remember however downloading an emulator so I could play the Tenchi game on my computer (modeled after the OVA). Even though it was all in Japanese I absolutely loved it! Wow, I'm really showing my Tenchi obsession now... The YuYu Hakusho VHS were the dubs and I think I had around 5 or 6 of them. I actually left them at my parents' home when I moved out since I never finished the series on VHS but I did actually get the entire series on DVD back in one of the RightStuf sales (likely a Christmas Sale),love me some Kurama and Kuwabara hehe). I also just went through my collection upstairs and I had forgotten that I had come across a VHS boxset of Utena VHS too. First season I believe (the Rose Bride arc?). I saw that one and remembered it being rare. Unfortunately, I have no way to watch my VHS anymore since our VHS player died. So...it will remain unwatched forever. FYE....I wish they were still around here. I got so many good anime at FYE, and the random deals you'd find. I remember finding Starship Operators in one and found Last Exile for 40 bucks (they had 4 of them, all 120 bucks except for the one lol). I too collect a lot of older series truth be told. Tenchi, Cardcaptors, Solty Rei, Trigun, Big O, most Space Operas lol...a lot of the older series had great storylines and less filler/fluff. These days there's too much distracting from the story (if there even is a story), not enough depth in the characters...I can't say that's true for all, but it is certainly true for harems these days and for most anime. v_v You'll have to share with me your purchase list....you share your collection with me, I'll share with you mine... From one Collector to another. I've got so much these days from all my years of collecting I have a list typed up by genre/alphabetical order so I can verify before I purchase if I already have it or not (this is important...I have bought the same anime twice before! It happens...). Still I like seeing what other people have. It reminds me of things I've missed and still need to track down.
  15. Hit pause on Inuyasha after finishing episode 21. Started watching Saga of Tanya the Evil. Got through episode 3 today.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Looking forward to what comes next in the role play you started writing. 🌈

    1. Loli


      I left the groundwork set for others to add their own participating bit actually.

  18. I swear, if anything horrible happens to Tohru I will lose my mind...just leave her alone, Akito! Geez!
  19. Welcome in & that sounds awesome. Looking forward to getting to know you
  20. Welcome to AF, and congrats on opening up a shop! A lot of us would probably love to be able to do that. I hope it goes well, and the forums are good experience for you.
  21. Welcome to AF! (do people do that intro anymore? Been gone so long I don't even know). Regardless, I hope you enjoy your time here.
  22. Hello one and all, I'm RepentantSky and I've been gone for something like a year or more for reasons I'm not even sure of. I'm sure there's a lot of you who have come to join the forums since I've been away, and that a lot's changed, but hopefully, there are some people who remember me, and are willing to rekindle old friendships, though you'll have to excuse me, with memory as bad as mine if I don't remember you by name. Either way, I'm back, and it's good to be here again. So hi to all who know me, and welcome to everyone who's joined during my absence.
  23. This heat is not cutting it coach smh 

  24. I highly recommend horror games like A Town of Light and Close to the Sun from the studio Wired Productions, A Town of Light isn't even that scary, but it tells a dark story and the little bit of horror that it has is a lot of fun. Close to the Sun is a lot more horror based, I'd even compare it to Bioshock without the ability to fight, run and gun everything down, but that's what makes it so good.
  25. Hey everyone! I'm James, just joined the site! Been an Anime fan my whole life and finally made a dream come true that is attached to it! I just opened up my own anime shop! I want to join Forums to see what animes people are enjoying! <snip> Excited to join the community!
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