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    1. txGemgal3084
      Latest Entry

      So I like to take the time to talk about reading manga/comics.  This entry isn't so much about something specific I am currently reading but more about reading apps on my phone. I'll be quite honest I have a few (10 to be exact). That might be excessive or for some not enough. I started with one from an ad on  facebook or instagram not sure and it spiraled out.  I will divulge i mostly read romance and bl on the sites.  I have the following: webcomics, mangatoon, tapas, patreon, torycomics, tappytoon, manga renta, webtoon, coolmic(XXX), webnovel(not a good one but i can't find the comic im currently reading anywhere else).

      Webcomics, mangatoon have a point system along with buying coins to read. Some comics need money to read I'll be honest but the free coins do help

      Patreon is really good if you want to help artist in my opinion by directly funding and in doing so you do get perks. Also to can also read uncensored versions.

      My 3 favorites though thus far are tapas, tappytoon, and webtoon all are which are paying types.  Though I have to say its worth it especially tappytoon. The stories and graphics are on point. There really isn't bad translations that you get from other sites. They don't have a big collection but what they do have is great well in my opinion. 

      One of my favorites on Tappytoon is Light and Shadow was such a good story so much I would really love a hard copy. The Knight and Her Emperor is also quite excellent.

      That's all I have to say for now. As I am intrupted by a nasty thunderstorm so I'm going to get going if you have any questions about today's blog please feel free to ask. 

      The pics attached are screen shots of app icons on my phone, the 2 in the middle are tappytoon, and the last one is webtoon





    2. Despite the rain we had for several days, today was warm and bright. Not too long ago, I discovered my great-great-great-grandfather's land. His name was Mauricio S. and his land had been fought over by family for oil and mineral royalties. The drive to Atascosa was an inviting one. Long roads of country with the sun on my skin. Thanks to the Summer showers, the wild flowers bloomed in vibrant seas along the wayside. Long purples and feathergrass swayed in the breeze—their unity gave the illusion of waves, lapping at the blacktop. Horses raced, steer fed on the shimmering plains and antelope bounded over the highland. First came Poteet. Small city. Seventeen years ago I went to the Strawberry Festival and it reminded me of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in some ways. All kinds of people and styles, from every corner of the world. Sad that we're currently suffering through the pandemic or I would have checked in to see how much had changed.

      Enjoying the quiet on the outskirts of Jourdanton. Farmland eventually turned industrial. There were smokestacks and piled slabs of concrete from the Atlas Energy Co. operations. Oil field pumps bobbed against the horizon. Nina Unit was my first destination, apparently Mauricio owned a lot of land. Everything was silent apart from the clattering pumps, tuneful cicadas and the gravel under my shoes. The sunshine was wonderful and revitalizing, the smell of untamed green sailed on the gentle wind. It was a shame that the golden Monarchs had iron posts to rest upon—forewarning poisonous gas, CAUTION: MUSTER AREA, DO NOT ENTER. I couldn't imagine what it all must have looked liked when Mauricio was here. Surely more peaceful. I plucked a flower from the earth, native to the harsh landscape. Thorny and lavender. Out of all the Sunflowers, Gaillardia Pulchella and Milkweed. Prairie Thistle ended up in my hand with a light prick of the thumb. 

      Not far was the second piece of land. Which was only found after an error had been corrected. A year ago, the road leading to it was simply gravel and there was no sign indicating where you were from the main. Now, off FM 140, was recent asphalt. Signs of development and skeletal copper in collective motion. Then back on the old gravel route—into scorpion territory. It was here, Skeeter Unit, that I realized the company's persistence. Strange to see these machines and tanks, fading under heat. Even with the pandemic, it hasn't eased their thirst. All I could do was contemplate on what used to be and if one day I'd be able to walk on the soil my family once bled to upkeep. 

      What a coincidence that I had first seen this land on a road trip when I was eleven or twelve years old. Looked on it fondly from across the street, at the massive field of sunflowers there. Guess we're always meant to cross paths with the past in some form. 

      Speaking of family, there's a burger place in Poteet called Roxy's Burgers. It's owned by my second cousin and his girlfriend. Will need to stop by one day! 

      As for Mauricio, a Moorish descendant with Aztec blood, the mystery resides in how he came into so much property. From Texas to California! 



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