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    Anyone watch Tiger and Bunny??? It is awesome!!! Back when it was airring, I remember everyone I know was spazing over this The idea behind the anime was interesting and orginal!
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    The movie was great. Tho I expected more action scenes... However, it was fansicate! I think this movie is a build up for Rebuild 4.0 tho... Rei Ayanami did not survive the 3rd impact... It was said that her 'soul' is now in Eva01 with Shinji mum.. The Rei in Rebuild 3.0 is a clone. She have not experienced the things the orginal Rei experience and hence, the lack of feelings, emotions and behaviour. Hahahaha As for the rest of the question I will have to rewatch it to gain more knowledge... >< hahaha I agree that I like how they focuses on Kaworu's character more here, as compared to the TV series whereby is kinda just a touch and go... lol
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