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    Sshhhh~~~Yuno is here….. Although many people thinks that Yuno is too bloody and twisted, but eh…..I actually enjoy watching Yuno killing other people…=.= What kind of twisted creepy person am I……. But what’s your favorite anime character in Mirrai Nikki?
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    I re-watched Elfen Lied with my best friend! It's her favourite anime and I got her the box set ^^ Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van AN Community Forums
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    I enjoy the old-style battle systems. I'm a big fan of old-school RPGs with front/side-facing combat. I've been working on learning to code Ruby, as I have a few ideas for a battle system I'd like to put together at some point, as well as other things. I used to do spritework in my youth, but aside from that I'm a more traditional artist. Sadly I've been in a slump lately and can't decide what to draw.

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