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    Hey Guys, Friends and work colleagues have been going crazy about this app. Basically its Pokemon which be caught at random locations ie building streets and so on. It uses your GPS and when you find a Pokemon it uses your camera to display it where you are located. like when im at work i found a few Pokemon on my keyboard and monitors. you can also do gym battles. check it out and let me know what you think
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    I just like it find it fun and I'm good at it
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    Thank you everyone, I want to say surgery went well, and am officially back home now. but it will be a decent amount of time to recover. So lots and lots of anime to watch while I recover! Currently watching one called Inu x Boku Secret Service.. it's a bit weird but it's also super cute! I'll let you all know what I officially think of it when I finish it! xoxox bootsies
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    Just basketball.

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