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  1. I'd recommend it, I don't mind Movie 1st's Raising Heart design, although I prefer Nanoha's original barrier jacket with her big red bow, also as mentioned before some of the events are slightly more madcap than Movie 1st; a giant kitten and a mutant tree! Similarly with A's vs. Movie 2nd, the movie cuts out the scenes of fake Nanoha and fake Fate, which is a shame! As for StrikerS, some people don't like it, although it's quite enjoyable for introducing new characters, and the Nanoha Overkillness; what setting is Nanoha going to crank her overkillness to this time ? EDIT: There's even a higher setting on the overkill settings with the manga Nanoha Force! latest?cb=20151021162155 Some more pictures of the Fortress, can be found here and here! There's also another Force picture, with Mariel Atenza, but I can't really see it as anything but fanservice!
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