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    I'm watching Golden Time, i'm so conflicted with it tho I mean honestly, the two girls. Linda and koko, both good people but he is already with one but he feels for the other. Why does this happen to meh
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    Does it mean that you want to execute me next? :'( It's as if being nice to me is a really big issue HAHAHA
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    i have no idea who to vote for to be honest
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    Still no votes? Wat is dis. Lol.
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    I did a simple thing. A bit late, but hopefully it can squeak in. Only made minor adjustments to the original, but it works fairly decently I think... and resizes down really low fairly well.
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    That can indeed be a problem. Having too many expectations be they high or low, can make or break the enjoyment of any form of entertainment. That's why I always either try to avoid hype or negativity altogether, or do my best ignore them, so that I can try to enjoy a show for what it is, without thinking about the opinions of people who may or may not agree with it. Also, I can't think of a single anime I've ever seen where it's first episode had me so hooked into the show that I knew I'd watch it till the end without fail. Even in a shorter anime like Your Lie in April, it does take a few episodes to become truly engrossed.
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    Lots are being killed in fastfood chains. Hope that answers your question grandson
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    Do you think there are more of us potatoes out there ?
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    Did the other potatoes get a chance like me
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    Only RyePotatoes Yep. Haha You're adopted. Yep. You are. Time for you to know the truth. :crazy:
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    I sense you may want to join
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    What patch did i grow from grandma, i vaguely remember the other potatoes but i dont remember much before the move :P
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    Are there any famous celebrity potatoes you know of?
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    You're my best friend!! What's your reaction?
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    Your new profile pic is cute, but not the same as the one before. Anyway, how do potatoes have kids? How do you have a grandson? (Okay, it might sound s bit gross. But I was just thinking when this popped into my head. I read in Biology about how plants reproduce, but that stuff's too boring.)
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    They are nice,but i can write only fanfictions there?
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    Just a thought, but if you're going to put a warning of graphic content at the start of a thread, it's probably not really good to post it in the initial post where everyone can see it by simply entering this forum. Anyways, I'm fairly unfamiliar with the games myself. I wasn't allowed to play them as a kid because my Mom wasn't completely convinced at the time that violent video games didn't lead to violent actions, and I for some reason haven't ever gone back and played them. I've seen them played a bit here and there though, so they do interest me. Soon as I have the money and time, I really should really pick them up and try them myself.
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    As long as we're including movies, because that's where most of my knowledge for 3D anime comes from, I'd say .hack://Beyond The World. It doesn't really stand up animation wise all that well now, in fact it kind of looks like Code Lyoko in terms of animation, but I like it. It has a good story, the characters are really believable, and it did a good job convincing me at the time that anime being in 3D might not be all that bad. Too bad it turned out that movement had to become more plastic looking as time moved on, or that it got mixed with far superior 2D animation, but for the time, I had hope of the idea succeeding.
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    Spoilers ahead (obviously) but if you haven't watched it, you should watch it, and then come back to this thread. Wow! What a first episode! First off, I am in love with the opening. Very catchy stuff. It definitely started off slow. I had the totally wrong impression of the MC at first. He seems quite shy (which I guess he really is), but ultimately at the end of the day he showed another side to himself later on. But what really surprised me was Misaki's answer to Yuusuke's confession. I haven't read the source material but initial impressions from the little bit of Lilina that we did see here... Idk I feel like she is going to be a character that we hate at first but eventually becomes a tsundere all too typical for this genre... or any genre... Would be nice to see the trope deconstructed here. Really early on but so far I optimistically give it 4/5 stars... I liked it. Time will tell how it stacks up to other romance anime, and also to the other anime airing this season. What did you guys think?
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    This is exactly why I try to avoid series with a lot of hype or just look through things on my own. Nowadays, whether it is something I read or watch, I do not expect too much, except maybe a good story or comedy. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude has led people to tell me that things will be great if I think they are going to be at the time I go in, when they do not understand that such an optimistic stance will only go so far.

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