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    Entries for the contest have been collected! Contest voting begins today, Monday July 10th and ends Tuesday July 11th @6:30 AM EST. Voting is welcomed by all members - you have twenty four hours! This first GotW contest is based around avatars! THEME FOR THIS MONTH IS: ANGEL There will be 3 winner slots. 1st place: 10,000 credits 2nd place: 5,000 credits 3rd place: 2,500 credits Entries: @Frost @ItsSammy @zin @zoop Good luck to all that entered!
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    Awesome work people, I just dropped my vote. Goodluck to everyone!
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    We have no clues or anything. Quite understandable, zinnie. Lol
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    I find the whole nosebleed thing pretty ridiculous. I've never understood why they did it, aside from trying to make a joke. To me, it just seems like a cliche that needs to be erased. I've never found it funny, and always thought it to be cringe worthy. I'd like to hear some opinions on it though! I loved the list btw. < 3
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    Them? But...my avatar's just a girl. Singular.
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    I like your nickname.
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    The clues are your own interactions, who has voted for who, and who was killed during the night, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Soooo, we have one vote for Nectar. Regardless if any other votes come in, the day will close tomorrow evening (Pacific time) - whoever has the most votes at that time will be dead. So like... yeah, stuff and things.
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    Thank you to all who participated! @Cy~ @RyePotatoes @Nectar @Nutty @Sekkarou @GreenEyes @Wet Would also like to show appreciation to @Optic by extending all the love letters that were written for you: [spoiler=To:Optic From:Cy~] Dear Senpai, The other night, I had a dream of us, just the two of us. In this dream, we sat on a beach at the end of the world. It was not long after the sun had set, and there was, above us, just a slice of moon, a delicate light. A hint of sea breeze tinted the air. The stars slowly flickered above us. It was a beautiful night, and we were spending it together - just looking out at the sea, watching the waves play in the sand. I remember your hand in mine… It was so warm, so pleasant… When I awoke, this morning, I felt so sure that the dream had been real. I was certain that we had fallen asleep in each other’s embrace. When my eyes opened, I just knew that you would be there with me, still holding me. I looked to my left and my right, but I was alone, so alone and lonely. My heart broke in that moment. Now, I am writing this letter, in the hope that you can mend it again. This may seem quite sudden to you, I suppose. You and I have scarcely exchanged but a few words since we each entered the other’s world. Now, you receive this letter from me, someone that you, perhaps, have never really noticed. I can understand if you feel strange when reading this, but while you have perhaps never noticed me, I have noticed you, I have watched you, and I have admired you intensely… But, more than all of this… I have loved you, Senpai. I have loved you intensely, from the moment I first saw you. This seems sudden, I’m sure, because I have loved you without telling you. I… I couldn’t tell you, because I suffer from a shyness that holds me unmoving, like a set of heavy iron chains. Even to write this letter to tell you of my love, it takes all of my strength. If I could only show you, all of the times that I lingered around you, hoping you would see me. All of the times that I supported you and yours from the shadows, hoping you would notice me. All of the times that I approached you, filled with words to say and choked pitifully on them as you walk away from me. With all of this, my love has built up like a crushing, strangling weight on my soul. The crushing weight on my soul, it compels me to write to you. Senpai, I love you with my heart, my soul, my body. I want to be with you, to feel your warm arms around me, to be with you in your loving embrace, to please you, to love you with all that I have as no one else could. Even as I write, I feel my heart yearning in my chest… Our love, this love, it was meant to be - we were fated before time to meet and to love. Please… I would like nothing more than for us to be together… I can promise you, with all that I have, that I am the one for you. Love me, Senpai… Your love is all that I ask. - Cy~ [spoiler=To:Optic From:RyePotatoes] Dear Senpai, I've been meaning to send this letter for a while now but I can't bring myself to send this to you via postmail cause I'm afraid that if I do you might end up marrying the postman and that would mean additional work to do in terms of combusting, poisoning, murder and of sorts. If you're wondering why you only have this letter on your mail box it is because I've already burned the other love letters and accidentally included your electricity bill for the month Anyways, here is my poem for You: Dear Optic Senpai, This poem starts with roses are red Red like the blood she will soon shed Inside her head she must embed My mad love for you or she's dead Are you either scared or misled? I'll change to a tsun tsun instead I'm a hotheaded potato With face red as a tomato Everytime my eyes detects you I send you love in my deathblows My denial in every punch combo *points at my psycho self* You don't want that Yuno Psycho (No-no-not th-th-thaat you want me either or anything---- I'll kick you!) *girl with knee-high socks with neko ears with abnormally flat chest enters* Excuse me aunties, let me through I'm a lolita through and through These deres are so overdue Senpai, it is me you're into, This neko loli's just for you Optic Senpai Daisuki da yo Three of my personality One can make you a casualty, (Tsundere) Other causes brutality (Yandere) And one brings hospitality (Loli) In my love you shouldn't worry I'll be yours for eternity. Forever watching not because I like you or anything *imitates a neko loli and purrs* nyaaaaa, RyePotatoes [spoiler=To:Optic From:Nectar] Hey Optic. Now I know you’ll be extremely busy but please read this. The whole thing. It’d mean a lot. I’m gonna be really blunt and just say this… but I’m in love with you. I’m completely and hopelessly obsessed with you. I find myself at your profile tens, maybe hundreds of times every day, gazing at every post you’ve ever made in awe... for you. It’s silly really, but your words, and your work for this community, they have really changed a lot about my life. Learning about everything from how you use superglue to whether pineapple works on a pizza… it all just seems so profound in my eyes, and I find that I’m transfixed by your words, always. But most of all, what I love about you the most is the elegant, beautiful and arguably sexy forum that you have single-handedly raised. Suckled by your devoted, seemingly magical bosom of management and infinite understanding, you have produced a website so grand that it turns trolls to dust and jettisons their defeated ashes far from your wake from a metaphorical leaf-blower. Born from between your ever-loving legs has come this: the Anime Forums, a community not limited by its name but by the contents of its member’s breakfasts, the last thing that they bought, and occasionally… their shoes. You have done all of this, from your IKEA desk in the company of half a dozen Hyperdimension Neptunia merchandises, lit by your wonky adjustable lamp that watches over you and the suspiciously over-refilled tissue box. You, Senpai. For that much, for all of the tireless hours of playing with default settings, for spending your hard earned cash on your own tissue refills, for actually appreciating pineapple on a pizza, I love you. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you love you too. Because damn. You a sexy admin if I ever saw one. [spoiler=To:Optic From:Nutty] [spoiler=To:Optic From:Sekkarou] To my beloved Senpai, I can still remember the first time you noticed me. Back when nobody noticed a newcomer like me, you came. I think it was the nicest and sweetest thing ever. We had similar interests and I enjoyed talking to you about it. That game we were talking about, I replayed it again, because it reminded me that you enjoyed the game also. I’m so glad I got to meet you, Senpai. You are always so nice to me, even willing to go extra lengths for me. I found that extremely sweet. That kindness might not be exclusive to me, but I’m still happy that you put in extra effort for me, something other people rarely do. I know that you’re going through so much right now with life and the forums both, but no matter what happens, I just want you to know how much you and your effort means to me. Keep being the awesome and lovable Senpai that you are, please. I wuv you, Senpai~ Love lots, -Sekkarou [spoiler=To:Optic From:GreenEyes]Dear Optic Senpai, since I have joined the forums I have seen the work you put into them and the community that they have brought together! I have joined this community you have worked so hard to make for us all! You have helped many members with problems that they had and did your best to fix them, and you succeeded many times over for anyone who needed it! Not only did you help people fix problems you improved features and worked hard to make the forums one of the best out there! I will always be apart of this community you have made! You have started contests, made us laugh, give a place to come together, worked hard and so much more we probably don't even know about! You greet new users with open arms to join AF and be apart of our community! My favorite part of you and what you have done is how you haven't given up, you work, laugh, smile and sometimes cry but will never give up! You give many things to our community to improve it and bring more people together, to make a place for people to ask questions discuss and debate on anime! Thank you for your hard work Optic Senpai! You are the best! -Greeneyes Please Notice me Senpai! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! Optic Senpai is the best! [spoiler=To:Optic From:Wet]Optic Senpai... Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow ... ...SENPAI YOU'RE THE GREATEST. I had my eye on you for a while and I am a traveler that comes and goes on these forums. However the two things that always stays is my love for Senpai and belief that Kirry is really Beyonce. And no, I didn't prepare a damn speech for this love letter, I'm actually typing right now off my feeling and emotions. I'M PUTTING EVERY SINGLE EFFORT INTO MAKING SENPAI NOTICE ME RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT. WHAT'S DIFFERENT FROM ME AND THESE OTHERS IS THAT I'M NOT FAKE LIKE THOSE POSERS... You may not know me and that's okay, but you're the greatest Senpai. Now, what's even more important than winning these credits Senpai, is something completely different. I'd be honored i-if you could be moist with me and join the first ever Anime Forums guild called the Moist Guild. THIS IS MY TRUE REQUEST. MONEY DOES NOT DEFINE LOVE, WHAT WILL TRULY MAKE ME HAPPY IF YOU JOIN THIS GUILD SENPAI.
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    Never know. She looks like a girl, but there are also characters called traps, such as Hideyoshi Kinoshita, and the word they can also refer to people (singular or pural) with an unspecified gender. Thanks for verifying though. As for the avatar above me right now, I will have my guard up, since appearances are deceiving.
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    Once upon a time... There was a small child. She was 47 years old. She looked in the mirror and saw only a small middle-aged orc. "What's your name?" she shyly asked. It peered at her and said, "Muh name is Jeff". Scary right?
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    Im singular and ill gladly hug you! Do you prefer it if i hug you in my lucky cat form or my original form?
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    Banned for having a cool avatar.
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    Wow, time flies - it has already been 6 months since that pre-order.... I'm happy to say that Shielder arrived today! Will unbox and find a spot for her in the coming days. Yes... yes... I agree!
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    Hmm...Did you know that I'm always the shy girl? And I'm so scared of doing something embarrassing that I just embarrass myself more? This reply is SO informative!:)
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    That you're a kid who asks too many questions and is going on an adventure.:)
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    *throws a temper tantrum* I wanna be in the social media team!!! How do I ?
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    What about my true form? Would you hug me now?
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    I mean it's a freaking cat, so like, yeah, who wouldn't unless they are deathly allergic, and let's be honest, that might not stop everyone.
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    Hard to notice any kind of difference when everyone is like, hiding and only shows up with a vote that isnt even their own.
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    Neato. Glad to see you're still tinkering with things and trying to improve them. :3
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    I did a simple thing. A bit late, but hopefully it can squeak in. Only made minor adjustments to the original, but it works fairly decently I think... and resizes down really low fairly well.
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    Okay. I wear a cape. Am I Batman or Superman? I wear a ripped off necklace and just one earring. Um, excuse me? I have huge elf-like ears. Am I an otaku or a character from the movie The Hobbit? I wear an old fashioned dress top but I have frilly short pants underneath. So maybe yo can understand me now?
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    My husband stopped watching Inuyasha for that reason and I'm pleased to tell you he and I just watched all of it thanks to a recent season that was released and wrapped everything up! For me : Naruto, DZB, One Piece, Fairy Tail all because they're way too long especially if they aren't complete yet. Panty and Stocking because even though I like the art and idea it's just too gross. Attack on Titan because I don't care about the characters that have been the focus lately. Log Horizon for a similar reason. There was a fantasy anime I can't think of the name of that had some magical girls (usually my favorite) but it had way too much fan service. I also quit Scrapped Princess. It's super great but once you kinda get what's going on it's very preductable.
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    OMG I LOVE MILKA. Like, I know your post is ancient and all, but Milka. Also, I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't care much for dark chocolate, and goes almost entirely for milk chocolate.
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    It feels like a cash grab to me. Basically, they can save time on writing by just recycling the same old story, again. It's kinda sad, actually, since anime games that build on a story or make their own stories can actually be quite beautiful. It probably won't be, tbh, but it's possible that people will buy it anyway, just because they like the anime that it's based on.
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