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    Sorry if this has been done but I did a search and also checked the 3 three pages of this subforum and didn't find it. But I want to copy from other folks and find out who's everyone favorite red haired anime characters! I'm a redhead myself and I love SO MANY red haired anime characters, but I'll limit mine to one. I love Erza Scarlet. Plus you get to see her in a ton of different gear which is awesome.
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    Made this a few weeks ago.Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4SfpkkFY5o
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    I'd have to gently remind her that she's not 18 years old that any sort sort of relationship would be wholly inappropriate
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    This is something I've always wondered about anime as well. I've yet to come across a 'true' horror anime. It's either zombies or monsters. It doesn't involve ghosts, slow moments of tension, suspense and build-up in dark places, the occasional jump-scares. The only one that has some moments of horror is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. But, it is a psychological thriller for the most part. Another is also something that's closer to horror than most shows that call themselves as belonging to the genre, but, it's still a slasher.
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    Well, i really love SAO but i can't be disagree with some of your ideas... The truth is, SAO is a really good anime, i love watching it again and again but only the first seasons... Aincrad, Fairy Dance and Phantom Bullet were amazing as well as the fights. BUT after that, i think they should have ended it, every good things don't last forever. The next seasons are too "kind", no deaths no real fights/aventure like the first season.
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    This is definitely understandable. I would have disagreed with you much more, but after having gone through the VN, I felt like I connected with the characters better and such there. I Think that the big reason for it was because they tried to cover every route in both Clannad and Clannad AS, whereas you chose the route in Clannad and started and stopped there, with probably the possible exception being Fuko, Koumura, Nagisa, and the Fujibayashi sisters, as the first three all had only slight variations to their story and the the sisters were basically the same story with different endings. For me, Luffy was just plain annoying, regardless of dubbing, and never really enjoyed following him, not to mention the added bonus of annoying fillers, so I dropped it, but I have to agree that Deku not being a complete coward was nice thing about MHA.
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    This is an extremely unpopular opinion, but, I didn't like Clannad or Clannad: After Story. Both of them were, at best, mediocre. And, it's not because romance anime or anime about relationships(of any sort), this was a bit too sappy for me, and that made me not connect with the characters as much as I hoped. The thing with whiny protagonists is that they usually are one of the factors why I dislike an anime more. This is why, even though One Piece is not per se my favourite Shounen anime, Luffy is easily my favourite Shounen MC. But, I do get used to it(as I did with Naruto), but sometimes, it makes me drop stuff(like Fairy Tail, but, there were other, more potent reasons that made me do it). The silver-lining is that Deku wasn't a complete coward, so I was still able to get behind him in MHA.
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