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    I hated SAO! I mean, I really, really hated it for a simple reason: Kirito. I loved the idea about "you die in the game you die in real life", and actually had an idea for a story based off of it, but that's about it. Kirito is a total Mary Sue. A literal Mary Sue and this utterly ruins everything else about Sword Art Online. All of these female characters have no development whatsoever, appear in one episode, then we don't see them until the final season. I actually liked Asuna, but I feel like once she got into a relationship with Kirito, her character degraded to a damsel in distress in season two.
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    Yes it's true! Guess it's just a great concept and characters who have continued to capture people's imagination. Project is for work, fun job!
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    Oh, as soon as I saw this topic I knew I had to go and watch it. First off, Momoka looks like Mirai from Kyoukai No Kanata. Other than that, it seems like Eita's father is going to turn out to be a terrible person. Initially I didn't like how they jumped from characters constantly, but afterwards it does make sense when you find out that a lot of them know Eita but it's definitely not something I'd like to see continued. Another problem I had was with the flashbacks, I didn't even know it was one until after it was over and I easily see it causing confusion if they continue to handle it like that. I think the problem also lies with how characters tend to look the same in middle school as in high school, a trope that should stop. It kind of reminds me of Myself ; Yourself in the premise of someone coming back to his hometown and reuniting with all his friends, though without the brief somgoekgyo of what life was like before the main character moved away. The characters seem likeable enough but only time will tell if this story will be worth diving into.
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    I wish I had a more interesting story of self-discovery to tell here, but the truth is my mother did not give a single solitary spit that I watched anime and/or read manga. It was just something I did, and something my brother did, and she took little interest in it herself but knew we enjoyed it so that was that. I'm sorry to hear everyone so far has had tales of general disapproval. :-(
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    I think this plot and story has way too many cliches. The host idea is like Tokyo ghoul especially with the host coming out of their backs and being used as weapons. The apocalyptic society seems a bit too similar to Akira as well. Though less important, I will mention problems with the character designs. The designs for them have barley anything to make them stand out which makes them look like actors from a action movie but animated. While talking about art I think the bodies need to look better. Some characters have unfitting body shapes such as the white haired guys chin being off to the side and way too long downward. I do like you ambition and the idea of making a project independently but I think you should work on the ideas and designs for the series a bit longer before beginning the animation process.

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