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    Should be studying for all the exams I have for the next to weeks but here I am sitting around catching up on Riverdale....
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    My holidays are over and I'm back to full-time work. But I will endeavour to stay active and keep the anime topics active.
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    @SleepyLeoulf I forgot about Gaara being a redhead! He most definitely is on my list as well. He's my darling little cinnamon roll.
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    Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay here please take care and have a wonderful rest of the day~
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    Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. And raspberry Ice tea.
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    "S'Mores" cookies and tea... girl scout cookie season here.
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    From the album: The beedles

    Just Boys hanging Out

    © If you use this you will be banned

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    Someone thought it was unique for a guy to like Free! so much. I mean you don't see that everyday. Free is a great anime!
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    Heya. Welcome to AF. Nice to meet you, i'm Tefutakato or Tef for short. Hope you're having a good time here.
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    The animation is undeniably fabulous, the characters are relatable, and the story itself is good. I'm giving 9 stars because of the cliffhanger that the season ENDS on. Just before gearing up for something big they hit you with "Season 3...Coming 2018" I mean WHAT THE [redacted]
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    Drank: Mountain Dew Ate: Pizza
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    A glass of... dihydrogen monoxide.
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