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    Open world games such as Skyrim, the dragon age series and fallout series and other games like Red dead redemption and the Gta series
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    In the bathtub while I’m having a soak
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    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was looking around and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a thread on this yet. On other forums I've been on, there's been a thread related to how you're feeling at the moment. I think it's cool to share the good things going on in our lives, but to also support one another when we're having down days. So, whatever you happen to be feeling, go ahead and share! Right now, I'm currently feeling good overall. I was a little stressed about the future, but I'm also happy with becoming more independent as an adult. ^^
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    Howl's Moving Castle? Sophie unfortunately encounters the Witch of the Wastes in her hat shop who curses her to be an old woman...unfortunately, part of the curse is that you can't speak of it to anyone who isn't already aware of it. It'll just gum up your mouth to keep you from talking. She decides that she should run from her life as she couldn't tell anyone the truth of what happened to her (and she didn't want anyone to see) and she sets off into the Wastes (possibly to beat the old Witch of the Wastes over the head with a cane until she reversed the spell...it isn't indicated in the anime, only in the book) and comes across Howl's Moving Castle (which varies in size over the time of the story). She then forcefully moves in (her old lady personality is completely different from her timid hat-maker personality) after making a deal with a fire demon in the hearth.... Sound familiar?
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    「Moetron-Subs」 Hatsune Miku - "Love is War" 3DPV (English Subs) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Dqb6uJ8WY
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    RPG's will always and forever be my favorite genre of game, by miles above the rest. The stories, the characters, the atmosphere and in a lot of ways, the combat of RPG's are very unique to it's genre and sub-genre's and anything similar to those at least to me, has always felt like an imitation. Not a bad one, in many cases mind, but RPG's are a quality all their own that few can match.
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    I on the other hand am free to enjoy a cup right now. I'd normally answer with spaghetti, but I've had a lot of that recently. So, lasagna seems more appealing.
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    I'd like to disagree on the simple bit I have no favorite genre altho I have favorite games per genre and per age There are old gen games that inspired new gen games but I still love em all. RPG: Multi player old gen - Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction Multi player new gen - Guild Wars 2 Single player old gen - Gothic 2 Single player new gen - Dark Souls series, Witcher series, Fallout series RTS: old gen Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge haven't found a RTS game worth mentioning since then. Turned Based Strategy: Heroes of Might and Magic series and Civilization series FPS: old gen Counter Strike new gen Rainbow Six Siege Horror genre: Have you ever played Alien Isolation in a dark room at night alone on a massive projector screen while high? no? try it I dare you same goes for some of the Resident Evil games, Silent Hill games, Outlast games, The Evil Within games, Last of us... Adventure genre: new gen - Life is strange - that game is awesome Fun little multiplayer games: Worms, Tekken... and so on
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    I like the another one good anime. it was nice and dark slowly building up for the finale they went all battle royale on one another oh that was a good movie as well battle royale have you guys seen it? Such a happy picture
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    I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to anime I will watch pretty much watch anything though my guilty pleasure is yaoi I'm a Gemini I was born in the morning during an Annular Eclipse I'm a heavy procrastinator!!
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    Here's something a bit different! How about I show you all some neat tricks I've learned? I've used photoshop and others like it for about 17 years, and am mostly self-taught. Somewhere along the line, I figured out how to animate as well, and had a bit of fun learning how to make some interesting effects. However, I've never actually written a tutorial before... but I thought why not, haven't seen any on AF yet, I'll be a pioneer here. So I'm going to explain how to go about making this: Pretty cool, huh? You can use it to make avatars, signatures, icons, whatever else. I'll try to keep this fairly user-friendly, but expect some semi-advanced stuff once we get to actually animating it. I recommend you at least familiarise yourself with Photoshop and its tools before diving into this. You will need: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Adobe Imageready CS2 Both can be downloaded 100% free and legal here. (Serial numbers are provided.) Note: You only really need to download Photoshop CS2; Imageready should come bundled with it. Choose your base image. Pick something cool that would look good on a broken monitor. My subject for the purpose of this tutorial shall be Genos from OPM, because cyborgs are cool and stuff. I cropped it down to a signature appropriate aspect ratio. To begin, we are going to need to make a pattern to emulate a screen. To do this, create a new image (File > New) and just make a simple 1x2px with a transparent background. Set your foreground colour to black, and pick up your pencil tool, set it to 1px and fill in just the top half of the image. Zoom in if you need to. (Ctrl+0) Go to Edit > Define Pattern. Name it whatever and hit OK. No need to save, you can close the window if you like. Now you can open up your base image. I'm going to go ahead and start by desaturating it first (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate) because it just looks better as a black and white image. Right click your Background layer and Duplicate. Name the new layer simply 'bg' and hide the Background layer. Just in case. Create a new transparent layer on top of 'bg'. Go to Edit > Fill and select 'Pattern' from the dropdown. Then choose the newly created scanline pattern. Click OK. Set that layer to 'Overlay' and then right click and 'Merge Down'. Ta-dah, we now have the basic image. Make a new transparent layer, name it 'line'. Take the pencil tool, set it to white, 5px. Drag it across very top of image while holding the shift key (this keeps the line straight.) Set that layer to Overlay. Run a Guassian Blur on it (Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur), about 5.0 radius. You can now hide 'line' for now. Select 'bg' and duplicate it until you have 10 of them. Name them in ascending order: 'blur' 'motion' 'gradient 1' 'gradient 2' 'gradient 3' 'gradient 4' 'noise 1' 'noise 2' 'noise 3' 'noise 4' Then hide them all. Your layer panel should look like this: Hey, I didn't say there wouldn't be some work involved here. This is the part where we build up the animation frames! (Yeet!) Select and show 'blur'. Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur, set the radius to 10. Done. Hide it. Show 'motion'. Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set the angle to 90 and the Distance to 15. Done. Hide it. Show 'gradient 1', set foreground colour to black and use Blending options > gradient overlay like so (ensure the gradient selected is Foreground/Transparent, NOT Foreground/Background!: ) Boom hide that layer. Show 'gradient 2', repeat gradient overlay settings, except set the scale to 100% instead. Hide it. Show 'gradient 3', select the Gradient Tool (G) and set it black to transparent. Make two gradients by holding down the shift key and dragging it in the direction you want the gradient to go until you have a horizontal line still visible: Hol' up, don't hide it, we're not done. Open up the Liquify tool (Filter > Liquify) and select the Pucker Tool on the left. Adjust your settings and then click the middle to 'pinch' it. Ok, now we're done, now you can hide it. For 'gradient 4' we will use the gradient tool again, except this time we are going vertical, so just shift+drag the gradient left and right instead of up and down. Run motion blur on this after you do the gradient at 0 degrees, 15 distance to get this: Hide that one. Show 'noise 1'. Run Filter > Noise > Add noise. Check 'Monochromatic' and set the amount around 130%: You can repeat this for the other three noise layers using Ctrl+F. The goal is to get varied results. Now save your work as a .psd file and back it up. It's time to animate this bad boy. Go to File > Edit in ImageReady and it will open the programme. You can close Photoshop now if you like. When IR opens, you will probably want to open up your animation panel and adjust your workspace. Go to Window > Animation. I recommend setting it up like this so everything is nice and snug: On the Animation panel, click 'Duplicate frame' to add a new animation frame. Note the numbers above the frames, I will be using them for reference so we don't get lost here. On frame 1, you should have ONLY 'bg' showing. The layer 'bg' should be showing for ALL frames. On frame 2, you should have only 'bg' and 'blur' toggled as showing. Add frame 3. Hide 'blur' and show 'motion'. Add frame 4. Hide 'motion' and show 'gradient 1'. Add frame 5. Hide 'gradient 1' and show 'gradient 2'. Repeat this until frame 11. Add frame 12. Show only 'bg' and 'line'. Ensure that 'line' is still set to Overlay; if not, fix that now. Add frame 13. Using the layer move tool, hold down the shift key and drag the line from the top to the bottom of the image. Now click the tween button with frame 13 still selected. Tween with previous frame, add 10 frames and ensure all parameters are checked. Click OK. If you did it right, you ought to have 23 frames. Add frame 24, hide 'line'. Only 'bg' should be showing. Now add more frames until you have 30. The more of these basic frames you add now, the more space there will be between the screen blip animations. You can press the play button on the Animation timeline here if you want to preview what you have so far. Now would be a good time to add text or a border if you prefer. Any new layers you add now will automatically be present in all frames. =] When satisfied, you can save the GIF using File > Save Optimised As. Feel free to play around with settings, frames, even add a few more effects to get different results. And that's all! Let me know if anyone wants to see more tutorials in the future. And of course, questions and comments, requests, etc, are all welcome here. Slightly unrelated: Anybody know what I'm supposed to be using for tags? I suck at this.
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    I have a premium crunchy sub and a netflix account that I stream from. Sometimes I'll use hulu. No place has everything though, and I can't afford to subscribe everywhere. Finding new stuff is sometimes tricky. I do this too. I've got pretty much my entire DVD library online at this point. Just like the first thing I do with CD I buy is rip it to itunes, the first thing I do with every DVD I buy is rip it to my Plex server on my NAS. (Hardware is a Synology DS713+.) I bought both the android and iOS clients for Plex, plus I use the web interface from my desktop system for both watching my shows and editing/managing the metadata in Plex. Nice setup. Physically, I usually use either my old Samsung Galaxy tablet (either plex or crunchy apps) or my desktop. I've got a dual-head system, one of which is a decent-sized (42") HD monitor so I'll throw the show up there and either kick back in my chair (comfy!) or use the other monitor to work on something while I'm watching. Sometimes I'll use my roku on the big monitor's alternate input, but that's getting rarer and rarer. Usually I use my computer.
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    It sounds magical when you listen to it with headphones.
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    try aura battler dunbine, xabungle, or heavy metall l-gaim those are also by gundams director and have great mecha designs
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    Exactly! If I didn't jump like a startled cat, then I wasn't scared. I don't entirely agree here. Fear doesn't have to be due to a real threat. It is due to a perceived threat (real or imagined). Nightmares and a host of phobias show that. In that sense, anime can induce fear. Now most anime in the horror genre does not scare me but Another did a great job in building the atmosphere to make me feel very unsettled. And to this day I will not carry an umbrella up or down any stairs. I think back to that scene and immediately think, "there are less painful ways for a clutz like me to die." I rarely used umbrellas before, but now I have an excellent excuse lol. That scene horrified me, but didn't scare me. In truth, the horror genre is supposed to "horrify" you. That doesn't necessarily mean it will scare or gross you out. Somewhere along the way, American film makers became obsessed with gore and forgot what the point of a horror flick was meant to be.
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    I love to try new things. I'm a very curious person. If I was in a horror movie, I'd die first from every noise that came around a dark corner. I hate Yams. I hate them so much. I'm going to ask my girlfriend to marry me the minute I'm done with college. I want to see he world, but I'm a little scared of it. Not gonna stop me though.
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    1. I’m 35 years old 2. I live in West London, England, UK 3. I drink no end of tea and coffee 4. I’m a huge cat lover 5. I’m currently unemployed
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    In a dark alleyway with other homeless people on my nokia 3310 in 144p
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    Neat topic, here we go! Fact about me #1 I'm currently living with parents and going to school trying to graduate. Just got to make an effort to do so. Fact about me #2 I explore alot in terms of music, but my main genre is Alternative Metal. I'll listen to boyband music too because it's catchy music to me, stuff like Backstreet Boys is good. Bands i like are some like Linkin Park, Evanescence, Thousand Foot Krutch, Breaking Benjamin and Maroon 5. Fact about me #3 Sometimes i sing along with my music in my room or when i walk around when no one's looking. Fact about me #4 I think pizza's the best food ever! Fact about me #5 My first anime series i finished was Ouran Highschool Host Club. Pretty much it.
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    when I'm home mostly in my lounge room on the projector and I mostly use gogoanime streams when I'm away and have internet its in the sleeper bunk of my vehicle on the laptop again the same - or ill watch streaming of my NAS with the Plex set up
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    I now use Crunchyroll, i use to watch it from kissanime
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    I love Hatsune Miku-chan, but is she a mmd or more so, just an AI?
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