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    The first anime I ever saw from start to finish was Fruits Basket, after that I was completely hooked I guess I technically saw a few episodes of Speed Racer if you want to count that... But anyway, I'm curious as to what all of yours were?
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    Jury duty, taxes, and fixing the sliding door are so last-week. Looking forward to TESS and InSight launches. (And all the other ongoing projects of course.). I even played some games (KSP, of course) and caught up on my anime list (binged Tsuki ga Kirei) this weekend.
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    Haha funny! But i know how it feels to be embarrassed..... Are you KA--RA--ZEE?!! You are the only person i can trust!! Anyways i meant ahana and fowzia sometimes THEY can be super annoying!
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    I'm pretty sure the first game I ever played was either Duck Hunt or Super Mario Bros on the NES. Both were still fairly new at the time. Not sure how I'd rank them. I had a lot of fun playing them, but looking back...I can't bring myself to play it (SMB) anymore. Not the NES version anyway...maybe the SNES version since you could save your game. Maybe I'd rank both at a 6 or 7? Edit: I forgot I already answered this, but I can't delete. ^^;
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    Senbei. I really need to stop eating them though. I'm in "I'm too lazy to cook" mode at the moment. ^^ I think "oishii" would work better here. ^^
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    Kinda looks like they could use one, but a handshake would have to do.
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    I think it would be a good hug so yeah I would
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    Phew. My internet finally came back. It's a miracle I survived for a week without internet.
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    I don't think I really had a favorite character. I really couldn't relate to either of them, but I'm going to go with Senri. I liked them all about the same, though, but Senri I always wanted to hug because he was just so adorable. I don't know how anyone can read this series and NOT love Senri. Hm, but thinking about it, seems I could kinda relate to Cooro. There's one thing he does that mirrors me so well. If someone makes a decision, he doesn't try to talk that person out of it. Like, Cooro was pretty much like, "Well, it's his decision and choice, who am I to talk him out of it." Cooro would make a terrible salesperson...just like me. I'm like, "Would you like to buy this?" If the person says, "No thanks." I'm like, "Okay." So yeah...I'm like that and so is Cooro. Anyway, yeah. It did start off vague. Cooro just said, "Oh, I'm looking for other +Anima" and that was it. I like how we saw how Cooro was getting used to being around people and befriending them. Despite his simplistic demeanor, there was more to him than that and the last volume showed us why he's so mysterious and why up until that point, we rarely ever knew what he truly felt or thought, unlike those like Husky and Nana who were pretty open about what they felt and how they felt. When it came to interactions between our main four, I really found Husky and Nana's interactions some of the more humorous, but mainly because of Husky being a "woman hater" and having to be around Nana. I liked how So yeah, I really liked this series a lot and I think an animated series would've worked for this maybe around the early to mid 2000s. Seems a lot of stuff now is all flashy and stuff. This is kind of a down-to-earth type of series. I think it would've been nice to see a continuation, to see . Stuff like that.
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    Could be Xiao Qian, that best fits the description. [mal type=anime id=315]
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    Japan - For obvious reasons. I'd actually like to travel on foot and experience the whole country, but oh well. Ecuador - I've heard lots of positive things about the place, and they're champions of freedom (mainly regarding deportation) so I might never have to leave once I get there. Cuba - Because of this. I want to experience something different to European ''cold and calculated'' mentality. Italy - I've only been there for a day but it's such a beautiful place with a rich cultural heritage with entire cities resembling museums.
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    Japan (of course!) Norway Iceland Canada Greenland Sweden Denmark Belgium Italy Russia
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    Various games on Commodore 64 and TV games back in the 80s. Some SuperNintendo , GameBoy and Sega in the 90s. The first game I ever played on a console was Super Mario Bros on Super Nintendo.

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