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    Yes, the other one was mine and I'm glad you liked it.
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    1. I just thought making a thread like this would be a fun way to interact with others on the forum. I also wanted others to get to know me better too. Since i'm still rather new. 2. If i could rule over it with vampires i think i'd want my vampires to be friendly and only drink blood from animals not humans. Since I feel the vampires would make a great military force, basically they watch over London and the rest of the world from injustice. I'd also be a good ruler, who is kind and generous. 3. I mean most Canadians are nice, not all of us though since it's normal to have unkind people everywhere unfortunately. Maple syrup is great, fun fact if you smell a 50$ Canadian bill it smells like maple syrup. @Roxeg I'm a Canadian, an Otaku, a Gamer and a human.
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    OMG! I play these games a lot! I thought that people would think of them as childish so I never mentioned them. I use Rinmaru Games. Sadly, I cannot download the images. If I could I'd show them to you!
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    I should mention that season 2 is the 14th most popular anime on MAL XD And for very good reason lol. I suggest trying it out again, just keep in mind that you DO NOT want to watch season 1 as a romance, this is important. It's a drama/comedy, with a little bit of romance.
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    AHH! Still sick They're also making me take another class this summer! No!
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    [mal type=anime id=32902] Easily the best OVA I've ever seen, outshining even the main show imo, this OVA does so well in telling a tragic tale that sets up an unforgettable past experience of our MC.
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    Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal is definitely up there for me.
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    i never even knew about rinmaru games, i feel left out i just toke a screenshot and did some editing (mainly copy-pasting), why not try that ? ;o, incidentally i just used paint for copying things, and for pasting i just used clipstudio since clipstudio is where i do my drawings, photoshop should work too tho ;o oh,huh you have a point that i missed then >.>...
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    oh jeez sorry! -I broke a finger celebrating the second home run that I ever hit -I think about this one a lot! This Ain't the end of me by White Comic, a lot of Dookie and Pre-Dookie Green Day -I will never forget the final scene of Your Lie in April -I hate when teenage characters are written like they're from the myspace era -Wakeup Water -hmmm... I don't think I have one! sorry! -I love Troll 2, because it's hilarious -Any song from the Initial D soundtrack!
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    That's was my point, it's funny because it's 'yandere romantic'
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    Whaaa, you hate Clannad? Tis' my favourite romance anime XD You make it to season 2 by chance? o.o Regardless, that's beside the point. Best OVA I've ever seen is Kubikiri Cycle. It isn't attached to any other shows, it is in fact, its own show. But still an OVA. 8 episodes, and remains one of the best mystery anime I've ever seen, I struggle to find any flaws with it. https://myanimelist.net/anime/33263/Kubikiri_Cycle__Aoiro_Savant_to_Zaregototsukai I highly recommend looking for OVAs that work like this one, or even ONAs, which are almost the same thing, but released via the internet only, rather than only being released on DVD or Bluray like OVAs are. Personally, most OVAs that are attached to shows that I've seen are highly unimportant. NOT all the time, but for the most part. OVAs like the ones you're talking about are almost always exclusively used to just give people a little gift for buying disc copies of the show, and more often than not are just a simple fun extra episode. There are very rare cases however, like for Steins;Gate, where its OVA was a proper sequel that led into the following movie. Long text aside, I normally pass on OVAs that are attached to shows unless I see that they're a proper sequel. Normally however, they're the equivalent of a filler episode, and those don't exactly interest me too much.
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    Even though this post is quite old. I'm bored and just in the mood to type while before I start back on my next work project. Finding online friends can be quite nice. Most of the time I've made online friends it's been in online games. I used to have an xbox one and on there by playing games I was pretty good at I managed to impress some people and they start chatting, we over time friended one another and started party chatting all the time while playing multiple other games. Now that I don't have an xbox it's similar with the pc. I've met a few people in MMO's and they seem alright so far. Just be active. It can be difficult to be active the more you get into adulthood. If you've ever seen the graph for how to survive college it's a lot like that. it's easy to keep up with studies and work, but if you throw in a social life it's difficult. If you socialize and study, it's hard to work and if you socialize and work, you don't study. There just isn't enough time in the day. But I'd like to make some new friends sometime. I always try to find someone to chat with after I'm done with a project. Well good luck.
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    1) Senjogahara Hitagi (Monogatari) 2) Anywhere in inner city Japan 3) If You Survive by George Wilson 4) Big Stupid Jock 5) Definitely your heart (I'm a sucker for romance!) 6) I hate it when people put unrealistic camouflages on military items!!! 7) Asking for forgiveness, because if it goes well, a good relationship can be created! 8 ) Save it all, and continue my life as I have it planned! 9) For our second anniversary, I forgot my wallet in the car for dinner!! 10) I'd rather live in a tiny apartment, I love small spaces! (I tend not to fit in them though lol) 11) I would be a police officer, doing my best to protect those around me! 12) I love a great book! 13) I do think it's important to keep up with the news, as what happens around us defines who we are as a people! 14) My girlfriend is usually a super tsundere but I heard her talking to her mom about how reliable I am once, which made me really happy 15) In 15 years, I want to be supporting my family effectively as a police officer 16) Happy, as I'd rather live a stress-free life struggling than a stressful life struggling! 17) I regret not saying goodbye to my dad 18) Nope, I learned about sinking below my own level a long time ago! 19) Tough one! It'd have to be the time that when I first found out I have scoliosis and the first thing my doctor said was "Holy shit!" 20) I'm most afraid of being alone. Completely alone, for a long time. Also bees! 21) Hmmmm.... Anime homie! I used to be really into them, but I became kinda burnt out after a while
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    I repair what I can. I'm not above buying new stuff, but that's kind of a last resort, and I am always willing to spend a bit more in the first place for something that is well-built and can be repaired over cheap throw-away stuff. I'm not very creative however. I can build and fix stuff. I have a garage full of tools, including a table saw, a milling machine, a lathe, and a drill press. I can compile a linux kernel, program a microcontroller, or solder a circuit board. I helped design and build the 4KW solar power system on my roof. Just don't ask me to decorate or accessorize anything. If it needs painting you'll have to tell me what color. I draw the line at plumbing though. God I hate plumbing projects!
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    i- i have no idea what was romantic there >.>.. though i think moral of the story: yandere's are neat
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    I say meh. I feel like that trailer only dropped because a lot of Elder Scrolls fans would have been so mad at Bethesda if it wasn't there. This game could be 5 years off, and sooner rather than later, that conference won't even matter, just like that trailer.
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    My biggest glitch was in Skyrim when for some dang reason every person; important or not spawned outside and started chasing (in the middle of freaking nowhere, mind you) me. It caused my game to constantly freeze or lag and I had to start the whole game over (I had over 2,000 hours logged into the game). I was so ticked, I wanted to scream.
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    In my opinion there's a difference between friendship and networking... sorry.
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    Thanks for opinion, Lildoop (^-^) . It matters a lot to me. Thanks for your support!
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    Amazing Poem @Roxeg loved it, so well-written and applicable to many people. Beautiful, just beautiful. ♥
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    @seemore_bhutts I've got a lot of questions for ya! You get to marry one fictional character – who is it? If you didn’t have to worry about money or a job, where would you live in the world? What was the last book that you got so absorbed in that you couldn’t put it down? In your mind, what are your 3 biggest weaknesses? You only get 3 words to describe yourself – what are they? Which is better to listen to – your heart or your brain? What’s your weirdest pet-peeve? Which is better: asking for permission or asking for forgiveness? What would you do if you inherited 1 million dollars tomorrow? What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life so far? What fictional character do you identify with the most? Are you a superstitious type of person? About what? Where would you rather live – a big house in the suburbs or a tiny apartment in a great location in the city? If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Which do you like more, a great book or a great movie? Do you think it’s important to keep up with the news or do you not care? What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever heard about yourself? What do you want to hear about yourself? What do you want to have going on in your life in 5 years, or 10, or 15? Which would you rather be, smart or happy, and why? You can have one superpower – and only one. What is it, and why did you pick it? What’s your biggest regret that you have in your life so far? If you were a waiter and a customer was a jerk, would you spit in their food? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you? What are you most afraid of? If you had to give me a nickname right now on the spot, what would it be?
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    Thank you! Was the other one yours? I think the writing and yours are similar, so I'm supposing you wrote it. It's also a very good one and I was scared you'd beat me with it.
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    i see, i see the upcoming event sounds fun!, im not too keen on the whole video part as i, myself, does not exactly having a good camera to do a offline "shoe"ting! (i had to do it, im sorry lmao) you heard it here tonight folk's, stay tuned for any news to come on AF at channel xx, bringing news to your doorsteps
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    oh, then everyone's above average on typing i only assumed average based on how fast i usually type and never really checked google sankyu~ it comes with the price of having no life ;o
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    Wow, fantastic words of wisdom from everyone! I don’t have much to add, everything has pretty much already been said. Just remember though, people do come and go throughout our lives. So just try to enjoy the time with each person and try to think fondly of those times if you/they eventually drift away. And if things happen to end badly? Well, not everyone is meant to get along, better to focus on the next positive relationships
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    You just talk with like minded individuals and such and eventually a bond will form.. Some of my best friends are people I met online nearly 14+ years ago.
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    I've been so sick all day! Throwing up for 15 hours

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