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    Hi everyone, One of the common feedback we get, particularly from newer members, and those that are new to forums, is it can be difficult finding old topics/content they are interested in - thus resulting in frustration, duplication, and/or fragmented discussions. One of the key ways I will address this is by revamp our tags. Currently it is an open tag system, and after browsing the full list of tags that have been applied to content, it is in a dire need of a revamp. We will transition to a closed tag system, removing all the tags in favour of genre tags (we'll use most of the same ones from MyAnimeList). Those of you who have been here for awhile will remember we used to have a closed tag system on the old platform, with anime titles as tags, but that became too overwhelming to maintain - so this time around we will just stick with genres (and perhaps season anime tags). The tags of course are usable in Forums, Blogs, Gallery and Clubs. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    The good: Nice flat pretty quiet, despite being very close to the centre of the city ( curtains+soundproof windows=happiness) the rent is not expensive The bad: I can´t currently find anything bad on my living,but I used to have annoying neighbours upstairs (blasting music on full volume,loud parties...)
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    i plan on jogging every 8pm, so as to have a 3 hours gap on before i sleep, but now its raining again, and this will somewhat ruin my plans if the street is muddy, nonetheless ill try the suggestion! (whole warm out part), i didnt really do them, just grabbed a pair of slippers, and rannnn~ i just kept on running~, till i felt tired an ran back home (initially it was a 15minutes jog!) if rain stops soon, i can still do my plans on jogging >:O!, if it doesn't, well studying for the quiz is also fine..?
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    So for me. I prefer to stay in. I hate being around people. So when I go to gym people tend to be all over. And they normally just talk to other people while occupying a machine I'd like to use. I can't tell you how many times I've asked for next dibs on a machine just to break up a conversation a group of people were having. They normally get the hint. But it's still a pain. I'm more a weight lifter kind of guy. It's more fun in my opinion. I miss having weights to lift. I use to have my own at home gym that I was pretty proud of. It was good times. And a great solution for the whole gym problem at places like the YMCA. If you're interested in working out, remember that getting in the mood for it is important. If you can't get in the mood, then you struggle to push yourself. This is a common problem with many people. It's hard to get in the mood. But once you beat a rhythm into it, it's very easy. I'd say do what you have to in order to get into the mood. And just get started and keep going. don't stop after a week. Try to trick yourself into loving it and eventually you're body will. But with anything practice makes perfect and you don't really need weights. What's most important in my opinion is form. Study form and focus on breathing then do what you're supposed until you can't keep your form anymore. And always try to do better tomorrow then you did yesterday. I hope this helps you and make's sense. And remember to warm up and stretch after a warm up. Then do your deed.
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    We need to stir up some chaos in here, because I need to see this creature. For science.
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    Alright, back to allowing some peace here. Just do not go making me pull out my fire breathing velociraptor guys. 🤣
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    That's certainly true. After all, we do need specialists in areas to go deeper, though sometimes, I wish doctors would do their homework too, before referring patients to others. Unfortunately, many doctors (mostly neurologists and GPs) come across, though I do not think that they believe to be the case, in a way that they think there is a one size fits all thing, and my studies for my tech degree told me that cure-alls do not exist (mainly comes from what the computer world would call the troubleshooting steps). At least I know now that I have somebody here I can ask about these kinds of things to figure out the truth.
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    Fairly put. Everybody has different nutritional needs. One set of macros won't work for everyone, and there really is no cookie-cutter solution. Otherwise I wouldn't have a job.. 😛
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    Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy and I was figuring out how to answer your questions as well. I want to answer with the best of my ability. So without further ado let’s begin! 1. Yes, it is! I love Ouran HSHC as a whole. It’s a feel good anime, romantic and funny. I’d recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it. 2. If I never had to sleep i’d learn about as many advanced subjects as I possibly could, biology, physics, chemistry and all other sciences. Education gets you pretty far in life so why not advance in academics. Also I probably go have fun by attending anime conventions and travel the world using the money I have because of an awesome career I have in medicine from my education in all sciences. You can do anything with that amount of time. Be pretty cool if you ask me. 3. My favourite piece of clothing I have would be my few anime related shirts. I have Fairy Tail, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and Pokémon. Some of them are too big and too small for me unfortunately. But I do wear the ones I fit perfectly almost everyday when they’re washed. I even got compliments from a few people about my Happy and Natsu shirt it’s them eating, I got compliments at a convention o went to last year. I also like wearing my Chris Tomlin shirt from a concert I bought it at in Minneapolis. It was fun by the way. That’s pretty much it. 4. I don’t really know since Otaku only comes to mind. If money and time wasn’t a issue I could go to every convention in the world and I would buy all the merchandise the fandom had to offer. Why not go all out since it’d be fun to. Personally i’d also want to go to concerts with a VIP pass to meet the band or solo artists on stage. Always wanted to do that sometime. Neat question. 5. Not really sure since it only matters if you can sleep and move around in it. I don’t like small bedrooms, medium or large size is my ideal sizes. Also if I could have places to put my furniture and my goodies it’s my kind of room. 6. I’m not really a sports oriented person, i’m kind of lazy in all honesty. I’ve thought about playing soccer since it’s a fun sport and you do a lot of running which I need in my life. lol Hockey is a big thing in Canada but it doesn’t really interest me enough to play on a team. Marital arts if you count it as sports is something i’d like to learn since protecting myself and others would be beneficial to me. The philosophy behind fighting is interesting as well. 7. Earthland from Fairy Tail. I’d like to hang around and meet the characters at the Fairy Tail guild. Natsu, Happy, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Mirajane, Master Makarov, Wendy, Carla and anyone one else at the guild. It’d be nice to goof off with Natsu and Happy on Lucy but not Erza because she attack us. lol Amd maybe I could ask Gray why he strips all of a sudden. lol I’d probably go visit other guilds like the Blue Pegasus guild too since their guild is like a club, it’d be fun. Learning the art of magic would be cool too and helpful to me because most have magical powers in Earthland. Going on a job too with the characters would be intense and fun considering the team work that’s done. In short it would be interesting and pretty eventful. 8. Anything involving math really or anything that doesn’t require team work. I’m a team player from what i’ve heard and my math skills are rather mediocre. But honestly it’s possible to adapt to almost anything right so I could do that to better improve my work ethic in any job position. 9. Can’t really say since i’m not one to climb trees. So I don’t have an answer for this. 10. Lacrosse since it’s a rather old sport and hasn’t been a part of the Olympics yet. I have played a close cousin to it hockey so i’m pretty sure I could master it easily. As for winning a medal from it maybe my team could win silver if we tried and worked hard to get there. But i’d be humbled by winning gold! Team work in any sport is essential to winning big. 11. An annoying habit that others have would be smoking cigarettes and drinking too much. Smoking causes cancer and other health problems. Alcoholics can have a risk for alcohol poisoning or liver damage. It annoys me because they’re hurting themselves and I hate breathing in smoke from smokers. It’s just sad to me honestly. 12. Probably a job where I have to protect someone or something. Law enforcement or security would be interesting to me considering the amount of action you sometimes get. Also working in the military would be cool too since travel and protecting the country would be something i’d like to do. Basically my choices. 13. Any martial art honestly since learning them is good cardio and muscular training. Also you get the benefit of looking good and feeling good. Learning the philosophy behind them would be essential to having respect for yourself and others I think. I could train my own class since i’d be a master right but i’d do it for free and I’d only take people for the right reasons. 14. Not sure, I guess go on a road trip with family around Canada. Since I haven’t been to most of the countries’s provinces and territories. It’d be nice but expensive. 15. The finished house would have a nice back yard with a pool and have a nice basement where all the entertainment stuff would be. Upstairs would be where the kitchen would be and the bedrooms would be big and have walk in closets. Also the house would have two bathrooms. The back and the front entrance would have a nice porch to stand on and to have a barbecue on. Not sure what else. I’ll end it here. 16. Pop/soda. Dr Pepper and Pepsi. 17. British Columbia since I was only there when I was small so o don’t remember anything. I heard it has mountains and a great wilderness. Also it’s close to the ocean which is nice since in Victoria you can see whales in the bay sometimes. Someday i’ll go back there. 18. Almost all Linkin Park songs since I listen to them a lot. My favourite band so why memorize the lyrics to most of their songs. 19. In terms of a game universe i’d want to live in. I don’t know. Maybe the Halo universe because i’d probably be a space marine or ODST depending on my training. I’d fight the covenant an alien race that wants to destroy humans and the entire galaxy with a super weapon known as Halo. I’d want to save humanity and the entire galaxy with the UNSC. 20. Probably forum sites such as this since people have the same interests as me and I can make friends with them. Maybe you’d be interested in being my friend if you want to. My table of friends is always open! 21. Well i’m pretty decent when it comes to punctuality, i’m usually on time to things certain events. Appointments and such are things I’m regularly on time to. But not school for some reason since I don’t like school honestly but i’m trying to beat the habit. College i’m really gonna step up my punctuality since I want to learn what my future job requires me to know. That’s it basically. 22. Never had pets of my own. So i’d say I can’t answer. I apologize. 23. My mom always asks me for help with groceries and to help around the house which I need to do more since i’m staying with her. I like to procrastinate a lot and I’m rather held back on getting things done which is a bad habit of mine anyway off topic i’ll stop. Other things people have asked me about to help with were beggars on the street, i’ve given some money to help on occasion but in my opinion you should only give money if your heart’s in the right place. In closing I thank you for the questions, I hope how I answered was good. Hopefully we can talk one on one in the future if you like. I appreciate it very much that you took time out of your day to ask. Thanks again!
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    The world is a lie. Heck, why stop there? Everything is a lie.
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