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    I'm "all of the above". I stream/download everything I can as a kind of preview. I've had a crunchy premium and a netflix account for years now (also things like Spotify for music), and I've had other accounts (funimation, etc) at various times as seemed interesting or useful. Content I like upon preview I (re)buy on media I can rip to put on my home server, either DVDs or DRM-free downloads in open codecs. I've been burned enough times by losing streaming access or authorizations for "protected" media that this just seems the most prudent course. I have absolutely no problems paying for the stuff I like, but it gets annoying having to re-buy it just because some company decides they need more revenue. (If it is the actual creators I'm a bit more forgiving, and I've even been known to seek out and support artists directly on sites like Patreon, but the Disneys and Sonys of the world can bite me.)
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    Simple Question: How did IT change your life? I've been watching anime for almost 3 years now and honestly it changed me to who I am now. I was always the nerdy-type of girl, getting the highest grades, cramming for exams, then BAM!!! Anime came to my life. I became more positive and easy-going. I gained friends who are also anime fans like me. I learned speaking that 'alien language' which is a mixture of English and Japanese. I became immune to brutality ( thanks to gore anime) and ghosts (thanks to Another). Finally, I became more emotional >.< (please don't laugh at me). Shows like AnoHana and Charlotte really struck my heart and yeah... I cried. Well anyways...how about you guys???
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    @XII360 Really try to like Seigbert in Heroes, but every time I use him, this is how I feel xP And in case you don't know, one of his most common lines really is just 'im seigbert' xP Blend S is also a pretty good comedy if you haven't seen it already.
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    i.... now that i think about it, it somehow didnt really change my life huh, id say visual novel's somewhat did a part in making me want to draw anime girl's, but since it all started in anime (Shakugan to be exact), i guess you could say anime somehow influenced me to draw anime-styled character's !? so i guess in a way, anime made me want to draw anime-styled characters and helped me learn speaking/understanding nippongo~ linguwahe~ (language), which if i look back, i probably would not have ever thought to do and or learn. edit: oh right, on an unrelated note, you might get a notice to change your signature's size to be a bitttt tinier than usual, or optic-sama will do it for you, who knows ;o, but if you can change it before he does, would somehow save him more time ?!, i think size was 500xsomething, not sure, it should be stated in the signature uploadation place ;o
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    Yeah... Let's do that! TG always has the unique blend of music ^^
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    i dont think kojibro is gonna be fine after this, jesus christ song suits it so much tho >___> edit: i have absolutely no idea why that feh image was there
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    I really see Discord as an improved group chat in Skype rather than a replacement for forums. The two can coexist just fine since they really provide two different types of communication as other people have already pointed out. I've never been a fan of real time communication online with multiple people at once though, so I've only tried it once and wasn't really surprised that it really wasn't for me.
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    Just binged Hinamatsuri on a whim today. This anime is such a gem, really love everything about it.
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    I've done all of the above. I used to download a lot overnight due to bad internet connection at my parents' house and was still in school so didn't really have the money otherwise. Later into college I was much more into collecting blu-rays rather than streaming since I had the money then and parents' internet still was ok at best. After I graduated and moved out on my own, I've solely used my Crunchyroll premium account now that I've got good internet and a TV of my own to work with as well (streaming via the PS4). Can't really see myself going back to anything else. For some reason, was always a bit slow in watching blu-rays vs steamed anime, and I really don't have enough time to watch more anime than what Crunchyroll provides anyway. And yeah, I even fall into the last option at times due to manga usually being better imo.
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    As a mod there like twig is, yeah, this was sprung on us extremely quickly. I prefer to torrent stuff anyways. I'm all for legal sites as well, but for how expensive covering the most amount of anime would be, and then STILL not getting everything, honesty it isn't worth it to me. I'll gladly buy blurays eventually, which gives back a hell of a lot more to the studios I like, that's beside the point though. All illegal streaming sites have kinda died recently anyways, though hell, I think the less popular ones are a hell of a lot better right now all things considered.

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