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    Official moist guild server?
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    id say my body temp is around -100c pretty accurate diagnostic, from a student, if i say so myself but yea, classes got suspended, do you guys know what this means ?!, IT MEANS I CAN PLAY ALL DAY--- i mean play a few game first, then draw >.> but for realsies, im gonna go play that rhythm game first, and a few gacha, then draw, i have all day today~! lets goo~ fighto~ obligatory song~! (this song is has been deleted due to xii360 not even posting it)
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    im thinking of, SAO, if he was gonna go alone, it doesnt feel like konosuba anymore if it lacked the comedy element, maybe suba-suba (even i dont know what suba-suba means >.>)
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    me in today's quizzes: quiz: omae wa mou shindeiru me: NANI ?! "dies" that pretty much sums it up last quiz on hema tho' feels good to get a almost perfect score for once in my miserable petty life i can die happy now
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    I'll have to look for this!! Tbh this summary sounds a lot better than some of the official summaries I've read of some obscure stuff.
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    You mean a place to watch it? masterani.me - https://www.masterani.me/anime/info/1501-mardock-scramble-the-first-compression kissanime.ru - http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Mardock-Scramble-The-First-Compression-Sub If you're the type for legal sites, well uh. It's actually on steam, for rent or for purchase LOL Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/518520/Mardock_Scramble_The_First_Compression/ (Do keep in mind that for each of those, I've only linked the first movie. There are 2 more movies after the first one.)
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    I've thought about this question lots of times. What would I choose? To be honest I feel like there are so many factors you have to account for here. But honestly I'd probably choose something like Konosuba. Even if I'm as useless there as I am in real life. I think it would still be fun to have the potential for powers and magics. Worst case scenario I end up as bad as main character just without any luck.
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    I guess Killing stalking, Ten count and Blood bank. They are hella good
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    So while I'm waiting for the next episode of the current season of anime to come out I returned to Saga of Tanya the Evil. I was getting really into it last night only have 4 more episodes to watch. It shall be interesting how things will end.
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    I purchased a PlayStation four yesterday, along with the entire Kingdom Hearts saga. Yay.

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