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    I certainly agree with this, though I would probably add that it is not just forums, but anywhere on the net. Still, since this is discussed in the community/forums context, it is pretty accurate. I think I have been fairly lucky on the expensive computer front, and almost all of my computer lasted for more five years. In fact, a laptop I have from the 2009-2010 era still boots and works well, though the trackpad needs some attention, as clicking difficult. The key in this area is to find a good brand and line from that brand. Then again, seeing as how computers are being made now to be disposable, since RAM and storage upgrades (the most basic upgrades one can do) are almost impossible, so I do not think they will last too long to do great work in video. As for getting the software, you can get it for as little as nothing. When I first got my Surface Book, I tried using only open source software and found one interesting program that would allow video overlays, if it is ever needed, and even a piece of software called Davinci, though it was quite limited, according to site, even if it is supposed to be in the same league as Premiere and the old versions of Final Cut Pro. Of course, my foray into open source only software ended when I found out LibreOffice was only suited for normal laptops and desktops, and there were things I did not like about GIMP, though I could get things today, so now I am paying for Microsoft and Adobe on a regular basis, since I really wanted to use InDesign and have programs that actually worked with both of the Surface Book’s modes. my main reason to thinking about doing video reviews, other than the advantages that video has over text and a bunch of still images, is because I want to get familiar with Premiere, which I get from Adobe for free from what I am already paying them (tried it once, and the annoying thing was that I had to create some texts effects myself, but, thinking about it now, that can allow for quite a bit of creativity when putting credits and such)
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    @drill IS THAT A YUKATA MICAIAH I SEE ?! welp, there goes all my non-existant orbs that xander/ryoma dance tho >.>
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    This is the exact reason I hesitate to share my own work here. I write for myself, and although I prefer to keep things tasteful in regards to sexual content, it is still very R18 and I would feel pretty awful if, say, a thirteen year old encountered one of my projects through AF.
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    I think people still do them but post under anonymous means, especially fanfiction since a large portion of them turn into lemons. I would be interested in making a youtube channel myself but I don't have the technology to do it well (so I don't). Still, the random posts with a link to a video that were going on were crappy advertising attempts. You get far better advertising by interacting with people, commenting on important subjects and having the link on your profile or signature so that as people become interested in what you have to say they have a place they can go as opposed to indiscriminate spam.

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