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    While there are a ton of anime of that have endings that seem abrupt, I do not think there are any I would want to see continued, because it might face a fate similiar to American television, which would be that it keeps going until the series has been run into the ground. Besides, anime is mostly made to promote things and it is not too common to see an anime with an original story.
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    As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that I am a person who possesses a lot of perseverance and empathy towards others. (humble brag) As I sorta look back to figure out where this came from, (not my awful parents) I have come to believe that I owe some of it to anime. I like to push through adversity like many anime characters and I am also accepting of all kinds of ppl, which again I believe it because of anime. (not trying to turn this into a political thing, please don't make this a political thing lol)
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    I always wondered the same. I set a standard of 5k per chapter, I fuss over syntax and detail and I read and re-read and make corrections for weeks at a time. Yet I'd be hard pressed to get a handful of feedback where some fics that frankly strike me as rushed and careless have upwards of 500 reviews? I'm calling shenanigans. My only strategy to combat that so far has to been ensuring they are complete before uploading anything at all... then nobody loses interest waiting for the next since I tend to take my time. After reading about your experiment... I don't know what to think anymore. That's just baffling.
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    This. I don't know how many times over the years I've watched a series being pounded into oblivion by the money-grubbers. If one season(/movie/book/etc) makes money then they make a sequel. The plot is done. The story is over. The actors have moved on. But they keep doing "new" releases until everyone is so sick and tired of the franchise that even the fans can't stomach any more sequels. So it doesn't make money and they move the destruction apparatus on to the Next Big Thing. How many times did Battlestar Galactica find Earth? Star Trek doesn't even make sense anymore, even allowing for time travel. I hear Carrie Fisher is going to appear in the next Star Wars. I kid you not. Decency be damned.. the face sells, and the contract boilerplate says they own the likeness. So they'll do it. That's why I tend to stick with the 12/24 episode format anime, and the (relatively) obscure ones at that. I don't even start on a book series if I know it is going to be more than a trilogy. Tell me a story. For anime, if it gets much beyond a couple dozen episodes it had better be a good one. An awesome one in fact, with a good beginning, interesting characters, good progression, and a solid end. Maybe a twist here and there to make it interesting. (Just don't make it so contrived it looks forced and ridiculous.) And don't show me a video of someone playing a game and call it anime! (An infomercial by another name.) Don't keep force-feeding me grey crap until I throw up and run away. But they do. If the original is good enough - popular enough, sellable enough - they always do.
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    Hey there! Looks like you're new around here Welcome to AF~!
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    Never alt'd on a forum before, but I do have 3 fanfiction.net personas. Two of them write mysteries (one I use for short stories, the other for longer stories...helps keep me from looking like I have abandoned a longer multichapter story when I am in a short story mood). The third account is extra special. You see, myself and a friend noted that good stories that are well written rarely recieve many reviews and that bad stories with crappy grammar get hundreds of reviews. Anyways, we created this as a joint account to experiment with the "why does this happen?"s. Long story short, we found that no matter how terribly we wrote (I had to turn off my autocorrect to even write for this account lol. It kept fixing my errors lol), we got a massive amount of reviews (it made us not want to post stories actually). Some people flamed us, others encouraged us, one guy said the plot was interesting (these were 200 or so word chapters, with sentences like "he wint tu shapin mal an sen a pretee gurl with amond calord hare", literally every sentence, even the disclaimer! Why would anyone suffer the blasphemy of reading them!?), and a few were onto us experimenting on the masses. Over 50% were positive reviews. People kept clicking to read the next chapter and the next, and the next.... Our faith in humanity crumbled that year... So, yeah. Fanfiction.net yes. Forums, no.
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    I can only say that I'm sorry to hear that.
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    Started playing Ragnarok Online again after so many years! I miss this feeling!

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