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    Turn based fighting; I am sick of developers putting it into their games. Who in their right mind takes turns during fighting? (Okay, I landed a hit so now hit me with all you got) No... I was so happy when Final Fantasy XV got rid of it. Another one is that whole selecting an option kind of battle (in games like Dragon Age and the old Star Wars: KotOR). What I'm saying I guess is that if the fighting is other than freestyle I normally don't find myself playing it.
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    Oops, kind of forgot about this site, lol.
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    Wow! Just finished watching True Tears. Fucking great!! I know it's a show, but god damn it does Noe deserve the best in life. 10/10.
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    thinking for that, "something" is hard i lowkey stared at my monitor for 5 minutes, thinking of what to write down, and have not thought up of a good way to say the stuff i wanna say this is hard, this is impossibru-tier but with great impossibru-tier difficutly, comes greater lootboxes rewards, THUS I MUST PREVAIL ! oh and, i guess ill post a, drawing of sort, of that demon lord character i was doing, tho' i didn't really finish it yet, couse well, school requirements, deadline, games, etc etc not to mention events on fgo/alch code, etc etc (and also im full of sh*t for making excuses lmao) see tho', his hair is pink-red, thats clearly not laharl ^__^
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    First of all, thanks everyone for all the answers!! He does look cool. I'm afraid the 2 cigars may be a bit too much . I saw "Redline" in the picture, I didn't know it was the name of the series. Thanks! Cool, cool, very cool. Great earring as well! This one is pretty cool: Cool indeed! Don't like his hairstyle too much though . Sounds interesting. Thanks for the input! About the first one, it seems we have different definitions of "cool" . Daisuke seems very cool. Again, his hairstyle isn't the best. I did find some cool artwork thoug. For example: or As long as you don't look at him from the front you are good Cool! You definitely want to turn on your "Safe Search" when searching for images of her! I did manage to find some good ones. The one you posted is the best by far though. Thanks!! Don't forget to reply again if you think of someone else, guys! Again, thanks a lot!!
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    Oh god, forgot about this one. Can we have some kind of singleplayer resurgence please? They just tend to be better games. Multiplayer games normally skimp on quality because playing with another player makes up for it. We do single person things as two people all the time though, so we don't care. ~Puts a random piece of cloth we found in a bottle that is conveniently filled with oil, lights it with a lighter that we conveniently found, and throws it at you~
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    I no longer drink. I got very sick off Whiskey once and I'm not going back there ever. It's just simply not worth it.
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    Your burnt rice story reminds me of dozens of cooking misadventures my best friend has had Try again!
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    This has actually got me so confused, I only got a notification saying it was only posted yesterday )_)
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