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    Final product of my cosplay -This was on Wednesday at school
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    It's been a long time since I've written here in my blog. I really write writing and somehow it's my way of venting out my feelings, emotions and especially my frustrations. Speaking of frustrations let's talk about my frustration about cooking. So if you knew me for like quite some time maybe way back December 18 or something I've written this blog about living on my own in college and so here I am today still unable to cook a single grain of rice for dinner. We all have that feeling heroic moments when you just suddenly woke up from an 8-hour slumber induced by no sleep late last night due to a long quiz that never happened caused by your teacher feeling like, "Oh, I'm not gonna give a quiz today just cause I don't want to." and think that you could do everything you want to do cause you think you're the most capable being on earth. So here you were, washing some rice, readying for your first ever cooking show and humming to yourself while putting it over your rice cooker. You take out your phone taking the most epic picture possible just cause it's your first time cooking rice and its expected in your country to know how to cook rice at the age of 10 and you're already 18 and ambitious enough. You take this little stroll in insta until you smell something burning and this time it's not your hair. It's your nonexistent work of art. You forgot to add in some water and all you had to do was wait for that rice cooker to just say keep warm! So College life is going well for me aside from the fact that I had to buy my Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from the Cafeteria. Good job self! You're going to survive it all so come at me life! *notice the potato sarcasm* So if you're having a bad day out there cause you're crush can't notice you, or your being bullied by someone who doesn't really know your true self at school, or you're bored all the time just cause you have all the time in the world and time is your slave or you're just plain frustrated with life's problems and hurdles remember there's a girl out there that is supposedly expected to capable of cooking rice at the age of 10 and is now 18 but still can't have dinner due to her own clumsiness, negligence plain old stupidity. Don't be too harsh on yourself. We learn from mistakes but for me I think I'm going to learn from youtube since Mum's not here. Keep Breathing~
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    I feel like every time I come here to check this forum and this thread, @AniMeFReaK was the who posted last. Either way, I'd be cool with it.
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    Texhnolyze. It's starting a little slow, but it has my attention so far. I plan on sticking with it.
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    It took me like 3 tries to finish this anime. As far as I can remember this anime consists of about 26 episodes or so. For me, the anime had times where it wasn't that consistent in the interesting section thus making it a bit boring in some episodes. I do understand that those happened because the anime likes to explain itself more making it a bit uninteresting but even so I do recommend not skipping any parts of the anime because no matter how uninteresting it may seem it all adds up at the end and creates a bigger impact if watched completely. It's a simple tale about a group of friends and their growing feelings towards each other and a sudden appearance of a mysterious guy in the picture. Will it destroy their friendship or will it lead to an unexpected turn of events that neither one of them had in mind? I think everyone can pretty relate in this anime. The feeling of uncertainty about a certain confession you would like to make towards someone, the feeling of being left behind by your friends, that feeling of chasing someone who is also chasing another someone, that feeling of being torn in choosing between your family and the one you love or just that simple feeling of having friends. It stirs up all your emotions until you can't take it no more.
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    So... I tried my hand at drawing Shiro from Deadman Wonderland. I just hope her oppai doesn't look too weird. >.>
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    Well, this is dumb. I completed the book that my Swift class is using and working through the other book, which is a lot better than the one my class uses, and I am stuck in a lab with something that seems ridiculous. Hopefully, the teacher's guide for this book has a fix.

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