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    Implants require surgery, which is expensive and invasive and full of risk. I don't see it becoming a mainstream media thing ever. Then imagine the security threat if the implant could be hacked. I will say that there are some games with interesting perspectives on this. The one that immediately comes to mind is Dreamfall, where they use a hallucinogenic drug in conjunction with a console to create the effect (as well as brainwash people with it). I don't see haalucinogenics becoming mainstream in gaming technologies either though lol....
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    I was just too young for it. Well if I ever rewatch the series, I'm going to do so
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    Kinda makes my want to play against you now. I will win at least a ggood amount of the time with Fox. Though it really depends on which smash we are talking about. The last con I was at I played smash 4 for the first time, and did rather well. Though not saying that would be the case out the gate with the newest one.
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    that really depends on who the player/gamer is, there are gamers who enjoy multiple choices/dialogue in games, (which means its an RPG-styled anime game) there are some who like the artwork (which would also mean either RPG, fighter, etc etc) but there are also some who are just there for the story, gameplay, plot (which is also broad af) for me, as a gamer, i prefer games that had "time constrain/time flow system, (e.g. atelier totori/meruru system), and multiple dialogue games, where what the MC says, can change things example scenerio: player is given choice, whether to save a person who is near him, or attempt so save his daughter, which is slightly farther from where the otherguy is that he could save, something like that atleast also if its a, rpg-styled game, depending on how it will be delivered, a rock-paper-scissors type of battle was fun for me (though others may say not), (i.e; fate/extra, digimon card battle) game examples: atelier series, heavy rain, fate/extra
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    Got official word today, DAWN is history as far as NASA's deep space network is concerned. Another one bites the dust... ( also https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/11/1/18053366/nasa-dawn-spacecraft-dead )

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