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    Well, this is quite surprising. An episode of Detective Conan came out on Crunchyroll on my birth day, which was a little surprising, though it was mostly right on time. Still, kind of weird, because it never happened to me before.
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    Oh yeah I done did this before.. I have a few quirks one specifically is something that is not really something you would want to know so Ill say a different one instead, I can/use to be able to stare at something and make my eyes sort of vibrate or move side to side fast, another is if I stare at an area long enough like a wooden wall for instance the dominate color of the wall (Brown) will completely cover me vision for a split second and all I can see is brown until i move or blink. Oh Yeah definitely do this thats why my hand is full of ink because I fiddle with my pen.
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    Wait, were you gone for a long time or you just followed me now? Either way it's been a long time!

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