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    I have a lot of different husbandos in mind, but I would say out of all mine, I would choose Vegeta. My reasons are he was the main character that seemed to have some serious growth on the show and never became boring. He has proven time and time again to be an amazing family man willing to do anything to make them happy and unlike Goku, HE STICKS AROUND AND RAISES HIS KIDS AND INVOLVED WITH HIS FAMILY. lol I love his character even his flaws because that is what makes Vegeta, Vegeta, yet they aren't overbearing. He is also a great friend that would do anything for them. I would consider myself lucky if I ever found a guy like that . The pride is the biggest flaw, but even he is able to acknowledge when it is time to push it away for the better of his family and friends.
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    only one huh, well, my one "for protecting" is kud (Little busters), also sawatari (Fureraba), so much protecting that i feel i cant wed them though the topic is about family and wed, and i clearly wont wed them, for i cannot lewd them, (even though they come from a novel, that's kinda R18, my logic sucks) id probably go for...holy crap this is harder than i expected, first one to pop was illya, but id go to jail, so one that is of legal age, next to illya would be... this girl right here, haruna from KC, i feel she would be a "good wife" rather than the other two girl's i though up of (and i feel one would kill me for not picking her) why her ?, couse she's a boat couse she has the best hair, hands down 10/10, caring, and pretty much the one i use allot during my time when i played KC, even went so far as to want to put a ring in her and get her past level cap when i played xD, initially, i feel haruna would also care for her children, but then again, majority of women do care for their children ;o as for the other two, ill spoiler it, couse im adding pics also, it has 2 semi-huge images, so you have been warned? idk, wont really lag your net or anything tho'
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    Oh heck yes. Steve Harrington is mom of the year. Also, I agree with your friend. I actually liked Vegeta a lot more than Goku as a character across the board. I would argue he had the most extensive positive development in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.
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    Yes, yes, yes! Steve would make a great husbando and father! He's probably got the heart of every woman or girl who has ever watched that show I even said it to my husband. He really cares about those kids. Vegeta definitely made the best overall growth in the DBZ series. I had never considered things from a "family" point of view before. He totally is a good father. It's actually hard to find good examples of fathers in anime, or perhaps I can simply name more bad examples than really good ones lol. Hmm...yeah...Illya is definitely in the 'minor gonna get a visit from the police' kind of waifu...too young to have kids too lol. I love your reasoning... "she has the best hair" lol....I guess pretty kids is important too But seriously, caring for your kids and being the type to actually be active in their lives are two different things (for example, my own father cared for myself and my siblings greatly, but he expressed that love by staying at work long hours and basically being absent from my childhood - he regrets that severely now and goes out of his way to be around for his grandchildren, having realized all that he missed and that material possessions wasn't what we really wanted). I'm going to guess though that you meant she'd be pretty active in their lives. I agree with your assessment of Kiyohime entirely. She strikes me as a Madea character (who if you all recall in the myth did murder her children after Jason sought to marry the King's daughter) for sure. Hana gave up everything for her children, so they could choose to be what and who they wanted to. Definitely a good mom, though if the community had not reached out to help her their first year there, I cannot imagine they would have survived winter. It was an all or nothing move to the countryside. Amaama to Inazuma is one of those on my list to watch someday Keiko actually would be a good one, I agree. She's mild mannered but doesn't let herself be pushed around. I can see her being a very caring parent and a responsible one too. Yusuke can act like a man-child at times and she seems to have a pretty good handle on him for the most part lol.. You know, I could see that too, though I don't think that drinking alcohol necessarily means you won't be a good parent. If she had a child to go home to, I don't think she would have participated. Haha
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    My waifu would be perfect. Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho. Very intelligent, and also has unconditional love for her man, even though he puts her through a lot.
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    Probably Chrono Trigger The Fire Emblem series is right up there as well. Particularly the 2 that were released for the GBA & Shadows of Valentia
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    Genesis/Sega CD Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast Sony PS1 Sony PS2 X-Box 360 I had a SNES but it went MIA when I loaned it to my sister when she went off too college (didn't have that many games for it anyway) Nintendo Game Cube with Game Boy Player attachment Nintendo New 2DS XL The only one I play with any frequency anymore is the 2DS, as the others are kind of a hassle having to be hooked up to a tv and switch between multiple devices. As you can see I haven't bought a new system in quite awhile. I really don't care for most "modern" games. However, I have been wanting to buy a Nintendo Switch, but have been waiting to try & get a good deal. I don't have all that much time for gaming anymore anyway. The most recent games I've played were Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia & Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (a Castlevania 3 tribute of sorts) for the 2DS
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    I actually think Ila (my anime waifu) would be a good parent. She's very supportive, while at the same time not such a push-over that she won't tell you if you're acting like a jackass (Louie is quite the man-child himself afterall). She's not the sort to go gallivanting off on an adventure, as she realizes that's not where her strength lies, choosing instead to contribute with her intelligence (both book-smart & business savvy). She will get involved directly if that's what the situation requires, but isn't ashamed to ask for help when she needs it. And she would probably emphasize the importance of a good education to her kids. The only possible negative I can think of is there is an episode where she engages in a drinking contest, but that was for Louie's benefit and she gives a good accounting of herself (until the next morning anyway :P)
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    Added sports stuff up to Ginga e Kickoff
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    Kasumi tendo fits as good wife cause she knows how to take care of her family .
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    You must be one of those people who want a harem....lol. Anyways, what makes them good family material to you? Or do they?
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    Yeah, I do a bit of coding. I use Visual Basic 6, JavaScript, C#, C++ and Lua. I'm honestly not that bad at VB6 and JavaScript, though everything else is pretty rusty. Most of the time I code programs designed solely to mess with my absurdly large collection of virtual machines, though i've done web browsers, media players and calculators as well.
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    Lets see... Atari 2600 (with the legendary ET game!) Sega Genesis PlayStation 1 Game Boy Advance PlayStation 2 Xbox Nintendo DS Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii PlayStation 4 Multiple PCs One MacBook
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    Final product of my cosplay -This was on Wednesday at school
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    Hmmm..... Atari NES (5%) Sega Genesis SNES Sega Dreamcast N64 PS2 Xbox Nintendo Gamecube Wii Xbox 360 PS3 Nintendo DS PS4 (95%) I bring out my older consoles from time to time to play but try to keep them stored if possible. I have enough cords with the PS4 to worry about as it is. Just depends on my mood. Currently I am playing Blue Marlin on my NES when I feel nostalgic. I have to take pictures of the save codes with my phone. Wish I did something similar when I was a kid lol....
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    For me it would be one of the following hard to chose, but here are the likely options. I know I cannot chose I am a horrible person lol. Kagome from Inuyasha Chie from Persona 4 Sayori from DDLC Natsuki from DDLC Ran from Detective Conan Rias Gremory from High School DXG Tohru Handaa from Fruits Basket

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