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    Just a question to those who are born or know the genres what's your favs? punk blondie ska reel big fish psychobilly the creepshow
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    Click on my username then click on the envelope icon thing
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    lmao who dat? jk jk and okay im new here how do i pm?
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    yeah, got bored, so might chill here. whats up tho gurl.? lol, thanks. and yeah. got bored myself and the games becoming kind trash. hope we could be friends tho, im sorry to hear that. thanks my bro, you too.
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    Hell girl excellent and shiki my personal fav^_^
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    It's the one where they work in a company that makes games right? I was planning to watch that. Good thing you reminded me.
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    Last week's episode (11) didn't do a whole lot for me (despite Shion's hawhtness). But I really enjoyed this week's (episode 12) and am looking forward to the big battle. I totally hate Gabiru, though. Try to excuse it as pride all you want, he's still a jerk & an idiot. If he survives I hope he learns his lesson
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    I just cannot get a sleep pattern down now thats it winter. Just gets dark to early. I guess thats life though gotta love it.
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    Not Lives needs an anime and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash needs another season.

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