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    That's true, but at least we have the music of the misfits and that counts Now that takes me back
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    I know right you've heard of the take on me remix loved that song.
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    Yes they do. I enjoyed brody dale music so much
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    HI i'm roxy and I do enjoy anime's but like horror and and action with a good story plot, i'm in my mid 20's I also have a mopad and I watch movies and exercising. please follow me if you wish I don't mind company but if you enjoy a conversation i'm happy to engage.
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    Yes I agree the one you mentioned evangelion is great and oh yes scary in most parts but I enjoyed it also vampire hunter d the movie was terrific and the series they had no too bad; you have good taste in horror anime and thank you for bringing those up. High school of the dead is worthy of mention, the story line is intense and the characters are very interesting. No worries it's an anime so it defiantly counts.
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    Wicked city but it's a movie.
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    Your "real" name is cute, hi it's good to see you here ashe.
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    My heart rate goes up whenever Nemesis appears out of nowhere. Then I panic and start running into walls trying to escape. haha As some people mentioned, Fatal Frame series. It was scary because you weren't a strong hero. You basically had a camera. No guns or super powers. And you were up against ghosts that are way more powerful.
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    Did anybody else get a spam message with disturbing content? Imo, private messaging should be disabled for new members or non followers.
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    Behind the Wheel Throw on my coat, my shirt, my pants, my belt, my shoes, step out of my house staining my all too familiar porch with my all too familiar foot-steps, staining my all too familiar eyes with the all too familiar sight of my car, it doesn't look far, my car just doesn't look far, I step inside, buckle in and hold on tight for the ride, back-seat driving, not my decision, back-seat driving, not given permission, honk the horn, its not far, but I'm so warm, so warm... Behind the wheel, I roll over, back flip and heel, how do I feel? Red lights? Run. stop signs? Ignored. "Red light, stop sign, stop!" these words I cannot say, or is it, these words I will not say? From the law I stray, every day, and how do I feel? Behind the wheel I roll over, I back flip, I heel, and to answer how I feel, If I intend to be real, it feels all too familiar... Familiar seems similar, similar to that with which I am familiar, the smell of the oil kills the inner turmoil, the feel of the leather feels good forever, behind the wheel, I reel, I reel, behind the wheel I will, behind the wheel I die, I lie, comfortably, hello miss life, hello mister dream, hello mister death, goodbye... hello miss life, hello mister death, hello mister dream, "Good-bye, good-bye..." May I join you? Good times, cheery smiles and joyous laughs, bad times, hidden frowns and wicked chuckles, comfortable crimes, yes, I'll sit back for miles, I'll sit back for miles and focus on their smiles... "Hey, I have a suggestion, why don't we stop there?" Okay miss life, no problem! "Hey, I have an idea, why don't we stop there?" Okay mister dream, no problem! "Hey, I have a preposition, why don't you stop there?" Okay mister death, no problem... Note: Hope you all enjoyed it, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section and realize you are having a beautiful day! ♥
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    For those who are keeping up with my status updates, I think I'm gonna try to call the schools I could've went to for high school. Me and him most likely would've went to the same school.
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    I always have such trouble with favorite anime topics as I love so much of it. Though here goes a small list. Hell Girl, Elfen Lied, Ghost Stories, HSOD, to name a few. Though HSOD is not that scary and I don't really consider it horror per say, but hay gotta go with things in the genre.
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    Great, too bad now and days they just sing 60's songs and not there original material
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    I watched the whole Dragonball Super saga. It was insane. Cant wait for the Broly movie. Heard its the best movie by far in the series. Any recommendations on anime? Yes used to grind it all day when I was young. It was my first shooter ever. Till this day my uncle brings up the fact that it was me who would take his quarters from his little coin box and not my cousin. I told him like 10 yrs later. He laughs so hard in disbelief. Says I was a little devil. 😂😂 ☝️
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    lol it's not don't worry yes it's like a miniature motorcycle, thank you if you ever wish to talk please drop on by Thank you so much^-^ Hehe oh yea don't forget sometimes you travel to the past. Thank you for the warm greetings, I will defiantly and don't forget to drop by if you wish to chat with me also; my door is open.
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