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    Survive pregnancy and have the patience for all the family who will suddenly decide to pay attention to me because of it.
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    Career change to a happier and less stressful life.
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    We haven\t seen close to saitamas full power he doesnt have ti hit them he just needs to hit space so hard it warps but Id imagine he would reck him remember saitamas final fight he was going faster than light because it took him a few seconds to get from the moon to earth when he jumped back and it takes light several minutes to travel that distance if he was going at it ina few seconds then he was going several hundred times faster than light and thats several hindered times faster than the pains can move so with ultra instinct they couldnt move fast enough to dodge defend or fight back...
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    Haha, I do like obscure stuff but I was thrilled when they rereleased it recently. Have my copy in my anime collection now, I regard it so highly. Did you ever see Invasion America? I think it got one run in my area, no reruns, but I thought it was great at the time. Nimoy did some voice acting for it too though you rarely see it credited go him as he was a side character. I'd pull up a trailer of it to post but I'm at work right now and that would doubtlessly not be missed by my coworkers. πŸ™‚
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    We would lose hard here is why First off there is 99,000,000,000,000 x 6 witch is aprox. 540,000,000,000,000 and we have maybe 60 some thousand and most of that number is the shinobi army which lets be honest arent super capable well at least not without some of the brains and power players. Id say the shinobi army could take down maybe 3 pains if they were 3 v 60k but that would be on best terms for the army and they'd have to ave the pains separated. after that it would be a blood bath for them next we have avatars and some of the soul society because a good number can't fight near the level of ultra instinct faster than light pains. we are left with a good amount of power players to use against the pains and if we are lucky I think we could use Superman the Flash, Shazam, Professor X, Ichigo, Aizen, 13 Squad captains, Not sure about infinity war heroes I havnt seen the show, nor Inuyusha, Can use Neo, 4 Kokge, RWBY, Medaka, Naruto and Sasuke, Good Number of the Tourny of power. The only way I think we could defeat really any of them is with Prof. X and with him we would need to for a circle around hime in a defensive formation so when any pain comes within a curtain area Prof. can either make him lose consciousness or something like that and we may be able to take down aprx 1000-5000 after that we would lose because of exhaustion or the pains would get smart and perform a massive planetary devastation that could be galaxy large and that would take down pains in the process but not vary many thus leaving maybe superman and a few others would easily be taken down by the remaining pains but in the end one of the pains and revive all the others making them lose no numbers and us ultimately failing. Sorry I actually had a little longer one written out a week ago but my power went out and it didn't save and i was F*** and forgot.
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    Well when you think about it its not so bad really it makes the world smaller, and getting to meet cool people easier plus easier for business as well. Its just all in how you go about it that makes it good or bad thing.
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    I assume these things are mainstream crap said around just to try to feel accomplished whenever they do a minimal positive change... Besides, I don't see the point of starting doing this in "new year", why not months ago when you knew you could have? New year means nothing, it's just a label... If it was your birthday and you want to celebrated how long you've survived, then sure, you might try to do something to improve yourself on the occasion of being good at keeping yourself alive, but new year...? It's also just the excuse for people to do stupid things and later pretend they never happened.
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    Meanwhile, closer to home, はやぢさ2 prepares for a landing on another small body.... https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/01/japans-asteroid-mission-faces-breathtaking-touchdown There's also Osiris-REX that just went into orbit around Bennu.. https://www.asteroidmission.org/ .. and the Chinese just landed a rover on the far side of the Moon... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/china-lunar-rover-successfully-touches-down-on-far-side-of-the-moon-state-media-announces/ar-BBRJR9o Just in case anyone was thinking space news was getting boring.
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    Happy New Year Everyone! Why does it feel like every year goes by much faster?
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    Make it a better positive year. Strive even more in life and learn from all my setbacks. A big + is watch as much anime as I can.
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    Try harder to become a more trusting, stronger, less cynical, and social person. I'll hold my breath though.
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    I actually haven't made any. Too busy to think about it really. Maybe I should make a resolution to take more time off & relax. πŸ€”
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    My best guess would be it's Anna from Shimoneta, (beginning at :30) WARNING: EXTREME LEWDNESS (no nudity)
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    She is merely the legally designated #1 Punchgirl.
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