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    I'm in a somewhat similar situation. I haven't really lost touch with my friends, but virtually all my old school friends and family have moved away because of the cost of living around here (SoCal) and I haven't made any new ones locally. My social life sucks. I'm into gaming, anime, reading, computer programming, and electronics, which for me seem to be mainly solo activities. That doesn't help matters. I'm also just not a very social person, at least in the sense that I'm not motivated to make the effort to actively go looking for people to socialize with. I'd rather read a book than go to a party. That sort of thing. Lately I've been extremely busy with work on top of it all. Even if I wanted to I just haven't had the energy to go out and socialize.
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    Greetings fellow astronauts, as I travel through space the only thing that dampens the severe depression are these chinese cartoons. Maybe all of us can communicate about said korean animations. Maybe even you will disagree with me about best girl and we can duel to the death. Hope you guys enjoy.
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