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    Alright guys, listen up . . . because this is super importante! There's some dirt-bag going around more than likely with multiple accounts sending inappropriate messages to all users with female avatars or profile pictures. If this is happening to you, you must report it immediately! I've literally been finding like 6 of these things in my inbox every time I log in. So, don't be afraid to report it because this is harassment. So if you've received a message . . . especially one with a title along the lines of: BE MY SLU.TT AND LET ME FUC.K YOUR VAGIN.A I WANT TO FU.CK YOUR WET VAGIN.A I WANT TO C.UM IN YOUR SLU.T VAGIN.A Report them! Report this user immediately, don't even hesitate . . . I've done it! Please help get this person taken off this wonderful site!
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    *raises hand* I definitely get sad and depressed especially when the anime ends sadly. I literally bawled my eyes out when watching Wolf's Rain. I can get depressed when an anime ends suddenly and I want more; don't want to leave that "world". An anime for example would be Love Hina.
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    Ne, this is getting boring.. *throws up and @xWickedNekox comes to life again*
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    Indeed, the weather is quite lovely today... I made a bunch of different flavors, so pick whichever flavor you want... :3
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