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    What he said. Need more info. There's some talented folks here.
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    Can you tell us more about the project? To help get people excited to join?
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    Every feeling is expressed when it comes to anime. And I am an emotional wreck who loves drama. And I am proud that even though I have watched anime for a long time, even though I am a self proclaimed veteran in this field, I still cry when I go back to some of the episodes of specific titles that I might have watched a long time ago. I have already watched it. I have already cried due to it. But there is nothing in this world that can stop me from crying again. It is the nostalgia, the joy, the sorrow that I need to Express in that moment itself. And that is what makes me cry while watching well written titles like Anohana, Erased, Love is like after the rain, etc. Being sad is just one part of it. T_T
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    I look forward to seeing it colored!
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    Resident Evil 2 (PS4): Just recently started the remake of this game. So far I've only jumped once and had a couple mini panic attacks *cries*
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    Oh wow. I didn't know that. It sounds cool. I better try it out
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    350+ episodes and you expected different? Every season will end that way. That's why I prefer the shorter, one- or 2-season-and-done format. They actually provide closure.
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    For me. After the big fight between sasuke and naruto. Sasuke realised what he has done is wrong and the ending showing the true bond between their friendship. Also how they both held hand in blood and the whole scene creates a very sentimental feelings. This is the only anime and scene where it actually touched my heart. I don’t there is there is any other anime that could ever create feeling as this scene did actually the whole 3 episode it lasted for really touched me. Whats your opinion did this scene touch you or was there any other anime or scene that touched you the most. Please feel free to recommend me a anime that creates emotion such as these.
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