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    That's "Rye-Uh" btw... and hi, I'm new here! *waves* As I mentioned somewhere else, it has been a while since I participated in an online social anime website. I never really have anyone to talk about anime or normal weird stuff on a regular basis. Maybe joining here will change that? Who knows, but I'm willing to find out! Thank you for having me!
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    Oh and let's not forget taxes! The government gets you coming and going๐Ÿ™„
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    I was looking for a forum where you can talk about anime, but also about other things and that is active daily, when I stumbled upon this forum. There's not much to say about me. I'm in my late twenties and have been watching anime for a long time now. I live in Europe, but am quite interested in US culture in general, probably because of TV shows I watched growing up. Kinda like a lot of people are interested in Japan because of anime. I guess it's best if I just answer some questions you guys might have?
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    Spirited Away was pretty good. Howl's Moving Castle is still my favorite so far. Next up on my list of Studio Ghibli films is Princess Mononoke and Kiki's Delivery Service.
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    -10 this morning bit chilly, but its gonna warm up to around 16-20 which will be nice.
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    Welcome, Rye-Uh, to Anime Forums. If weird subjects are what you like to chatter about, I am willingly all ears.
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    [mal type=manga id=19323] Interesting, although a lot seems to be shamelessly copied from Dostojewskies' Crime and Punishment - not just inspired by but some scenes are 1:1 copies from the books (which kinda doesn't work out in Manga, at least not how Ochiai did it) but I`m still enjoying it so far.
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    Have a great time here!
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    It's kinda hard to digest (not to spoil but , so proceed with caution - just a heads up. Great to see that there are many active members here
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    horosho~!, welcome to the forums rey~! i used to have some people to talk to in this forums on a daily basis, but they got eaten up by their school, and was never seen again till this day, the other one, last i heard was making a game, and also some personal issues that i cannot mention of, haven't heard from the two in a while, so i guess just like how im semi-busy-wishy on internship, they are busy-wishy with their personal stuff i miss them tho q.q, i barely have anyone in here to talk about stuff anymore >.> anywhooooo~! enough about me~ that i barely talked about~! whats up ?! hows life ?! tomodachi desuka ?!?! and again, welcome to af-forums~
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    Bedtime for me guys, I'll pop back in some time tomorrow!
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    Hope you enjoy your stay here. It is a great forum! Welcome!
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    Hello there, welcome to AF, please enjoy your stay~
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    It was -20ยฐF this morning, not including wind chill. Glad I got a nice coat recently~
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    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. Is Riah your real name? That would be pretty cool.
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    Hey there, welcome aboard~! Hope you can enjoy yourself here~
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    Welcome to the forum. Hope you have a great time, and see you around the forums.
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    Hello! I shall welcome you, though I am a new member here as well! I haven't been an active member of a social anime website in a while because I haven't felt like I had time. Alas, not being a part of a community makes life kinda lonesome, especially because I don't know anyone in real life who likes anime like me. *sad face* I have never heard of the third anime you mentioned and so I shall have to look it up, thanks!
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    Flooding is no good, but thunderstorms can make for great sleeping weather. Its still snowing fairly hard here where I am. The plows will be working hard today, and tomorrow.
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    I forgot to clean up the little bit of spots. Oh well. I did this for my old discord server. When I tried at anime. Lmao. This is a couple of years old. I just enjoy the colors.
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    I keep a typed list by genre of anime I own in my inbox to reference on the go if I'm out at a con buying anime. As far as what I've watched? I don't keep track of that. I've seen too many and can't remember half of what I've seen for it to matter. The bonus to that is that I could rewatch a series from 5 years ago and re-experience the magic (with a lot of deja vu lol). If the shrinkwrap is still on it, there is a 50% chance I never watched it before. That's good enough for me.
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    Greetings fellow astronauts, as I travel through space the only thing that dampens the severe depression are these chinese cartoons. Maybe all of us can communicate about said korean animations. Maybe even you will disagree with me about best girl and we can duel to the death. Hope you guys enjoy.
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    Hello, wonderful ones! I'm just your friendly neighborhood alley cat. Nickname: Alley Tidbits: I'm a mother of a wonderful 5-year-old son and I am in my late twenties now. I've been a fan of anime since I was a toddler tbh and I'm okay with it. I'm not huge on anime/manga/video games as I use to be. It comes with age, but I'm still a kid at heart. I am down to earth, goofy as hell, and love adorable things.
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    THE CHEESE! THE CHEESE IS ESCAPING!!!!! .... Well, that was dramatic.
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