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    Oh and let's not forget taxes! The government gets you coming and going
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    I was wondering, what everyone watches on Youtube? Here are a few that I like: Brave Wilderness (interesting animals, although the commercialization is getting a bit much) Life Where I'm From (interesting view of Japan and Japanese culture) TheOdd1sOut (hilarious) Any anime-related channels you recommend?
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    I forgot to clean up the little bit of spots. Oh well. I did this for my old discord server. When I tried at anime. Lmao. This is a couple of years old. I just enjoy the colors.
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    I do watch quite a bit of YouTube. I don't really follow anyone religiously though. Being into space, science, and Kerbal Space Program, of course Scott Manley features prominently in my play history. Pretty much every NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin video will get a watch. For some reason I also like Gaming Mike's No Man's Sky game play. I think it is because NMS is kind of a laid-back game and I can have the video running w/out it being too distracting when I'm working on other things. (I'd like to run NMS myself, but there isn't a linux-native version and I haven't been motivated enough to bother getting it running with something like WINE.) Occasionally one of his other playthroughs (Star Citizens, ESO, or Conan Exiles, for example) will catch my eye as well. The rest is pretty random. Cat videos and other stupid stuff my friends and family send me. I'll sometimes get a bug to listen to some particular song so I'll type the name of the song in and follow that train for a few clicks. That sort of thing. Nothing really worth repeating.
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    I usually just listen to music stuff there buuuuuut as for humor I love this group that does like... these "what if" survival bits that they animate and they are cute and funny. They even have a series of surviving an RPG game.... anyhoooooz DanPlan is the guy, plus his buddies. Good stuffffffff. The animations always make me laugh.
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    That's great, philosophy is awesome~ It feels like it is a bit under appreciated to me. I wish it was taught at schools rather than only college/university. At least that's how it is where I live.
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    I am obsessed with YouTube, and I watch to many things to list them all. From my experience most anime review channels seem to update far less frequently then gaming ones. Though I watch plenty of both as well as a few technology ones. Here is just a few as an example. Gaming: Spawn Wave DreamCastGuy RGT85 The Quuarting Anime: Glass Reflection The Anime Man Mother's Basement
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    I used to be a scientist, but now I am a philosopher. Scientific research was way too time-consuming which was only one of the reasons I now do philosophy. I was lucky that my parents supported me and that I got state funding, and that universities are free here. Interesting to see that so many people here work in the medical (or related) field.
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    Don’t forget, if they could get away with it, the government would tax us for every nanosecond we breath and our hearts beat. Funny you think that, when some people in the US think we do not pay enough taxes. All I can say is that it is because the government might just be far worse than other governments because it cannot seem to do a good job of dealing with its finances, since it can get away with things that the ordinary citizen cannot with its own debt, if I had to take a guess.
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    -10 this morning bit chilly, but its gonna warm up to around 16-20 which will be nice.
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    [mal type=manga id=19323] Interesting, although a lot seems to be shamelessly copied from Dostojewskies' Crime and Punishment - not just inspired by but some scenes are 1:1 copies from the books (which kinda doesn't work out in Manga, at least not how Ochiai did it) but I`m still enjoying it so far.
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    It was -20°F this morning, not including wind chill. Glad I got a nice coat recently~
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    Flooding is no good, but thunderstorms can make for great sleeping weather. Its still snowing fairly hard here where I am. The plows will be working hard today, and tomorrow.
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    I keep a typed list by genre of anime I own in my inbox to reference on the go if I'm out at a con buying anime. As far as what I've watched? I don't keep track of that. I've seen too many and can't remember half of what I've seen for it to matter. The bonus to that is that I could rewatch a series from 5 years ago and re-experience the magic (with a lot of deja vu lol). If the shrinkwrap is still on it, there is a 50% chance I never watched it before. That's good enough for me.

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