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    Exactly. Teaching the general public multiple skills freely would actually help in the long run. The problem here is that in today's society unless your paying for those skills your not learning them. Many can take to literature and go very far on book smarts alone. Yet countless people need hands on training to truly grasp any form of new skills. Aye. Nevertheless Capitalism is synonymous with private enterprise. And what's the purpose of private enterprise? It's main aim? Profit. How do we define profit in a capitalist society? Financial gain. Trade itself goes back as far as the beginning of civilization. The idea of capitalism didn't even register until somewhere in the 1800s. IRS....Indefinite Raping Services. Seems about right. When tax time comes around i never get a return. Always somehow owe federal and state tax. According to them, i'm not withholding enough from my paycheck to stop these particular incursions. That on top of constant streams of nothing but bills? Gee it makes you wonder why people ram their cars into IRS buildings. 😠
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    I've been trying to cut back on the time I spend on YT and stopped watched many of the Youtubers I used to watch, but some I still watch are: Kamimashita, Gigguk and The Anime Man (Anitubers) Skallagrim (videos about HEMA and historical weapons in general) and Scholagladiatoria (similar) The Coding Train, Tibees and 3Blue1Brown Alliterative and NativLang (About languages)
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    Yeah, I agree with this one, though it is possible to gain skills somewhat freely, especially considering that such a method was how the tech we have today. We, as human beings, are just too lazy to go about it, or are not able to take that path.
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    I was born in Japan,than moved with family to Czech Republic when i was about to start 2nd Grade.
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    TOP 5 (NON-CZECH) Kizuna (No struggles there,since i am a native Japanese speaker) DidYouKnowGaming? (My daily dose of fun facts) FamilyJules Jack Black N.M.Willis TOP 5 (CZECH) Agraelus PTNGMS ( drunk entertainment since 2012) Cynická Svině (Czech John Oliver) Racionálně agresivní nerd (Czech John Oliver´s gaming channel) purn (memes)
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    I guess I am one of the anime dinos too I am late 20s as well.
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    "The more you make, the more they take." That should be their motto. Even if you claim zero, that is still not enough. You need to give extra in order to not pay. Cost of living is high. But that's the government for you. I just see people who are desperate. So don't go running your car into the IRS buildings.😁 The USA is NOT a free country.
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    Hello Illsuion of terra-kun. Welcome to the board and hope you like it here. 😁 I too am in my late 20's. Sucks being so old eh? Ha. We're old people. Dinosaurs. Sigh. So depressing.
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    Sounds like Zatchbell. Coincidentally another poster was talking about that series not so long ago.
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    japanese musics like these kubz scoutz, couse man, HIS THAT DUDEEE and also, darkkmane vids, my god is his vids top quality, cancer, and funny >.> aside from those, i also check out outsidexbox, magicarpusedfly, and others that'll appeal me jerryrigeverything is a special mention too, that teardowns, durability tests, and sarcasmn is top notch (not to mention how he disses apple's "sapphire rated" protection, god bless this man >__>
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    @Illusion of Terra Yeah the reason I would like philosophy being taught more often is it may help people to think for themselves rather than being told what to think and how to feel about it by other people and institutions. I mean yeah not technically as vital as math and other absolutely necessary things but still, it's nice~ Hmmmm I am not sure if there are any topics I am interested in enough to debate, but if I can think of a good one I will let you know~
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    I would suggest seeing an accountant or other tax professional to help you on this one. One of my parents is a CPA, but I do not think they would be able to help you, due to the licensing standards.
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    I know what you mean with people getting busy with life and then you gots noooobody to talk to, sad day ;( I too, get quite busy with adulting and such. I had friends on another site I used to talk to nearly every day for a while but then, like your peeps, mine just started fading out for studies and relationships, etc... even I fell out of it because of moving and other life situations. *sigh* BUT YES!! TOMODACHI FOR SURE!!!! What name shall I call you by? You can pretty much talk to me about anything I can be super random most days so it's all good here. Thank you for the friendly welcome! ...and Also thank you all!! 😃 Lol Awesome, I will be sure to spread the weird. =P
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    There are some places that teach philosophy at school, but usually it isn't regarded as worthwhile teaching. I had a debate with some people about it, and a colleague made a pretty interesting point. To argue that philosophy isn't worthwhile is already making a philosophical claim. I get what people mean though, when compared to other fields where the results are directly connected to what you want (for example designing a drug to cure a disease). Philosophical results have more far reaching consequences, kinda like math in a way. Edit: if you are interested in something particular open a topic and we can debate it
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    Tonight is a Queen night. 80s Queen with Freddy singing is about as good as it gets. I may even have to watch Highlander tonight, (The first of course. There is only one.)
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    Don't even get me started. A few years ago I broke down all my pay stubs, sales receipts, etc. and put them in quicken for a year. (Yes, this is a pain in the a--. I don't recommend it unless you're a masochistic accountant.) Anyway, turns out when I added up everything - sales tax, car registration fees, income tax, property tax, all those inscrutable government-required fees on your utility bill, etc. - I would up paying nearly 60% of "my" gross wages for that year to the various governments whose jurisdictions I fall under.
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