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    I will be away on business and on call that night. I plan on studying for my RE exam and being miserable. My husband will be spending the day with his true love, our cat (she has him wrapped around her paw). At least she's getting a good Vday this year!
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    Princess Mononoke was pretty great!
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    but yea, valentines day is coming up, and im still single (#singlelifeisbae) what are you guys gonna do on valentines day ?!, got that "special someone" to spend valentines day with ?, dont got anyone to spend it with ?, busy on valentines day to even bother celebrating it ? confessing on valentines day ?!?!? lets have a discussion of what you guys have planned for valentines day, and overall, for all the single guys out there, lets just drink water (couse #water is best drink) and have a fun THIS-CUSHION (i-i feel like i used that pun before, but eff it) to be honest, valentines day is my "from" (from translates to, came from hospital night duty), so ill most likely spending time, sleeping and playing the rest will be in the pie chart i made, im thinking of saying something to qt junior, but my wimpy-side is also telling me to not do it i will probably get some info from her friend though, since her friend is my partner, and my partner wont mind telling me if she already has that special someone, or not, and if she does have one, well theres allot of fishes in the sea...#denialisbestbae, aside from single...life ? if she doesn't have that "someone special", well, we will see what happens, i am after all the observant type (read: stalker-ish) but what about you ?!, what are your plans (as stated before i told my story, ima just bold it too >.>) check spoiler for pai-chart
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    I would also recommend Dragon Ball (only the original, not Z, GT, or Super, though those three do have comedic elements, whereas Dragon Ball started off more along the lines of comedy).
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    Despite Valentine’s Day being another cooperate sham for us gullible humans. The husband and I have that day off. I have made it a habit to request the day off and force the hubs to do so as well. Lol.. We seldom have days together, so it’s why I have made it a tradition. We just pick out things to do and enjoy our time. This year we have chosen a spa day. Along with dinner and a movie. We have from the moment we drop off our little bean to school in the morning until 3ish in the afternoon. We include our son on the other half of our Valentine’s Day adventure for dinner. If I were single, I’d spend it being locked up at home, gaming and eating some fun desserts. I prefer the company of myself most of the time. Lol. One woman party. Valentine’s Day is not limited to having a special date or a special someone. So to everyone who is struggling, depressed, and all that good stuff. Take some time to yourself and do something nice for yourself. Flub everyone or anything that isn’t a positive influence on you. Love yourself, tell yourself you are freaking incredible and do something you love. May you all have a Happy V-Day.
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    That weekend the wifu, and I will likely go out to dinner as well as the arcade for a bit as it has been a while.
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    I haven't seen Acchi Kocchi mentioned. Aka. Place to Place. Pretty laid-back, funny, cute, etc. Somewhat along the same lines as Azumanga Daiou, which I think I did see someone mention. Some (very non-ecchi) romance though, and only 12 ep. FWIW..
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    I would second Baka & Test, and I will add two others: Barakamon D-Frag! I would not say D-Frag! is quite as funny as Baka & Test, but I was able to get quite a few good laughs out of it.
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    I have a fiance; depending on what day it falls on we're probably working otherwise gonna veg on out the couch and either watch Netflix/Hulu/etc. or play video games... The day we mostly look forward to is the day after, or better known as Cheap Chocolate Day!!!
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    I mainly watch video game streamers and makeup gurus, however I do have a few miscellaneous channels that I watch. A few of my favs are: RadBrad (gamer) Kelly Strack (makeup Guru) Laura Lee (makeup guru) Markiplier (gamer) Nicol Concillo (makeup guru) Deligracy (gamer; Sims 4 gaming mostly) The King Of DIY (aquarium owner and builder) emmymadeinjapan (tries weird and gross food) Rae's Aquaria (Aquarium owner and fish breeder) Steff J (pet keeper and rescuer)
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    Linus Tech Tips. A channel that combines comedy and anything Technology related. The Anime Man. For anything anime related. Thin Matrix He's an amazing guy who makes games. Ur Avg Consumer Sometimes I like to watch unboxings of things I will never buy. And like most people I also randomly watch videos. I wish You Tube would come up with a random video generator. I know there are unofficial ones out there, but it would be so much easier if it was built right into You Tube. You Tube recommendations are great, but sometimes it gets repetitive. I want to broaden my viewing habits and not just watch the same stuff over and over again.
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    I'm also a big fan of School Rumble. Probably my favorite comedy series. Sure wished they made another season. Aside from the great recommendations already mentioned, Welcome to the NHK. It's about a shut-in (he never leaves his apartment) who tries to overcome his social anxiety and turn his life around. K-On! Cute girl doing cute things I suppose. Skip if you hate those types of shows. Other than that, its just a pleasant watch. 4 girls who are in a school rock band just hanging out sometimes playing music mostly just eating sweets. Great Teacher Onizuka A delinquent when he was young, now a teacher in highschool. He basically helps change the lives of his students. Genshiken A slice of life about an otaku club in school. Watch if you're into doujinshi, Gun Pla, Cosplay, Videogames anything nerd related.
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    Geez, bunch of losers in here! jk, lol! Nothing special planned for me. Thursday is a work day. I might go to a bar just to see if there's any lonely single ladies that wouldn't mind being lonely with me. Not holding my breath though. Maybe Saturday I'll try harder.
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    2nding Azumanga Daioh which is my all time favorite SoL series. And while they only have 12 or 13 episodes I would also highly recommend Yuru Camp & Flying Witch. Along the same lines is K-on! which has a couple seasons and a movie. And while I have't watched it yet, I've heard very good things about Non-non Biyori which I believe has a couple seasons. You might want to give Aria a try. It has three seasons (The Animation, The Natural & The Origination). While there is definitely some comedy to it, more than anything it's just a very calm & relaxing series.
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    So, in terms of Comdey SoL: Lucky Star Azumanga-Daioh Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (My personal favority comedy anime) Grand Blue Joshiraku Though, only Lucky Star has more than 12/13 episodess... Other: Baka no Test (Two seasons) Kill La Kill (Lots of Action, too) Lupin III (Any of the five parts - you don't have to watch them in order. Start with Part IV or V if you like anything newer.) Gintama
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    Trail and error is great, and all, but if you end up with a error iin terms of money that can be serious troubles.
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    The plan for today was fixing the toilet and putting up shelves. Fortunately both objectives were completed successfully.
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    I wish I spent that much time sleeping! (I would have liked to sleep in this morning for instance, but had to get up and make a trip to the store to buy parts to fix the toilet and put up some shelves.) I'll be working Thursday too, so in my case it'll probably be more like:
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    it is whats gonna happened, after night duty, theres a 90% chance of me being comatosed for 8 hours in my bed once i hit it also 100% chance of me just throwing my used clothing somewhere in the ground once i get home, i am not a clean boy after night duty's >.< coughimaydothesamecough
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    Got some goodies here very good work on this @Persona
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    I use a free mobile app called Series Guide. It's made my life so much easier. It also works for TV shows not just anime. Here's a screenshot: It keeps track of my progress in watching. So for Haikyuu!! I'm at season 2 episode 17 For Clannad I'm at season 2 episode 1 and so on. Before I used to just memorize my progress. Well that didn't work out too well. haha @ArchieKun can you share a screenshot too? Of how you use a spreadsheet.
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    Hey your a badass for acing 100 on that Fooly Cooly quiz. I'll be making more in the future so feel free to test them out. Also i noticed you took the Samurai Champloo quiz as well. Which questions did you miss? I made that quiz on a whim so i'm kinda curious.
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    Tonight is a Queen night. 80s Queen with Freddy singing is about as good as it gets. I may even have to watch Highlander tonight, (The first of course. There is only one.)

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