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    It's not going to spoil too much really, since if info still pertains to the escape arc, but yeah the manga is well beyond that. In fact, the manga has been announced to be in the final arc. All I can is that I hope they do not end an episode like a certain chapter in the manga, which is a bigger spoiler than what I gave you.
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    As suggested by @ArchieKun I am re-posting this from my Anime Forums Blog. Well actually, I'm moving it here. Because it seems this is where it belongs. I can always blog about something else anyway. Disclaimer: I am not a professional writer. I don't even see myself as a writer. But I do want to create stories and so I am learning how to make them. I just want to share the things I've picked up along the way. And hope it can help others. So here we go. Every creative project starts with an idea. This idea compels an artist to act. The artist then starts creating. And in the end, you get something creative. A manga is no different. Before you can draw, you have to write, and before you write, you have to get ideas. Particularly, story ideas. But how do you get story ideas? And not just any story idea. How do you get good story ideas? Mind Mapping Start by getting a pen and piece of paper. (Or use your computer like I did.) Write down any word that comes into your mind. It doesn't matter what it is. Any will do. Ball. (That’s a word that crossed my mind as I’m typing this) Next, write down another word that is related to the first one. Basketball. (Ball was my first word) Add a third word that is related to the second one. Lebron James. (Basketball was my second word) Keep going until you can’t think of any related words anymore. Let’s say I got stumped at my fourth word. (LA Lakers) Ball > Basketball > Lebron James > LA Lakers Go back to the previous word and think of a new related word. (I go back to Lebron James) GOAT. (A new word that relates to Lebron James) Continue until you run out of words. Go back to the previous word if that happens. Repeat until you’re out of new words. Ball > Basketball – Lebron James > LA Lakers > ??? Ball > Basketball > Lebron James > GOAT > beard > ??? Ball > Basketball > Slam Dunk! > ??? Ball > Volleyball > ??? Ball > ??? I can now come up with story ideas thanks to my finished mind map. Here are a few: A manga where the main hero is trying to get in the NBA. A great basketball player reincarnated as a goat. A manga where there is a futuristic sport combining basketball and volleyball. Mind mapping is a technique that helps you generate ideas. It’s typically used in business but I found it to be effective in creative endeavors too. However, the quality of ideas generated will depend on your ability to read between the lines. Do not look at a mind map literally! Let your creativity flow to get the best results. Once you have selected a story idea we can now move on to the next step. Expanding that story idea. What ideas did your mind map generate? Feel free to share them below. Or add any other tips and tricks you have for brainstorming story ideas.
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    Personally I like to eat the wafer part I never liked the cream part.
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    I found out about the series through a reviewer on YouTube so I already spoiler myself in terms of this series. So at least for me spoilers are fine at this point.
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    I have a plan to enjoy valentine deals and watch anime on Valentine Day.,
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    Depending on what kind of comedic anime you like I would recomend The disastrous life of Saiki K. One Piece, Bobo- bobo
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    I'd say look into Baccanno! It moves fast but it has it all in all the right ratios, dark and light, humor and seriousness...might be a bit scary in some places so depending on your family friendly definition.... Engaged to the Unidentified is also quite good. Though I think Ah! My Goddess fits the bill for you. Easy going, with some humor, lovable characters, and timeless story.
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    They actually made a second season. My motivation for sticking around was pretty much Ebina
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    Yes. That's the way they taught it in ancient times (middle school), and old habits die hard. I don't know what's going on with the weather here. Rainy yesterday, freezing overnight, now sunny today. Not unheard of, but not normal around here either.
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    Despite Valentine’s Day being another cooperate sham for us gullible humans. The husband and I have that day off. I have made it a habit to request the day off and force the hubs to do so as well. Lol.. We seldom have days together, so it’s why I have made it a tradition. We just pick out things to do and enjoy our time. This year we have chosen a spa day. Along with dinner and a movie. We have from the moment we drop off our little bean to school in the morning until 3ish in the afternoon. We include our son on the other half of our Valentine’s Day adventure for dinner. If I were single, I’d spend it being locked up at home, gaming and eating some fun desserts. I prefer the company of myself most of the time. Lol. One woman party. Valentine’s Day is not limited to having a special date or a special someone. So to everyone who is struggling, depressed, and all that good stuff. Take some time to yourself and do something nice for yourself. Flub everyone or anything that isn’t a positive influence on you. Love yourself, tell yourself you are freaking incredible and do something you love. May you all have a Happy V-Day.
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    I usually just write mine down and leave it next to my TV... Now I'm going to have to check out this app, lol.
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    I mainly watch video game streamers and makeup gurus, however I do have a few miscellaneous channels that I watch. A few of my favs are: RadBrad (gamer) Kelly Strack (makeup Guru) Laura Lee (makeup guru) Markiplier (gamer) Nicol Concillo (makeup guru) Deligracy (gamer; Sims 4 gaming mostly) The King Of DIY (aquarium owner and builder) emmymadeinjapan (tries weird and gross food) Rae's Aquaria (Aquarium owner and fish breeder) Steff J (pet keeper and rescuer)
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    Linus Tech Tips. A channel that combines comedy and anything Technology related. The Anime Man. For anything anime related. Thin Matrix He's an amazing guy who makes games. Ur Avg Consumer Sometimes I like to watch unboxings of things I will never buy. And like most people I also randomly watch videos. I wish You Tube would come up with a random video generator. I know there are unofficial ones out there, but it would be so much easier if it was built right into You Tube. You Tube recommendations are great, but sometimes it gets repetitive. I want to broaden my viewing habits and not just watch the same stuff over and over again.
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    I've been trying to cut back on the time I spend on YT and stopped watched many of the Youtubers I used to watch, but some I still watch are: Kamimashita, Gigguk and The Anime Man (Anitubers) Skallagrim (videos about HEMA and historical weapons in general) and Scholagladiatoria (similar) The Coding Train, Tibees and 3Blue1Brown Alliterative and NativLang (About languages)
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    I was born in Japan,than moved with family to Czech Republic when i was about to start 2nd Grade.
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    japanese musics like these kubz scoutz, couse man, HIS THAT DUDEEE and also, darkkmane vids, my god is his vids top quality, cancer, and funny >.> aside from those, i also check out outsidexbox, magicarpusedfly, and others that'll appeal me jerryrigeverything is a special mention too, that teardowns, durability tests, and sarcasmn is top notch (not to mention how he disses apple's "sapphire rated" protection, god bless this man >__>
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    I do watch quite a bit of YouTube. I don't really follow anyone religiously though. Being into space, science, and Kerbal Space Program, of course Scott Manley features prominently in my play history. Pretty much every NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin video will get a watch. For some reason I also like Gaming Mike's No Man's Sky game play. I think it is because NMS is kind of a laid-back game and I can have the video running w/out it being too distracting when I'm working on other things. (I'd like to run NMS myself, but there isn't a linux-native version and I haven't been motivated enough to bother getting it running with something like WINE.) Occasionally one of his other playthroughs (Star Citizens, ESO, or Conan Exiles, for example) will catch my eye as well. The rest is pretty random. Cat videos and other stupid stuff my friends and family send me. I'll sometimes get a bug to listen to some particular song so I'll type the name of the song in and follow that train for a few clicks. That sort of thing. Nothing really worth repeating.
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    I think a lot of places do dinner or drink specials for "couples" on Valentine's Day too, or even all week. But that's really nice, just getting to go do anything together really. People gotta work on spending more together time cuz dat is the best time Your bed will even let you cry on it. #beds-are-best
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    Not sure about you guys, but I have been having problems with Debian on VirtualBox 6. Used to be that I could boot up my dev server the instant I needed it, but recently, I have to keep resetting my VM until the desktop shows up, so I can backup things up to a USB. This is so frustrating.

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