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    I am currently working on story for a webtoon / motion comic / animated series ( I still don't know what the end product will be) And here's the synopsis: I intend to post updates here if that's okay. And here's the character design for the main character (face only):
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    So to go along with the year old thread that I just necrod, what are some crazy attempts, or at least memorable, attempts that you made to recreate foods that you thought you saw in anime? For example: I was always hungry after watching kids scarf down rice balls in anime, and as a kid myself, long before realizing I could google recipes to learn how to cook things, I just made my best guess I cooked a pot of rice (not even the sticky kind) because we didn't have that, no... so I squeezed rice together into a cute little (tiny) but edible football shape And smothered it with honey. Yum!! But later on I realized that they use more umami flavors rather than sweet with rice balls Oh well. Anyone else do this?
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    There are so many anime genres, and sub genres, but I wanted to poll what our forum members watch mostly. It will be interesting to see the fan base for certain genres here.
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    Always wanted to try my hand at a bento box. Might still try someday. Make something real cute so I can rip its head off with my teeth...
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    This looks like it could be interesting https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/03/11-1/the-ancient-magus-bride-returns-with-short-web-anime
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    A memory for the obscure & a combination of boredom/obsession to follow up on my assumptions :lol: She refers to MC as a "kid", so assumed a preteen. Supporting characters a girl the same age and a scientist. Trio of villains seems likely. Stated goal is item collection (as opposed to dueling, searching for missing parent, finding a way home or other typical trope). Description of one item sounds like they aren't all the same sort of thing. Dragons and other fantastic monsters as opposed to robots. @Rizzoli refers to herself as a little girl when she watched it, so adult themes unlikely and probably on television. I remember the series being part of Fox's "4kids" block during that time frame , so it had a fair amount of exposure, but never really became popular, so memories of it would probably be sketchy. My initial post was just a picture of the main characters to see if it rang a bell. But ... I was bored last night and have trouble letting go of a train of though once I start so decided to dig a bit into the series climactic battle. Found references to a multi-headed dragon creating a black hole to suck-up all the MC's allies, so tracked down the scene in question on Youtube. Seemed like the more pieces I found, the more it seemed to fit her description. Unfortunately, if this is the series she's looking for, it apparently never got a dvd release & currently isn't licensed by anyone. So Youtube videos will probably be the only source.
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    Mon Colle Knights, maybe? (Princess scene at approx 0:50)
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    Off the the top of my head, these are my favorite openings.
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    Yeah, I have been through some bad times and been heartbroken romantically and otherwise. Doesn't bother me now though. Heartbreak is a part of life and something we can learn from. It sucks at the time, but I think it is better to have a few heartbreaks earlier on in your life to learn from rather than a really bad one later on that's hard to recover from.
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    Currently at the moment it's still dark outside and cold. However today's forecast said it will be partly cloudy and high's in the 50's which is going be really nice.
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    I got the feeling someone was gonna say this was too simple of a game. And i was right. I knew you were morally bankrupt nono. Something told me you'd score low. I kid of course. When it comes down to it, this quiz is based on what is perceived to be right. There really isn't a honest way of judging such circumstances unless your in them yourself. It's easy to say you'd sacrifice 19 or 30 to save millions. But unless we're put in such dire situations it would be hard to know. Also there were more than several areas for this quiz dealing with a score. So just because you score low in one area it's possible that your high in another. Truthfully? I say again: This test is based on what is perceived to be right.
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    Recently I've been watching on and off Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online ( Dub Version ) since I saw it had the dub version finally on Netflix. I enjoyed the series very much when I saw it on Hulu in the sub version and was pretty excited to watch it in the dub version finally. I'm currently on episode 9 so I'm about almost done with it. However I also want to say I do like to also re-watch a lot of anime favorites of mine since well why not? If they make you feel happy watching them then I say go for it. So after I finish Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online I'll continue Flying Witch.
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    My friend has convinced me to slightly get back into anime, so I guess I'm slightly back!
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    I actually think Hawaii when I think of SPAM personally. I'm sure it's over in Japan, though, but I've never personally come across SPAM in the normal supermarkets (but it's not something I'd actually go out and buy or look for, so I could've missed it). I have come across it in International stores there, though. That aside, I'm pretty sure SPAM is a US food invention anyway.

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