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    Claymore! Though they butchered the "ending" so it's not congruent with the manga.. so they'd have some fixing to do.
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    Hey! I'm new. Here's some stuff about me. I go to college. I like to draw. I'm socially awkward. I like popcorn. I might ship off to boot camp any day now so don't be pissed if you randomly don't hear from me for a few months. I wanna have fun but I don't know how. Like all I do is read and watch things on my computer and I'm bored of that deal now. People mostly just ignore me so I guess I just I'm a boring person in general. Sometimes I feel like my life is passing me by and before I know it I'll wake up and it'll be too late to make things right. I named myself LonelyPoet because I'm lonely and I like to write poetry. Hopefully I'll be okay but you never know.... Message me if you want to RP or chat or anything. (Boys please don't send me any explicit messages, I don't know if that's the kind of thing that goes on here but I just wanna make sure)
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    Beautiful Bones definitely needed a continuation since it was revealed there was a “mastermind” behind several of the cases just before it ended. I would also like to see Princess Resurrection & Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero be continued. Finally, I’ve mentioned this before, but Battle Angel Alita definitely deserved more than the 2 episode OVA it got.
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    1) Clannad because it was life changing for me. Violet Evergarden. Beautiful, depressing and overall a fantastic anime. 2)To watch Clannad sooner.
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    That's simply preposterous! 😂 I do think that's slowly changing though, isn't it? What bothers me nowadays (not so much when I was younger) is when there is too much 'fan-service' in an anime, by which I mean that characters are dressed or behave in a certain way simply because of the fan service and other than that it does not make any sense. If in some way it is well incorporated into the whole story then I kinda get it, but other than that it always looks like a cheap attempt to get people to watch it. Another thing is when they design the story in such a way that there is a huge cliffhanger just right at the end of the season. I get why they do it, but for me it is more important that the story as a whole is well-rounded rather than being attention grabbing at the end of each episode or season.
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    Where i come from it's called pop. 😛 Anyway in terms of soft drink flavours i like original Dr. Pepper, Canadian Dry Ginger Ale and i really love Grape Crush.
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    I just checked Amazon, they have them.. but you need to read reviews as always.. might get them in tact, might get them damaged.. so, I'd rather buy in store myself, but if you can't help it, ordering from there isnt aweful.
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    Hello everybody. My name is April. I am kind of a closet geek, and because of that nobody knows that I like anime, jrock, fashion, or anything of the nature. I am scared to share my interests with other people because... well at my age (33) people do not watch cartoons, or even mention it during dates, hanging out, and whatever normal people do. I live in a very boring world right now, with people who just don't get it, and am just looking to have conversations about anything to do with anime, manga, music, or video games. I loved anime since I was born, and cannot stop even though society wants me to. Hopefully I will meet people that are really into the same stuff I am into. I am pretty old school, but have been watching new anime lately... so I am not too out of date. Hit me up with a message or whatever. I do not mind talking about any anime. If I do not know it, I am always open to watching new ones. I am looking forward to be involved with this forum!!
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    Hi! Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was looking around and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a thread on this yet. On other forums I've been on, there's been a thread related to how you're feeling at the moment. I think it's cool to share the good things going on in our lives, but to also support one another when we're having down days. So, whatever you happen to be feeling, go ahead and share! Right now, I'm currently feeling good overall. I was a little stressed about the future, but I'm also happy with becoming more independent as an adult. ^^
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    Ayo~ ^-^ I'm interested in what others have to say, but I also want to take these recommendations into consideration because I need to watch outside of my bubble (genre) of anime. What anime would you recommend to someone that knew nothing about anime? What anime/manga would you tell your past self to watch asap (it doesn't have to be a favorite, rather something that impacted you, if that makes any sense)?
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    The title pretty much says it. Is there an anime which you think should have gotten another season? I'm not talking about ongoing anime (like My Hero Academia) but those that officially have not been continued. I would have liked to see another season for School Rumble and Silver Spoon. School Rumble was simply fun to watch and I would have liked to see more of it. Silver Spoon just ended after Season 2 somehow, with many chapters of the manga left. Ultimately, I think it would have been great if they had continued it for at least one more season or two.
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    I know the feeling there forsure it is no fun cleaning a cluttered house. It overwhelms me too a lot of the time. As for now I am feeling at the present I am doing well got okay sleep could have been better.
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    I'd probably recommend Fairy Tail for a decent shounen anime and My Hero Academia for another good shounen anime. The anime movie Your Name is great too.
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    Oh that sounds like a good idea. I should see if there are any cons in the area. You must live in a military camp then. I'm trying to get out more these days. I really wanna go to the beach.
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    One more: Live Action Adaptions that: rely heavily on CGI and have performers who seem less talented than the VAs and look less like the characters than your average cosplayer. I really do wonder what the point is (and I’m not even referring to attempts to adapt it to an american audience)
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    1) Titles keep getting longer and more awkward sounding, usually necessitating some sort of abbreviation to refer to them (Konosuba, Watamote, Danmachi, etc.) 2) The recent glut of isekai and OPMC titles. Related to that, copying story elements even when it doesn’t make sense to do so. For example: being able to pull up a status screen makes sense in series like Hack, SAO & Overlord where the MC is trapped in a game or VR. But it doesn’t really seem to fit in series like Shield Hero where it was a book or Reincarnated as a Slime where he’s murdered (Great Sage sounds and acts exaclty like some sort of game tutorial)
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    @leyley don't you think Sakura was a string og character? Also there were many other strong female fighters in Naruto throughout the series. Though since Naruto and several other anime you mentioned were geared towards the male gender being Shounen anime, the main character just makes sense to be male. Other anime with strong female characters: Inuyasha had Kagome, Kikyo and Sango; all strong in their own way. I watch a lot of Shounen, it's my fav sub-genre. So maybe I don't have that many others to recommend 🤣 But they do exist. My pet peve is a lot like @Illusion of Terra I don't like the way fan service cheapens the anime.
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    Camping with friends at a nearby national park, or beach? Get a group of your friends together for a memorable weekend camp out!
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    Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. I love this, but what if coffee just prepares you for the bitterness of the world? I take my cream and sugar with a side of coffee ☕️ 😉 And @leinwandname I loved reading Voltaire and Rousseau on the Lisbon disaster.
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    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is very friendly and relaxed. As others have said, you do not need to worry too much about explicit messages here and such because we are mostly well behaved.
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    So, waaay back in December I tried to order something through Funimation’s online store but kept getting error messages. I emailed them about it and got a generic ‘we’re aware of the problem and working on a solution’ response. Today I get an email saying they’ve fixed the problem. Nice to know, but needless to say I’d conpletely forgotten about it :lol:
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    Agreed. I definitely find it more enjoyable the longer it goes on. I even find the sillier moments more enjoyable and am really hyped that it looks like the cour will end with an epic confrontation (guess it’s actually the third wave since the heroes weren’t summoned until after the first one.)
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    @ArchieKun I think if you watched episode 6 you'd like the show a bit more, up until then it was a bit less serious. It tends to meander off the main plot line a bit every few episodes and gets a little silly, but every few episodes it goes back on to the plot and peaks my interest again.
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    Well hello there, welcome to AF; I hope you enjoy it here! You sound freaking awesome (sry if to enthusiastic, lol) but from what you have described about yourself, you remind me a lot of myself; I would love to hang out in PM's or whatever; I would also like to read some of you're poetry, I write poetry as well. Feel free to join poetry club if you want, I haven't posted much on there but I have posted some poems, also I have like 200 pages worth of poetry on an MS word document, lol. Oh and btw, I used to be depressed thinking life would pass me by too; I hated the monotony, everyday was so alike the last but you have got to realize that no matter where you are you can accomplish great things. That is one of the reasons I started writing poetry I think, I wanted to write something that made a difference, I am also working on 5 novels and some fan-fiction atm; anyway, feel free to chat with me about whatever. PS. AF is a very supportive and well-mannered site, all registered users I have met are very polite and should not message anything bad, however once or twice some people will join up just to harass forumers, I was messaged a lot of wierdness from such people (but it happens rarely), anyway if that happens just report and block. I hope you realize you are having a beautiful day, bye!
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    Welcome. Don't mind the social awkwardness thing, it's not really that unusual. Members here are really accepting and easy to talk to.
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    1) My Hero Academia & Trigun because both series take themes/concepts that are popular in non-anime works but put the unique spin on them that give them the larger feel of what anime is all about. Some others I would recommend to people who really don't have a history with anime are Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood & Big O. 2) Afraid I don't really have a response to this one. I'm pretty happy with the timing of when I decided to watch various series.
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    Right now I am feeling fantastic in a very good mod which has not been the case in some time. So thats a good thing in of itself I suppose.
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    Today to uplift myself I decided to start watching a new anime series. Rising of the Shield Hero. I am loving it so far. After that decided to watch someone play through Sonic Adventure 2 Dark Story. I am enjoying that as well. Boy did I love them older Sonic stories.
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    Hello there, and welcome to the forum. Hope you have a great time here, and discover some new friends. No worries on going to boot camp hope that goes well, or as weal as it can. I am a bit socially award myself, but I personally do not let that get me down most of the time. Its best to just be oneself. Hope to see you around from time to time, and if you have any questions dob't be afraid to message me.
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    I made my dear friends day by hanging out with them and as always making them smile, laugh and feel great~ Today I have plans to pamper myself more since I've been feeling very pretty lately and confident~
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    Thank You !
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    Feeling really wonderful and very happy~
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    I have yet to see an author take a completely different path and come out unscathed tbh, lol. I can't name one as of now, but I'll probably remember later. Though, I completely agree. I was having a similar conversation about this the other day with a professor of mine, and I found it very fascinating. You're definitely right on views deferring in the West and other places as well. I won't go too much into detail on this though. I haven't gotten to watch Soul Eater, but when I do I'll keep that in mind. 👍
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    @leyley I don't mind when authors take a completely different path, just as long as it is somehow reasonable. If it is done well, it can be great for a story! If it just seems labored and you get the feeling that they just did that to make the show more edgy/surprising than I think they should just have stuck with the way the story was going. About the Japan women thing, though, I think it's complicated. We can't expect every culture to view things the way the West/the US does, even though we might think we are right. So yeah, maybe female fighters will stay in the background for quite some time. Although, there have been shows like Soul Eater where there are very prominent female fighters.
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    On some level I'm wondering if it's even possible for the heroes to actually go back, or if the royals/nobles just told them that to get them to fight for them. As far as Raphtalia going to Naofumi's world, kinda doubt it's possible and wonder if she did would she remain a demi-human or not. It's just a theory at this point, but I'm wondering if the "waves" aren't actually an attempt by another dimension to invade or absorb the one Naofumi's been summoned to (kinda like the 2nd season of Rayearth). The monsters they fought in previous waves might've just been grunts/cannonfodder. That evil looking woman could be some sort of General or Champion from this other dimension who's going to get personally involved this time around.
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    Well, I finally did it! I started Blue Gender back in the last week of December, and I finally finished it. Took me almost three months to watch twenty six episodes, lol. The ending was a little strange, kind of too abrupt, everything was explained for the most part, but I feel like it could have used at least one more episode to go a little more in depth on the happily-ever-after-ness. Overall, I'm happy I watched it and would definitely recommend it, just like @ArchieKun recommended it to me.
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    In my small little friends group I am often seen as the advice giver, or one to go to for a uplifting per say. I in no way tried for this it happen it just sort of did. I am being completely honest. As for exactly what I did today regarding this I encouraged my fiance to do her best at work toddy. I know its not much, but it is something, and those sorts of things are just good to hear from time to time.
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    I have never ordered pop from amazon, or any canned goods honestly. I do order things like tea fairly often though. I would not trust amazon, or really any otter shipper with most canned goods.
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    Another impressive drawing of the first aid kit from our artist, Yue Saito! who also did the garganta capsule and is also my IG waifu andIRLsignificanthuman
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    Planning my brothers wedding 😁
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    Having a bit more stormy weather lately since well it is Spring and all. Right now it's very windy and chances of more rain today. ☔
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    @Nukemsloth I'm right there with you. Months later and it's still constantly on my mind.
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    "If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." - Unknown
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    "Creation is an emberassing process, and dreams are emberassing as well. You can't help it, its common. But its not something you shouldn't belitter yourself over" - Kaiki, Monogatari 2nd season “Fools have a habit of believing that everything written by a famous author is admirable. For my part I read only to please myself and like only what suits my taste.” - from Candide by Voltaire (I think it was Venetian noble man who said that in the book) “Many a man has a treasure in his hoard that he knows not the worth of." - Beowulf, translation by J.R.R Tolkien
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